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NONE OF THESE are "officially" part of the 419 chapters of Crooked Teeth.

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Part 1: Sesshomaru and Kagome Falling For Each Other

A/N: 1A through 1E would have taken place right after 204—Small Admittance


He awoke when two pairs of feet stopped outside his door. Masaru moved aside the flap and peeked in, seeing serious amber eyes flash in the dark.

With a smile, Masaru hauled in a sleepy girl dressed in a yellow and blue kimono.

He gently sat her beside Sesshomaru and with thumbs up, returned to the festivities.

Kagome was dead to the world, the events of her day exhausting her.

She mumbled and fell over, her head leaning against his shoulder.

Sesshomaru tensed up.

When her body went completely limp and she fell into his lap, he turned into stone.

1BTonight's Delimma

Ever since he'd met Kagome he'd been presented with complex problems with even more complex solutions. Tonight's dilemma?

Kagome. Wasn't. Asleep.

She was looking up at him, her dark hair pooling and spilling in his lap and over his legs.

"Hi," she whispered with flushed cheeks and heavy-lidded eyes.

Sesshomaru stared. He had partaken in sake on rare occasions but had never experienced inebriation. Nor had he ever cared for someone who had.

What should he do, exactly?

"I said hi," Kagome repeated softly.

Sesshomaru swallowed.

"Good evening," he replied.

When she giggled, he assumed it was the correct response.


"I looked for you," Kagome continued in a sleepy whisper, "Why'd you—hiccup—go?"

"Why did you just say 'hiccup'?" Sesshomaru asked.

"That's what you're supposed to say when you're drunk," Said a seriously drunken Kagome, "Hiccup."

Uncontrollably, Sesshomaru smirked.

"The party is nice," Kagome continued, "Everyone is nice."

"How nice," Sesshomaru replied.

"You're nice," Kagome countered.

She giggled at his insulted expression.

"I won't tell" Kagome slurred, "It's like…my own little secret."

She put her finger to her lips to emphasize it then said, "I have one for you too."

"A secret?" he raised his eyebrow.

"Yes," she said"…hiccup."


Kagome picked up his wrist with one hand and began tracing a finger around his palm with the other.

Sesshomaru allowed it.

"It's just a thought," her finger gently trailed his lifelines, "But it won't go away. It only gets bigger…"

Her fingers tingled his hand. The curiosity tingled his brain.

"What thought?" he asked.

Kagome hesitated.

Her fingers left his palm and began reaching up, stopping millimeters from his cheek.

Eyes met.

"I've started to wonder how different things would be," she withdrew her fingers and took a wistful breath, "if I'd emerged from the well…and met you first."

1E—Given Word

What was he supposed to say to that?

Thankfully, Kagome seemed eager to continue her drunken rambles.

"I mean I just think that," she paused to let her thoughts gather, "Well no, what I mean to say actually…."

He waited but she didn't say anything. Her eyes narrowed in thought as she tried to convert her thinking into words.

"I change my mind," she said and sat up suddenly, "I take it back."

Something inside Sesshomaru had an uncomfortable reaction.

Kagome's curls curtained her face and she brushed them aside, "You have to keep it," she warned, "You can't tell anybody, okay?"

Sesshomaru nodded slowly, "You have my word."

Words: 109

A/N: Timeline? What Timeline? This one would have taken place after Sesshomaru revived Kagome, around 160- Hot Springs Revisted


"So what if Tensaiga hadn't worked?" Kagome asked, "What if you fed me poisonous berries and then murdered me?"

"I did not feed you anything," Sesshomaru reminded her.

"But you did stab me. Which hurt, by the way!"

That seemed to capture his legitimate attention. Sesshomaru looked at her, moving in seriously and closely.

"Did it really?" he asked.

Kagome was taken aback, her cheeks reddening because he was suddenly so close, "What?"

"Did I hurt you?"

His golden eyes were intense as usual but under that stoic face an emotion of concern flashed.

"No…" Kagome admitted, "I didn't feel a thing. Honest."

Words: 103

1G—Of Extreme Importance

Something released inside those amber orbs and Kagome wondered if it was relief.

"I was confident that Tensaiga would work," Sesshomaru told her, "I would not have done it had I not been sure."

"But what if it hadn't?" Kagome pressed again.

Sesshomaru smoldered silently, slowly moving back, "I would have felt badly."

He turned around and kept walking.

"You would've felt…badly? That's it?"

She followed after him, chatting madly in his ear. Sesshomaru just ignored her.

She had yet to know him very well because for Sesshomaru to feel badly about anything, it had to be extremely important.

A/N: This next one is a half-formed idea. I was going to make Kagome and Sesshomaru have another fight out in the forest. It would be a chilly night and Kagome, rather than ask, would try to trick Sesshomaru into becoming her fluffy pillow like he did in snippet 91—Subconscious Seduction

This would take place after he tells her all about demon courting snippets 234-239.

I gave up on this idea pretty early so a lot of this is just scraps and brainstorming.


She shook, she shivered, she lightly groaned.

He stared at her blankly.

Kagome blew air into her cupped hands and rubbed them together, pressing them towards the pathetic fire as she quaked.

Sesshomaru leaned back and lightly closed his eyes.

She narrowed hers at him, "Boy this night air can get really chilly," she said louder than she needed to, "I'm so cold. I might get sick."


Kagome gave a cutesy sneeze.

And that's when it went wrong for her.

Words: 81


Amused wasn't even close to how he was feeling.

Was she that foolish? He knew she wasn't that cold.

He knew what she wanted and now he got to play "How Long Will the Human Beg?" which was usually played when said human was begging for their life.

But this was fun too.

When she remarked about the cold, he hid his smile.

But when she gave that pathetic sneeze, he couldn't help it.

Not caring, he tilted his head back and gave a small laugh.

Words: 86


Oh really? Laughing at her, was he?

Well never mind then, she wasn't going to be his entertainment.

Kagome gave up with a shrug and laid as closely to the fire as safety would allow.

It was warm enough. Eventually she learned to ignore the cold.

But as she slept, it became warmer and toastier and amazing.

"Demon females do not dance around what they want when requesting from a male," The warm voice said, close and reassuring. "They simply asked and if the male chooses to do so, they are rewarded."

"So… "Her voice was sleepy and small as she sank into fluffy bliss, "if I asked nicely to be loved, he will?"

It grew quiet for a little while.

"Even if she chooses not to do so," The voice answered, "If you ask the right one, he will indulge you. But that is not how courtship works. The male pursues the female with clear intentions. This way, she never has to ask."

Words: 164

A/N: I was going to write a chapter where Kagome tells another horrible joke like in snippet 135- A (Terrible) Jest. I never got to it but I did write one where Sesshomaru tries (and also fails somewhat) at telling a joke to Kagome. It relates to the above chapters.


"A while back," Kagome bit her lip nervously, "I tried to lie so I could…erm…," Her rising blush was cruel to her, "Nuzzle..."

"I know."

Her eyebrows rose in shock and embarrassment.


Sesshomaru prepared himself.

"I can read minds."



Kagome stared at Sesshomaru's stoic face as he waited for her reaction.

Sesshomaru wasn't one to lie—Hold on…

Was that a….

Did Sesshomaru just tease her? Playfully?

Sesshomaru made a joke!

Too. Adorable.

When Kagome giggled at his little attempt, Sesshomaru let out the smallest of a relieved sigh.


"Now please, enlighten me on your deception."

A/N: These next two were supposed to be very early on in the story like anywhere before or after snippet 64—Fatigued


"I am fine," Sesshomaru hid another yawn and shifted uncomfortably.

"Just stop already," Kagome wrinkled her nose at him, "You've been up for days now. I can take a turn keeping watch. "

"You will run away again."

"No I won't," Kagome rolled her eyes, "It's not like you wouldn't catch me anyway."

"Exactly," Sesshomaru agreed. He looked at her critically, "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Kagome said, "Go to sleep already."

"…Four hours."

"Take the whole night," Kagome sat down, looking alert and watchful, "I got this."

Words: 87


Three and a half hours later, Sesshomaru awoke when Kagome's sleeping figure fell against his shoulder.

"Useless," he growled as he shuffled away from her.

"Am not," her eyes snapped open. She let out a huge yawn.

"Sleep, you idiot," Sesshomaru said as he stretched himself awake.

"Nah, I'm okay," Kagome gently slurred. "Gotta prove…I can protect…" her eyelids shut and did not open again.

Sesshomaru was quick and caught her before she toppled to her side, laying her down gently.

"You," she mumbled and breathed deeply, fast asleep.

"Protect me?" he raised an eyebrow. The idea was laughable.

"You heard me," she murmured and rolled over

Words: 107

Part 2: Sesshomaru and Kagome Together

A/N: This is an alternate version of Kagome finally choosing Sesshomaru. Had Sesshomaru not been shot with the jewel it would have taken place right after snippet 376 Clarity, respectively.

2A -Untitled

Kagome threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest.

For some reason the embrace wasn't as shocking as it should have been.

It was when she leaned up and kissed him that floored everyone

It was desperate and hungry and absolutely terrified.

It washed over him, distracting the cuts and bruises, the blood and dirt.

The aura of Kagome seemed to travel through her body and out her lips, connecting with his.

His demonic energy requested complete dominance.

And hers submitted wholeheartedly.

It was all Sesshomaru needed to know.

She was his.

He was hers.

And there was no going back.

Words: 107

A/N: This was replaced with 399—Better Than a New Arm


"One more thing," Sesshomaru said as they walked back to Kaede's, "If you ever tell anyone that it was I who submitted to you, I will unfortunately have to kill you."

"Could you just imagine?" Kagome asked, "The Great Lord Sesshomaru of The Western Lands being taken by a mere human girl?"

"Unfathomable," Sesshomaru said stiffly.

"Wait," She gasped dramatically, "but I did. I conquered you. That makes me more powerful."

"You are mocking me, Kagome."

"This Kagome does not mock," Kagome snapped, "I am merely educating fools such as you on the new order of things. Now die."

"Is that what I sound like?" Sesshomaru asked.

Kagome stopped, "I'm just teasing."

"No, I quite like it."

"…Of course you do."

Words 120

A/N: These are the original versions of 335 and 336/337. Some similarities but different enough that I added them. The lie refers to 276- Almost True.


"Why did you lie to Inuyasha?" Sesshomaru asked, "You did not know my altered intentions but you told him I released you."

"I care about what they think about you," Kagome said, "Past your differences with Inuyasha, you're a really good person."

"You could have lost his trust," Sesshomaru summarized, "You risked giving up something important for me."

"I suppose…" Kagome looked surprised, "I suppose I did."

"Then go a step further," Sesshomaru said, "Come with me."

Kagome sighed, "You know that I can't...I made a promise."

"If there is one thing I admire about you," he said quietly, "It is your desire to remain loyal even at the threat of complete self-destruction. I cannot save you from your unmaking by Inuyasha, Kagome. But what I could offer you, you would never doubt."

Words: 133


He walked away without waiting for a response.

Kagome felt small and self-loathing.

She had hurt his feelings…


It shouldn't have to work this way. She shouldn't be forced to give up her feelings because she was feeling a spark with someone else.

'Is he asking me to do that?' she thought, 'Or does he just want me to stop rubbing it in his face so much?"

Kagome sighed. She had always believed that true love wasn't interchangeable, that fickle hearts were doubting hearts, and that though a relationship was complicated, love wasn't. You either loved someone or you didn't.

There shouldn't be any…hesitation…

And that' when she knew, knew that what Sesshomaru was asking of her wasn't to just change her mind but to open it to the possibility that there was more…

Because when she thought of Inuyasha, there was great love.

And terrible, immovable, doubt.

But when she looked at Sesshomaru…

It was a refreshing clean slate with open possibilities and yes, maybe apprehension but that wasn't the same as doubt…

It was hope.

Words: 178

Part3: Extra Sesshomaru and/ or Inuyasha

A/N: This was supposed to be the answer to Kagome's theory that fathers do what's best for their children (Snippets 119-122). I probably would have put it in sometime after Sesshomaru realizes his feelings in 252- Leads to Sudden Revelations.

3A—Father's Gift

"But what's it for?" eight-year-old Sesshomaru asked as his father inspected the blade.

Totosai grunted. "It heals," he explained proudly, "And revives the dead, within reason."

"Demons heal themselves," Sesshomaru contradicted, "And live practically forever."

His father sheathed the blade, "Humans don't, son."

"So?" Sesshomaru looked appalled, "Why would you want to save a human?"

He was flustered by his father's laugh, "Your mind is strong, but your heart is hard, Sesshomaru. I'll call it Tensaiga. Do you like it?"

"No," Sesshomaru snapped petulantly, "I do not understand its purpose."

His father gave a regal shrug that Sesshomaru would later imitate privately until he had it down cold.

"Let's say you care about a human who doesn't live as long as you. Well as long as you have this," his father touched the sheath, "You can continually extend her life so that she can be with you until the end. How does that sound?"

"Useless," Sesshomaru turned away from it, "What human could become so important? I still do not understand."

"Then it's yours someday," His father ruffled his hair, "Maybe then you will."

Words: 183

A/N: This would have been posted right after 310—Reaping Lies to keep Kagome in that little awkward "keep my mouth shut about dating your brother" phase. The lie is from 276- Almost True and this also relates to 2C above.


"If you escaped, why did you lie to me?" Inuyasha's eyes were filled with anger and traces of hurt.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome frowned.

"If he's the enemy, why are you secretly meeting with him?"

"He's not the enemy," Kagome said, "Not anymore. Let's just calm down now-"

"What's he told you?" Inuyasha sounded angry but there was a desperate fear inside his voice, "Did he turn you against me?"

The accusation hurt. It shouldn't have, she had been lying, but it did.

"No," Kagome said softly, "I would never betray you."

And knowing that she meant it somehow hurt worse.

A/N: This next one was replaced by 416—Form A Line


"And to think," Sesshomaru casually commented, "This could have all been avoided had you checked her aura."

"Checked her aura?" Inuyasha echoed, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Are you serious? Every demon can do it, Inuyasha," Sesshomaru said, "Even pups learn before their eyes open."

"Shut up, okay?" he snapped back, "I misheard you. I thought I heard you say 'I'm a bastard'. Of course I can check auras."

"Of course," Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow, "How?"

"I do it the usual way," he swiped his thumb across his nose, "You know, the way everyone else does it….Why? How do you?"

"Goodbye, Inuyasha," Sesshomaru began walking away.

"Hey!" his brother called after him, "You don't know how to do it, do you?! You're making it up. Sesshomaru? Sesshomaru!"

Words: 129

Part4: Extra Miroku

A/N: I couldn't help myself.

4A: 382— What Comes First—Bloopers

Sword that didn't cut, yes.

Sword that didn't hurt when jammed into an open wound, no.

Kagome wiped red eyes, looking at Sesshomaru in pure disbelief.

Already, cuts were healing and bruises fading.

"Remove it," Sesshomaru ordered as his power slowly returned.

"But what if you…" Kagome whimpered.

"Death was unacceptable," Sesshomaru declared, "I shall not do it again."

Her hand still gripping the hilt, they locked eyes as she grunted with effort and freed the dagger.

Sesshomaru dropped dead once more.

"Oh my god!" Kagome screamed.

"Quick, put it back in!" Miroku yelled, "Stab him again!"

Words: 97

A/N: This was supposed to be after 382—What Comes First [A.K.A, that big kiss!]

4B—Front Row Seat

It went on…for a really….really…really—

"Shippou, avert your young eyes!"

"I can't, Miroku. It's like an oxen-cart wreck."

"Well quick, tell me what Koga's doing."

Shippou slid his eyes left, "Unconscious."

"And Inuyasha?"

Shippou slid his eyes right, "He's watching and turning colors."

"Red or purple?"

"Actually…looks like black."



"Hm," Miroku said, "Is he talking?"

"It sounds like a gurgle."


"Miroku, he's foaming at the mouth too."

Sesshomaru and Kagome broke apart, slightly out of breath. Smiling, she began whispering to him.

"Ahem," Miroku cleared his throat purposefully, preparing to subtly flag their attention—

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha thundered.

A/N: This was supposed to be after 384—Kagome Admits


After that it seemed like someone had hit the fast-forward button.

With the help of the subjugation beads and Miroku's silver tongue, Kagome and Sesshomaru's…moment was pushed to the back burner to assess damage control.

They gathered the broken Tensaiga and flew to Kaede's to care for Koga and other wounds everyone had suffered.

Miroku kept staring at his palm, sans wind tunnel, marveling the way everything felt.

When he groped Sango with it she simply glared at him, sparing him a beating.

It was her way of saying congratulations.

He couldn't think of a better way to hear it.

A/N: So at one point I had written exactly 400 chapters. I hated it though because I had to rush through everything. For example, these next two were going to suffice for all of 404-410, respectively. Inuyasha would have never accepted the situation, Kagome would have never gotten and given closure, and she would have just left with Sesshomaru. Lame, eh?

4D—How It Is

Somehow the words seemed to just flow.

She talked about connecting auras and electric touches and a lot of things she could only describe as indescribable. Many times she had to wipe tears away because it was hard and embarrassing but…it needed to be said.

She told him how she felt.

Inuyasha growled. Inuyasha made faces. Inuyasha split a tree with his fist. But most of all he listened until the last sentence left Kagome's lips.

"And then I just…knew," she exhaled, "It was him."



"So that's how it is, huh?"

Then without a word, Inuyasha stood up and left.

4E—Telling Koga

Kagome entered the hut, looking her friends over.

"Inuyasha…needed some air," she said, hugging herself, "I guess you all know why."

"Well the passionate kiss on the bloody battlefield was a definite hint," Miroku said. Sango elbowed him.

"We knew before that," Sango admitted, "When he saved Kohaku, he did it for you."

"He stares at you funny," Shippou shrugged.

"Speaking of, where's Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked.

"I asked a favor of him," Miroku said, "I figured it would be best if he kept out of Inuyasha's way until you told him properly."

Koga yawned and sat up, "Told him what?"

Part 5: Extra Naraku

A/N: I'm glad you all like my Naraku. I always prefer my villains to have a sense of vicious humor, one my current favorites has to be the Moriarty from the BBC Sherlock. Check it out, you'll love it.

Anyway, I decided to cut these because they made Naraku too silly or too distracting from the main plot. There was going to be this whole thing where he discovered Sesshomaru and Kagome's feelings and used it against Inuyasha. It would have made killing Sesshomaru more gut-wrenching but I really did make him too silly.


Sesshomaru stepped in front of Kagome, his eyes glinting like frosted steel.

"That also says a lot," Naraku looked intrigued, "That says it all, in fact."

"What are you going on about?" Inuyasha groaned, "Give me the shards."

"Really?" Naraku raised an eyebrow, "You mean, you don't know?"

"Know what?" Inuyasha growled, his eyes sliding to Sesshomaru with a suggestion of confusion.

Sesshomaru glanced at Kagome who avoided eye contact.

"Interesting!" Naraku smiled.

"Shut up!" Inuyasha pointed a finger at him.

"Fine, I won't tell you." Naraku said, "It's none of my business what your brother does with your miko anyway."

"What?!" Inuyasha looked at Kagome, "What the hell is he talking about?!"

"Nothing," Sesshomaru said, making Kagome flinch at his tone.

"That's right," Naraku agreed, "Brothers before Mikos. Or here you could shorten it, Bros before Mikos"

Words: 140

A/N: That's it.

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