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Kurt was just sitting at the lunch table with some classmates, all discussing their first project of the semester. He had his ear-buds on, feeling the beat of the music vibrate on his ear drums as well as the cool August air swelling over them. He liked this feeling. A fresh, new start to everything. Forgetting about last year and possibly the year before. All while remembering the good times and hopefully making more this year.

Kurt scanned the school campus after jotting down some notes on a notebook binder to be passed around. All he saw was the things everyone was common to on the first couple of days of school. Students reuniting, hugging, chatting, smiling; new ones looking at their schedules confused, trying to find their new classes. But there was specifically one that stood out to Kurt.

The new student had their eyes fixed on their schedule and would occasionally look around the campus to configure buildings. He'd wipe sweat off his brow from the late, summer sun and take a sip from his water bottle. His dark curls partly covered his eyes as he looked down at the sheet. His tanned skin was glittery of sweat, but Kurt couldn't help but watch this new boy. Kurt wanted nothing more badly than to help him, talk to him. However, he couldn't. He couldn't bring himself to the new boy and try to communicate with him. It would be mostly fumbling with words and trying to understand each other with difficulty.

That was the trouble with Kurt's communication skills. When he wanted to help, or saw someone new that he never met before, he was actually quite shy. It was only when he made friends with people and knew them well that he was outspoken and bold. A quality he never liked. He wanted to able to communicate with everyone easily. He watched the new boy take out his glasses and put them on to see far away. To see where and which class he needed to be next before the bell rang. And at last, the new boy decided a direction and went by it, walking away from Kurts area.

Hand still folded underneath his chin, he stared off into the distance. That is until the other students sitting at the table with him waved a hand in front of his face, wondering if he was still in La La Land or not. Kurt shook his head and blinked, looking at the notebook binder with new written notes from his to read and catch up on. As he took the notebook in his hands, he thought of the new boy and smiled to himself.

'This is going to be a great year,' he thought. He could feel it.