The Sandaime Hokage walked swiftly across the debris strewn around in the forest surrounding Konoha. He quickly reached the spot he was looking for where he found the bodies of all the medic ninjas as well as ANBU lying around. He found the body of the successor to his position, Minato Namikaze, lying alongside Kushina Uzumaki, the former jinchuuriki of Konoha and Minato's wife. Between them lay the baby boy that he was looking for, wrapped in a white cloth and soundly asleep. He signaled the ANBU to pick up all the bodies of the ninjas and take them to the morgue before picking up the sleeping baby and folding the cloth around him even more tightly so that the new born did not catch a cold. He quickly noticed the seal in the sleeping infant's belly and sighed realizing what had truly occurred in the fight. Minato had sealed the fox into Naruto and sacrificed both and his wife's life and condemned his son's life for the sake of the Konoha.

Hiruzen Sarutobi quickly made the ANBU that accompanied him to an oath of secrecy about the boy and what had truly happened in the forest. The truth was that the Kyuubi was killed by the Yondaime Hokage who gave his life for the sake of his village and died a true Shinobi's death. Kushina and the expected legacy of Minato did not survive as the enemy attacked Kushina while she was in labor killing the woman and the child. He could not give the child to the village as he quickly realized what the child's life would be if his identity was given to the council. The council will tear the boy apart before he had a chance at life. Not only was this boy the container of the Kyuubi, he was also the legacy of this village's greatest hero. Many in the council would give anything to get their hands around the boy while others would want to kill this boy instantly seeing him as the Kyuubi itself and not its jailor. Hiruzen sushined to his former office and had one of the female ANBU get the things that the boy would need immediately.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MINATO, WHERE IS KUSHINA?" shouted Jiraiya as he walked into the office of the Hokage. He looked at his sensei's face and realized that what he heard about his dear student was true. "Is Minato really dead?" he asked softly to Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Yes, and so is his wife Kushina." Replied the Hokage in a somber tone, as he looked out to Konoha from the office's window. He turned back to Jiraiya and looked at him in the eye "What do you think we should do now? Please Jiraiya for the sake of the village that Minato sacrificed his life for, pull yourself together. We have a grave problem at our hands."

"Problem? This is a problem to you? Minato is dead! He is gone and all you can is that we have a problem? What in Kami's name is wrong with you?" said Jiraiya angrily as he glared at his sensei. "Not only that but his wife Kushina as well as Naruto are both dead and you are say-" Jiraiya stopped as Sarutobi held his hand out.

"Naruto is not dead, in fact he is in this very room and that is why we have a problem." For the first time Jiraiya noticed the bundle of white cloth in the cradle and saw the infant sleeping soundly, a little smile formed in his face as he looked closely at the boy and noticed the shock of blonde hair on his head.

"He looks just like Minato." Jiraiya turned back to the Hokage "What is the problem?"

"Take a look at the seal on the boy's stomach; tell me I am wrong in deciphering it." Hiruzen said in almost a pleading tone. Jiraiya removed the cloth and looked at the seal as both his eyes got wider.

"What was he thinking doing this to his own son? This is the same seal that Kushina had…Naruto is the new jinchuuriki? What are we going to do, this boy's life was snatched away before it even began…" ramble Jiraiya in a panicky voice.

"Calm down" ordered the Hokage and Jiraiya took a deep breath before looking back at his sensei.

"What are we going to do sensei?" he asked. "I just cannot allow you to hand him over to the council; you know full well what they will do to him. They will either want him executed or they will hand him over to Danzo and Danzo will rob the boy of everything that he is capable of becoming."

"I have already figured that out that is why the boy does not exist. This is an S-ranked secret between the people in this room. As far as Konoha is concerned the fox is dead, Minato's boy also died with Kushina, he will grow outside of the village until he is old enough to defend himself. Is that perfectly clear to you?" The Hokage said in an even and orderly voice of a military general. Jiraiya nodded only partly understanding what his sensei meant.

"Where will the boy go? Who will take care of him and who will teach him in the arts of the Shinobi?" asked Jiraiya when suddenly there was a thunderous crash an ANBU member flew into the room through the broken door of the office. Neither Jiraiya nor Sarutobi needed to turn around to know that Tsunade had just walked into the office.

"Was that really necessary hime?" asked Jiraiya as he looked at the knocked out ANBU member.

"He was not letting me in because he said that the Hokage was in a private meeting." Said Tsunade matter-of-factly, she then turned towards the Sandaime Hokage and asked the same thing that Jiraiya had asked "I came as soon as heard, what happened?"

"We don't know anything, not how the Kyuubi escaped Kushina, or who attacked the ANBU and the ninjas at the safeguard. All we know is that it is now sealed in Naruto and he has to be moved out of the village ASAP." said Sarutobi turning back to his former students.

"Where will he go, this is his village and for at least Minato's sake shouldn't the village take care of his legacy. Naruto has his own house and there are many that will gladly take him in as their own knowing his heritage, so why the fuss?" asked Tsunade in a surprised voice.

"It is not as simple as that hime; the council will tear him apart, not only is he the son of Minato Namikaze, he is the last surviving member of the Uzumaki and the Namikaze clan, and he has the Kyuubi sealed in him. I shudder to think what this kid will become when he reached his full potential as a Shinobi. You know how harsh the council was on Kushina, they wanted to seal her memories and make her a mindless drone of Danzo, this time they will not stop even if Sarutobi sensei tried." said Jiraiya as he looked at Naruto who had just woken up and was looking at Jiraiya curiously with bright blue eyes.

"Yes, this must remain a secret just between us; I am ordering this as not only your Hokage but also as your sensei that this is an S-ranked secret that this boy is Minato's son. I am ordering Jiraiya to take this boy and train him. Bring him back if and only if he is ready. This boy has potential and I want him to be trained by the finest. Jiraiya I am handing this task to you because Minato named you his godfather at birth. As his godfather it your responsibility to look after him and also train him. You will leave the village right now and if anyone ever asks you the boy's identity, you found him in a war zone and took him in as your apprentice. I trust the sages of Mount Myouboken, though I suspect they will know his lineage even if you kept it from them. Take him there and train him under their tutelage. I know that you cannot always be with him as your duties towards Konoha but right now your first priority is Naruto. They will train Naruto well, just like they trained you and Minato and Mount Myouboku is probably the safest place for Naruto to be at the moment because foreign countries will look to assassinate Naruto if they knew whose son he was. I can only trust you with this because I know you will not fail me even if your life depended on it and take care of Naruto, after all he is my God-son's child." Hiruzen Sarutobi picked Naruto up and handed him to Jiraiya who could only stare at his sensei in disbelief. When Jiraiya was under Hiruzen Sarutobi's tutelage, he was never trusted with important things, it was always either Orochimaru or Tsunade as they were a lot more competent than he was, yet right now his sensei was trusting him with something so valuable when he could have just given the responsibility to Tsunade who was looking at Jiraiya with a smirk on her face.

"What is so funny hime?" asked Jiraiya in a confused voice.

"I can tell what you are thinking just by looking at your face. You forget that when we were young, you were clumsy and un-suited to be a ninja, but you left us behind through your hard work and determination to show everyone that you were more than capable of being a Shinobi. As we grew older you left me and Orochimaru far behind not only in skill and knowledge but also in strength of heart and mind. Even though you are a pervert and nuisance at times, your commitment to this village and to your friends have never faltered, heck you still believe that you can turn Orochimaru from the path he took so long ago. Oh and from pervert it reminded me that if YOU TURN NARUTO INTO A PERVERT LIKE YOU I WILL PERSONALLY TAKE UP THE CRUSADE OF KILLING YOU, IS THAT CLEAR?" shouted Tsunade as she glared at Jiraiya. The glare made Jiraiya shudder and promise profusely that he will keep that in his mind.

"Now go, there are only a few moments left before sunrise, I want you to be out of this village before the sun's first rays fall on Konoha and remember that this is a secret only among us. Farewell my student, I will see you and young Naruto as a man." ordered the Sandaime Hokage to Jiraiya, who in turn nodded to his sensei and his former teammate before leaping out of the window.

"Do you think I took the right decision in sending the boy with Jiraiya?" asked Sarutobi turning to look at his other pupil.

"Yes, not only will Jiraiya treat him like his own grandson, Jiraiya will also make sure that he has the same morals and principles that Minato had. Secondly Jiraiya is the most capable Shinobi in this village, who can train Naruto. Thirdly, this responsibility would have been too much for me to handle and gambling and drinking seem to have negative impacts on kids these days." said Tsunade before leaping out of the window as well. Sarutobi sweat dropped at her response before his face turned sour as he turned towards the still unconscious ANBU on the floor.