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Title: Your Attachment

Pairings: Sebastian/Ciel

Rating: T / Pg-13

Genre: Drama/Angst/Romance

Summary: He needed me. As for myself? Well...I needed a lot of things. Too bad pretending to be a girl while also pretending to be Sebastian's girl friend weren't some of them.

Timeline: Actual universe. Also known as 21st century.

Warnings: Will eventually be yaoi! (Sorry mom.)
sorry for OOCness. I won't try to have it that way, but since it is AU it will have to be slightly OOC. Also, I will place warnings on the chapters that have yaoi, so don't worry. This chapter is yaoi free! 8D

Status: Continuing

Your Attachment

By Sasurealian

Chapter One

Have you ever heard of that life statement that goes a little something like 'life sucks!'

Well…believe it or not, it is actually true.

"Ugh, damnit." I hissed as I slipped on the floor. My butt landed on the wet floor sign and I mentally cursed remembering that I was the one who put it there in the first place. Too bad that slipped my mind as I came trolling out with a tray in my hands.

I glared at the broken tea cups and plates and cakes and….well….pretty much everything that table twelve ordered.


I didn't want to turn around to face my boss, but his voice sounded a little furious.

I rubbed my aching butt as I stood onto my feet. My ocean eyes flashed into his as I faked a smile, "H-hi mister Faustus. I was just ya'know…serving table twelve's food and-"

His glare intensified as he crossed his arms. I bit my lower lip and brushed off my apron. "I'll clean it up." I groggily spat as I headed into the back of the kitchen to find the mop.

Yup, that was my life. Picture this: Ciel, on a Friday night, working at a pastry shop. Except only girls worked here and I wasn't a girl. Shocker huh? Well, I should probably try to explain to you why I am working at a pastry shop.

Once upon a time Ciel's parents died and Ciel didn't want to live with his relatives, so instead he ran away at age seventeen and urgently begged for a job.

This is where things get a bit sticky.

See, it was raining and I was sitting in the park cold and shivering in the harsh winters of America. Maybe that sounds a bit cliché, but it was absolutely true!

A man stopped at my bench and called out to me. He had dark hair and scary eyes, but I wasn't afraid. I looked up at him and stared.

"Excuse me, miss…are you alright?

His voice was sinister, but what he said impacted me more. I stood from off the bench and bawled my fists at my side as I tried to brush off the cold, "I am NOT a girl!"

The man was taken aback by my harsh tone and then…he suddenly burst into laughter, "Not a girl! Are you serious?"

I huffed as I grumbled under my breath. The sun was far gone into the midnight sky, but the lights from the park enabled me to see the man clearly, "That is too bad. You would have made a very beautiful young girl." He covered his mouth trying to hide his forming smirk, "You look almost like a pretty glass dolly."

I turned my back to him, "Hmp, weirdo."

"So.." He began leaning over my shoulder, "Why is someone as young and dreadfully pretty as yourself out here at this time of night in the cold?"

I crossed my arms over my body and hugged my sweater tighter into my chest, "Well, I am searching for a….uh…job." I admitted shamefully.

The man snickered slyly as he took my hand, "What a convenience, I am looking to hire a new maid."

I scoffed as I cocked an eye, "What are you talking about?"

He pressed his glasses against the bridge of his nose, "My name is Claude Faustus and I am the owner of a pastry shop." I glared at his hand as it approached mine, "Would you like to work for me….uhh…."

I took his hand, "It is Ciel…."

He took my hand gently and kissed it. I stiffened at his annoying touch, but accepted it none the less. "All you have to do is dress as a women and the job is all yours."

"WHAT!" I yanked my hand back and puffed my cheeks, "PERVERT!"

Although…..by the end of that week I somehow accepted the job since I couldn't find any other. Ugh don't look at me like that, I 'had' to! They were threatening to kick me out of my apartment and I was penniless!

The point is, I have a job now and even though I hate wearing a wig with pigtails and a maid outfit, it works for me. I have bread and milk on the table, so that is all that matters.

Well, maybe not exactly bread and milk, but tea, cakes, and junk food should count as something.

It was exhausting working at a pastry shop, but the cakes they served there were actually quite amazing.

I had just finished cleaning up the mess across the floor when my coworker walked in.

"Hey, Ciel!"

I sat the tray on the empty table with a sigh, "Hey Alois. You're late…"

Alois was a dude and yea, he worked here. He was Claude's son. It made since because Claude was a freak and Alois was special in his own way, too.

I'm not late. I'm just not on time." Yea same thing. Although you should try telling that dork that.

Alois swung around to the other side of the table and laced his fingers through one of my pig tails, "You really should go out with me miss."

There he went with teasing me again. I didn't take to it lightly and slapped his hand away, "Don't touch me, Trancy. I am not in the mood today."

Alois cupped his mouth and gasped, "Does that mean maybe tomorrow you will be?"

See, the issue with Alois was, he might be gay. Not that being gay is an issue, but when it comes to Alois, EVERYTHING is an issue. I don't know for sure if he was gay, but he always did weird things. Oh and he treated girls weirdly. He was really rude to them, which made me wonder why Claude hired him in the first place, but it wasn't my job to complain about the workers here. Alois was my best friend after all, despite the fact that he flirted with me and teased me.

Maybe it was the dress?

Yea, that was probably it.

Oh, and I'm sure you're wondering why Alois has a different last name than his father? Well, that is because Claude adopted him and apparently his original mother is making sure he keeps his actual last name. No wonder the kid had issues. His family is unstable! His mom kept his younger brother Luca, but got rid of Alois. That was how Claude came upon him.

It was a long complicated mess that involves tissues, so I'm not explaining it any further.

A bell rang out which meant a new costumer entered the shop.

I turned around and froze at what I saw. There stood a man with dark hair and bright eyes. He face was stoic and his attire was sleek. I stared at him for a while before Claude gave me a shove, "Stop standing there and go serve that table!"

I rolled my eyes and picked up my tray. The man who just walked in looked up at me while I tried to force a smile, "Welcome to Pretty Pastries, can I start you off with a drink tonight?"

He dug coldly into my eyes and rubbed his temples. Basically the dude looked pissed, "Yea, how about some ice tea?"

I gave a small bow, trying to make it as girly as possible. There was no way I was going to be scolded by Claude again, "Yes sir."

I walked off and prepared his tea, but my eyes kept floating back to the figure. He was young; likely no older than twenty two. His was lean and tall and his features were what you'd call…..elegant. There wasn't a scratch marring his face.

"CIEL, THE TEA IS SPILLING!" Alois barked as he pulled the cup away. I jumped once I realized I held down the tea tab too long and now…there was tea all over the place. It ran down the counter top, even on my shoes.

"Damnit!" I hissed as I went to go get the mop…again!

Alois flicked the back of my head as he forcefully took the mop from me and handed me the new glass of ice tea, "Just take this out to the man and this time, do it without screwing up."

Alois was serious at times, which scared me because he wasn't supposed to be serious. He was the stupid one, not me. I was just….uh….careless.

"Here you are." I said as I sat the tea in front of him. He stared into my eyes and smiled. It made my heart stop and my lips eased apart, "Enjoy…"

Suddenly a lady barged through the door and ran right past me collapsing into the man's lap. "SEBASTIAN!" She shrilled. I covered my ears and flinched. Ugh, she was so loud.

"Elizabeth, please-"

"It is Lizzy to you, Sebastian." He pursed which made me inwardly puke.

"Your father told me you were here and so I couldn't help myself."

Pssh, obviously.

I watched as 'Sebastian' scooted away from her and sighed, "Yes, I see. Remind me to 'thank' him later."

The girl known as Elizabeth wrapped his arms around his whole being and giggled, "We should go out on a date! That would be perfect! Our parents would be so happy an-"

Sebastian suddenly stood from his seat and took my hand pulling me forward, "I was actually here to meet this young lady."

I gawked as I peered at Sebastian and back to the young girl with bouncy blond locks.

What the hell was the idiot doing! I didn't even know him.

Sebastian pulled me closer and his lips met the shell of my ear, "Play along." He whispered, "Please, just do it and I'll make it up to you."

I faked a laugh as giggled shyly, "Y-yea he was here to uh….say hi…and…"

I wasn't really good at making conversation and to make it worse the dude was practically leaning on me. He must really hate this girl if he is asking some dude for help. He must have known I wasn't female! 'Cause uh…I wasn't!

I watched as the girl known as Elizabeth frowned and crossed her arms, "But she is a silly maid!"

"She is also my date, so if you'll excuse me." Sebastian sat as he pulled me onto the booth next to him and held me close to his chest.

I bit down whatever color was coming onto my cheeks and tried not to enjoy the addicting smell floating off this guy. This was ridiculous and if Claude saw me right now there would be hell to pay.

"W-what! You can't be honest? She is too scrawny and young!"

Sebastian smirked and wrapped his arm around me, "I think she is fine."

This was starting to get weird. I chuckled nervously to myself as I fought for an idea to get out of this situation.

"Yea, so you should leave now because I was about to show…uh…Sebastian how to…make ice tea. Yea.."

Elizabeth snorted as she exited out the front door, her pig tails following behind her forcefully, "This isn't over, Sebastian!" She shouted right before she slammed the door behind her. I flinched once the bell hanging over top of the door fell off and shattered. Stupid little bit- I mean…

..it might not be the place to call such a lady those names, but even my mind thought she was a mess.

I immediately jumped to my feet and took my tray from off the table, "Sheesh, don't do that! I am not some person to be handled like that!"

I almost 'swacked' him upside the head with the tray, but he snatched it from me and set in down away for my grasp, "Well your tip will be great, let me assure you."

I snarled while I glared deeply at him, "It better be!"

"Ciel, you better not be saying rude things to the customers again." Claude called out from the kitchen. I jumped and sighed trying to remove all the anger I had.

"Of course not. Haha, I was just saying that…" I turned towards Sebastian, "This man has a pretty girl friend and should bring her back more often."

But I was honestly hoping he wouldn't.

By the way he was dressed I was sure he was some rich guy with everything he could desire.

"If you'll excuse me." I bowed as I began to leave his side.

"Wait-" He said as he caught my hand. I froze as I whipped my body around and stared back into his eyes. They were a red-brown color and were almost mesmerizing.

"Can you do a favor for me?"

I inwardly cursed. No. More. Favors. But my mouth didn't agree. "Depends, what is it?"

Sebastian grabbed the front of my apron and yanked me down towards his level. My cheeks burned intensely at the close level and I tried desperately to get away, "H-hey, knock it of-"

"Listen!" Sebastian placed a hand over my mouth to silence me, "My father has been trying for a long time to find me a wife and…" Sebastian glared deep into my eyes, "I am getting really sick of all these annoying rich women coming after me. It is Sebastian this and Sebastian that."

Sebastian sighed as he released me and nursed his temples. "It is quite troublesome."

I straightened out my apron as I tried to keep my eyes away from his as much as possible, "S-so why does that concern me?"

"Well…" he began once more, "You're a decent young lady so-"

"LADY! I'm not-" I froze as I cut off my words.

"Excuse me?"

"I-I mean, I rather be addressed by my first name." I said with my best girly voice.

Sebastian smirked as he folded his hands together, "Oh of course…" His eyes scanned my name tag, "Ciel."

Now I felt really uneasy. Just the way my name sounded when this man spoke it. It made me feel intoxicated.

"Here is what I want you to do."

I waited for Sebastian to speak, while still making sure Claude wasn't waiting to pounce on me.

"Pretend to be my girl friend so my father will lay off."

My eyes rose and my mouth probably dropped, "Woah woah woah. Hang on. You want 'me' a g-girl to pretend to be your girl friend? As in together? An in…." I gulped, "L-lovers?"

"Fake lovers." He corrected me.

I crossed my arms as I tried to withhold a laugh. This guy was insane.

"I'll pay you a lot of money for each date you attend."

"Why don't you just tell your father no?"

Sebastian stared into his tea, "It isn't that simple."

"I won't do it." I answered as I set the silver tray back onto his table.

"Fine. Whatever then. But…" Sebastian stood up and took a card from his pocket. He placed it in my breast pocket as smirked, "Give me a call if you change your mind."

I pressed my lips together and knotted my eyes as I watched him walk out.

I decided to ignore him and get back to work.

And no, I was not trailing his ass with my eyes as he left. Sheeze! I am male…..remember?

Haha…that was right….I was a dude, not a girl. Dude! I like boobs! Not like anyone has to know that. I am strong. I am mean. I am stoic and a jerk and totally not a push over and NO ONE shall get in my way and-



I slipped and landed right onto my ass….again….

"Wet floor sign." Alois finished.

I glared as I crawled over to my silver tray. Fucking life….fucking work…fucking wet floor signs!

This was the start of a not so beautiful relationship.