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Title:Your Attachment

Pairings: Sebastian/Ciel

Rating: T / Pg-13


Summary:He needed me. As for myself? Well...I needed a lot of things. Too bad pretending to be a girl while also pretending to be Sebastian's girl friend weren't some of them.

Timeline: Actual universe. Also known as 21st century.

Warnings: Will eventually be yaoi! (Sorry mom.)
sorry for OOCness. I won't try to have it that way, but since it is AU it will have to be slightly OOC. Also, I will place warnings on the chapters that have yaoi, so don't worry. This chapter is yaoi free! 8D

Status: Continuing

Your Attachment

By Sasurealian

Chapter Five

I stood on my tip-toes behind the counter with a sack in my hand. I was sure there was an ashen blush over my cheeks, but decided to ignore that as I thought of how to explain this.

"Err, Claude…" I said as I turned my head away. I found the black and white tiled floor much more interesting and cursed myself.

"Why are you back in here? I thought I kicked you out?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but was at a loss for words. I blamed Sebastian for this. He was the reason I got sick to begin with!

"Listen I need you to do a favor for me."

Claude dried his hands off with a rag as he approached me, "And what is that?"

I placed the bag in his hands and huffed, "I need there to be some padding in the breast part of that suit. Please make it quick."

Claude pulled out said item and stifled a laugh, "You're going to wear this? I didn't know you cross dressed as a hobby." Claude smirked as he raised his eye brows up and down. I gawked as I crossed my arms.

"Stop being a perv and please do it. In under ten minutes! I know you have sewing shit in the back."

Claude giggled as he eyed the bikini, "Oh of course. This will be…fun…"

I tried not to kill him as he skipped off towards the back. I was pretty sure that guy had cross dresser porn all over his computer. Sicko!

I turned around and glared once I saw the persecutor. He was to blame for my pain. I marched outside and crossed my arms, "We'll leave once my boss does a favor for me."

Sebastian tilted his head forward, "And what favor is that?"

I thought for a few moments on what to say. I couldn't tell him the truth, "Just some stuff I had to finish today, but since I'm sick I can't do them, so he decided to help me."

It was a lie, but a good one at that because Sebastian nodded his head in agreement.

After a while of standing outside I went back in a decided to go bug Claude about the suit.

"Ohh Cielllllll." Alois said as I went behind the counter. His arms slung around my shoulders as he swayed back and forth, "I saw my dad sewing something for you in the back. It is for me?"

I cocked an eye as I tried to pull myself away from sir annoying, "Please don't touch me….and no it isn't for you."

Alois frowned as he clung to me tighter, "I thought we had something special."

"I think you're bipolar."

I shrugged away from the sad blonde as I walked to the back room of the café. Right as I opened the door I bumped into Claude's chest, "O-oh…"

"Ciel, good of you to find me. I'm done." Claude said as he pressed the bag into my face. I blushed as I grabbed it and headed back outside without another word to him. I no longer wanted to be inside there where I would be teased until the end of my life.

"Okay I'm ready, let's go." I rushed into Sebastian's car and I was sure the raven haired man was confused more than ever.

He climbed in and grinned at me as I clung the bag into my chest, "You're face is red."

I turned and looked out the window trying to ignore him.

"Although it is a good color for your tan face."

Just keep staring out the window and life will get better….yea…window…trees….flowers….life…people…

"As for why you're blushing I don't know, but-"

"Shut. Up." I spoke as I knotted my brows. I never felt embarrassed as I did right now. "You're such an idiot."

"I'm not the one blushing."

That was it. I was totally going to make that man blush tonight and prove to him that I'm not a weirdo. Although..…how do I do that? I guess I will have to get one of the girls at the party tonight say or do something to him.

Yes. Tonight's mission would be to make Sebastian blush.

To have that happen would make this moment vanish!

"So where is this party at?" I asked after a long moment of silence.

Sebastian stopped at a red light as he looked towards me, "At the lake. There will be a lot of people there. Although it is going to be a lot of rich folk and their friends, my father insists I go because there is a girl there who he wants me to date."

The way Sebastian scrunched his nose made me realize how much he hated this idea, "I'm sure you will be able to keep her away from me."

He sounded dead serious about that, too. What did I look like to him; a hound dog?

Ugh, whatever. I just have to pretend like I want to help him so I can get paid and leave. I mean, getting paid to be used as a pretend girl friend sounded bad, but if you thought about it, I was being paid to hurt people. That actually amused me. Just slightly.

"The lake is about ten miles down this road. Once we get there you can change into that outfit and start your first night as my date."

I glowered, "Yippi…"

Once we reached the lake I felt my stomach drop. There were so many people here and the sun was still high in the sky. I noticed the boys popped a beer and laughed as a girl hung around their shoulders. Geeze…did Sebastian realize I looked like a kid compared to all these people? Wait, I was a kid..well sort of anyway. I was seventeen and that wasn't considered old. I cursed my shortness at this time as I grabbed the sack and tried to find the bathroom.

"I'll be waiting here for you."

I scoffed, "Whatever."

Fuck my life.

Okay okay, so I realize cursing isn't the most beautiful of words, but heck, they were needed. I glared at my reflection in the mirror and growled. I looked like a girl with tiny boobs. Claude did a nice job on the padding, but it was still embarrassing.

I cupped my cheeks and frowned. I looked like a DAMN GIRL! I turned to the side and watched as my long pig tails follow me. My eyes glowed blue and my tiny frame looked too perfect in the bikini. I feared for my male and fake female virginity. Oh dear lord…

I walked out of the bathroom with my hands over my chest like I'm trying to hide a secret- wait…oh yea, I am trying to hide a secret. Ahem, that isn't what it looks like from the raven's angle. Although, once his dark blood eyes find my figure he stares.

At first I assumed he was going to laugh at me, but what he does scares me. He just stands there with his lips eased apart less than an inch and then he smiles, but the smile breaks once a flock of girls jump him.

"OH SEBASTIAN, YOU CAME!" They squealed as they pulled at his white tee. I nursed my temples with closed eyes. I knew this was going to be one of those nights.

I walked over to Sebastian, thinking that maybe I can try and get them to back off and be some help to him, but Sebastian must have needed me more than I thought.

He yanked my arm and pulled me into his chest. I can smell the deep cinnamon scent on his body and bite my tongue.

"H-hey!" I hiss as I try and give us room for Jesus. Apparently Jesus was on a potty break, because we were a little too close for my liking and the way the girls pancaked us together makes some forgotten region stir. That only made me shut my eyes and regret being alive under my breath.

Finally the girls noticed me and all my shortness glory and backed away.

"Aww who is she, your cousin?" One of the girls pouted with an evil glare toward me. I sneered with my cerulean eyes, but she didn't walk away.

"This is my date for the night." Sebastian calmly said as he laid his hand over my shoulder. I wanted to run for my life, but his hold was like a death grip.

"B-but your father said you were going out with me!" A girl with brown hair and brown eyes spoke with a snort. I tried not to gag at her figure. Girls who look like the Peach from the movie James and the Giant Peach should never wear a tiny bikini. It just shouts I'm desperate. I wanted to wash my eyes with oxy clean, but Sebastian saved me as he pulled me away from the flood of girls.

"That is her. The one my father wants me to get to know tonight." Sebastian spoke in a whisper so his fangirls wouldn't hear him. I gazed back at the girls and then back at Sebastian.

"You must be a walking sex god to them….or the most wanted man on the face of the planet. Look at their faces! They want to eat you."

Sebastian sighed as he took hold of my shoulders, "This might go well if you stick to my side like glue."

I didn't like where this was going, but I had a mission to do.

Sebastian grabbed my waist and pulled me into his chest surprising the- edit edit edit- out of me. With wide eyes I looked up at me and stared.

"Besides, I think you look delectable in that suit." He purred into my eyes making my cheeks heat up.

"You're such a pervert!" I spat covering my ears.

Sebastian grabbed my hand snapping me out of my complaints and I followed as he led me around the girls, "You need to eat. Your face is really pale and that sickness of yours isn't getting better."

I rolled my eyes as I was pulled around like some toy, "Well, since when did you start to care?"

Sebastian shrugged as he released my hand and grabbed some food from a table set up in front of the lake. I began to notice more and more people were showing up. This didn't feel like a date to me at all; only a disaster.

"Here eat some of this." Sebastian said as he held up a cheese stick.

"Ew no!" I hissed backing away.

Sebastian rolled his eyes as he continued to search the table for more food.

I know being here with all these people should have scared the shit out of me, but knowing that I could go over to Sebastian made me feel really safe.

What did I just say? Hell no. That man was bad news! I knotted my eyes into Sebastian's back. He was a pervert! Besides, he didn't care about me. He just wanted to party without peach girl stalking him.

Sebastian turned back around and held up a strawberry, "This look good enough for you?"

I eyed the fruit and puffed my cheeks, "I don't need food."

Sebastian leaned closed towards me as he dipped the fruit in whipped cream. He then brought it to my lips and teased them with the sugary sweetness, "I'm sure you'll change your mind….Ciel…."

Oh gosh I felt like I was about to do something very unholy. Who knew what my face looked like, but the whipped cream and the voice and the….he was a sadist! That man IS a sadist!

I opened my mouth in weakness as Sebastian settled the strawberry into my mouth. I bit down on the fruit as he pulled it back with half of it remaining.

"Taste good?"

"I can eat without your help." I murmured as I grabbed a napkin.

Although it didn't go unnoticed that Sebastian popped the rest of the bitten fruit into his own mouth.

The next hour was spent with Sebastian trying to force feed me food I didn't want. I kept trying to hide from him, but he would always find me. Gosh I was wondering when this charade would finally be over.

There were also the times when those same girls would come back and attempt to flirt with Sebastian, although said man would ignore them and play on his cell phone with occasional looks towards me.

"So, do you want to go swimming?" Sebastian asked as he watched the people run into and out of the lake. I shuddered at the sight.

"Nope, I'm just fine right here, thanks."

It wasn't that I hated water or anything, but I…well, I couldn't swim. If you can't swim then you don't float and when you don't float you sink and when you sink your drown and when you drown you die.

The thought of getting in the lake sounded less inviting.

"Too bad, as my girl friend you have to swim."

"Correction, date." I said with crossed arms.

Sebastian bowed his head lower until his face was an inch from mine, "I'm the master here."

"And I'm the lady….which reminds me…" I pushed Sebastian away as I looked back at the swarm of girls who kept giggling and whispering.

"Hey ladies, Sebastian says he wants all of you to have his babies."

Immediately all the women rushed towards the ebony haired man and the look that was plastered on Sebastian's face was priceless. With that I smirked and walked away as the girls tackled him in coos and giggles.

I started to walk towards the forest area away from the lake. I needed to get some fresh air and that meant away from water. Besides, Sebastian started it. He was being rude…..

….I am starting to act like a girl. I sighed as looked off down by the lake. Sebastian was trying to fend off the girls and the smile on his face make me cringe. Why did he not scream at them and make them screw off? He could totally be mean and they'd never go near him again, but instead he pretended to be nice to them. It didn't make any sense to me.

I bit my lip and decided to ignore him and the girls. This wasn't my issue, but his. If he didn't ask me-

I froze instantly and lowered my gaze to the ground. He was the one being kind to me by paying me to do something as easy as pretending to be his date. He had to have been desperate if he would pay someone like me to be his date. Then I went and threw a bunch of lovesick girls at him.

I let out a deep breath. I was NOT getting soft, but I was being a little cruel.

"Hey chickie."

I paused at the deep voice. Cautiously I turned around and eyed a man with a beer bottle in his hands, "Feeling a little lost?"

Another man came out from behind the trees. He had a bottle in his hands, too and was smoking on something, "Oh you found a cute one." He spoke as he inhaled the bittersweet smoke.

"I was just getting some air. Back off."

The man reached for my shoulder and I pulled back running. I was glad once I was away and running down the hillside back to the lake. I wanted to get far away from them and quick….

The next thing I did shocked the ever loving shit out of me.

I ran past the babbling women and latched my arms around Sebastian's middle.

Pause right there. I know you're probably wondering what the hell…..I don't even know myself.

I couldn't breathe. Those men…the way they smelled was absolutely despicable. Maybe I just wanted that cinnamon smell to return to my nostrils? I didn't know, but I instantly felt safer once I was near him…or…in his arms.

It took me a moment to regain my cool. All the girls went silent and most of them gave me death glares. Sebastian had the look of a deer caught in the highlights on his face and I swallowed back the lump in my throat, "U-uh….Sebastian is my date, so you ladies s-should back off."

The women snorted and walked away once Sebastian's arms laced around my middle.

"There, I made them go away, now let me go." I snapped as I tried to pry the blush off my face.

"Hmm, that was awfully real. How long did it take for you to rehearse that?"

My eyebrow twitched as I gave Sebastian a deadpanned look, "Shut it, idiot!"

"To the lake we go." Sebastian picked me up in his arms and my heart jumped into my throat.

"Woah, wait! N-no!"

He walked towards the water and tears brimmed in my eyes. The memories of a long time ago…my family…water….and then…

"No, Sebastian!"

We reached the water and as he walked in and I clung to his chest. I didn't realize I was trembling. Why was I so scared? I shouldn't be, but there was nothing more terrifying to me than water.

I felt my toes touch the water and gasped.

"Ciel….are you crying?"

I jumped and looked up at Sebastian's face, "I don't cry! EVER!"

"Then….they're turning red or something. You afraid?"

I gawked at him as my arms clung to him like a cat hovering over a bathtub, "I…I…." I looked away and bit down on my lower lip, "I can't swim."

Sebastian burst into laughter and I inwardly scowled. It wasn't like it was my fault, but the way he teased me hurt. It was my pride and he was sticking knifes in it, "You bastard….put me on the ground."

Sebastian disobeyed as he settled me into the water, "You can touch, see?"

My nails must have dug into his shoulder as I touched the water, but once my feet felt the ground below the water I relaxed, "Oh my gosh…I hate this.."

"This is supposed to be fun!" Sebastian cheered. I felt like killing him, but he looked to be genially happy. Was this some sadist trick?

We sat there for a while as the sun set. Darkness had finally set in and the sun had melted away.

I had found a good spot on the edge of the lake. I felt safe from the void of the water. Sebastian continued to float around while I watched him. My knees curled into my chest as I stared. His skin was totally flawless in the moonlight. He looked like a china glass doll….beautiful..

Woahhhh, did I just call Sebastian beautiful? I bit my tongue to keep my thoughts from going a place they shouldn't. Sure, I could admit he was a beautiful guy. Heck, anyone who saw him knew he was beautiful, but then why didn't he want all those women all over him? Most of them were pretty and they had money.

If those girls knew who I really was, (ignoring the boy part) they would have me for dinner. I was a poor kid without a home and nowhere near as fortunate as them.


I jumped as a bunch of naked girls ran past me and into the lake. My eyes went super wide and I felt like strangling myself. Sebastian quickly got out of the water and sat next to me, "This is when you hide."

I nodded, "You never told me there was skinny dipping."

"I never knew there was skinny dipping."

We both laughed under our breaths as the girls screamed and went totally insane.


I looked up from where I sat and saw that peach girl from earlier. Wow, I really needed to get her name 'cause peach girl wasn't cutting it.

"Margaret, please stop this."

Oh Margaret. That makes more sense now. So this is the girl Sebastian's father wanted with him huh? She looks like a piece of work.

She glared at me once my eyes met her. I rolled my eyes as I looked back into the lake and the broadcasting moonlight. There was no way I was going to be apart of their mess.

"Ciel and I are on a date tonight. Sorry."

"Buuuut Sebbyyyyy!" She whined. I closed my ears at her whine. She was almost as bad as that Lizzy girl.

"We're going skinny dipping and I know your father doesn't allow that, so if you'll excuse us."

I chocked on the spit in my mouth, "HUH?"

"Sebbbyyy, please! I LOVE YOU!"

Sebastian grabbed my hand and pulled me from the water, I watched as he lead me towards the deck.

"What…are you serious?"

"We're going to swim over here….away from all the girls and away from Margaret. Everything will be fine."

I narrowed my eyes, "I don't do skinny dipping."

"They're only going to leave us alone if we go skinny dipping. They'll think we're…doing things…but with your clothes on they'll only pester us more."

"I don't like where this is going."

Sebastian released my hand as walked towards the desk and began undressing. I looked away and forced back a blush. What did he think he was doing?

I heard a loud splash and turned back around as Sebastian came up from air. On the deck were his clothes….down to less than his boxers. Ohhh no…..no no no!

"Coming Ciel?"

I grimaced as I looked towards Sebastian. I didn't sign up for this and I didn't know what to do? I couldn't…..if I did then he would find out what I really was.

Gosh I never hated who I was more than I did now….

Ugh, this is why I don't do contracts!

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