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Warning: Red X and Robin Slash. Aka Yaoi

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"Hey Robin, off to your secret-unmentionably-horrible job now?" Cyborg questioned as he noticed the boy wonder heading for the door.

"Yes actually, someone has to bring home extra money." He responded coolly as he walked out the door.

It had occurred to Robin that while the city basically pays for their necessities (How else could they afford to live in Titans Tower), they didn't really have money for themselves, or emergencies for that matter. So a few months ago he sought out work, under a fake name of course for neither being employed as Robin nor Dick Grayson was a good idea.

If he was employed as himself, he would have the issues of fangirls, villains, and new reporters knowing where he was and what he was doing x number of days of the week. Imagine the outcomes!

Being Dick Grayson wasn't a very bright idea either. Wouldn't people wonder what he was suddenly doing in Jump City? Not to mention where he was staying and why he needed a job in the first place if he was Bruce Wayne's ward. It would be too suspicious.

He settled on the alias Robyn Grey. He didn't mind using a different form of 'Robin' since it was actually a pretty common name and Grey… well, it was the closest he could get to 'Grayson'. He wanted something that was close enough to his real names so that he wouldn't slip up if somebody addressed him.

He had searched the entire day, hair combed down, out of costume, and in 'disguise' aka regular clothing and sunglasses. And just to be on the safe side (aka, he was still paranoid) he wore colored contact lenses that were a lovely Amethyst purple. He held the want ads in his hands and checked out anything that could fit the qualifications of 'Robyn Grey', which wasn't much since he was basically just a teenager with no previous work background. He had copies of papers about his previous school, and his home schooling (he asked Alfred to mail him those), and an amateur done resume.

By the end of the day, he had just about given up hope. Suddenly though, he barely noticed a "Help Wanted" sign in the Window of a small building he didn't recognize. "Your Fantasy" he read through the darkness that now invaded most of the sky.

'What a weird name' he thought, wondering what kind of business it was. Regardless, he stepped inside the door in sync with the ding of the little bell, and had his jaw hit the floor.

He saw many girls dressed like they should be at an anime convention – with maid outfits, school girl outfits, classic anime-ish short skirts, cat ears, ect… on all of the waitresses. He blushed and started babbling.

"Oh my – I – I'm so sorry, I t-thought, err the sign… I-I'll just be going-" He tried to walk out the door but a hand on his jacket pulled him back.

"Now hold on a minute, don't be so hasty!" A voice to whom the hand belonged to told him. "Come, let's talk in the back."

Before he knew what was happening, he was being dragged through a door near the back of the place.

The hand that had him turned him around, and he came face to face with a young woman with longish and curly pink-dyed hair, and wearing a white and blue school girl uniform – White long-sleeved undershirt with a light blue vest, dark blue tie and skirt, white knee socks, and black heel-less Mary Jane shoes.

"So, you saw our 'Help Wanted' sign then, yes?" The girl asked with a grin.

Robin blushed and looked away, "Yes, but, I apologize, I didn't realize it was only for girls."

He was shocked when the girl suddenly laughed at this. "Actually, we hire boys too."

This shocked the Titans Leader even more. 'Huh? I didn't see any guys before…' he pondered to himself.

Recognizing his confusion, the girl led him to the door and opened it a crack so that he could see the waitresses. "You see, it may not look it, but quite a few of those waitresses are actually male." She giggled as she felt his face drop once more.

"So, they cross-dress in order to work here?" He whispered it as if it were some unspeakable evil.

"I suppose looking at it from a certain angle, yes it would be. But it is a Cosplay themed place after all."

Robin was confused at that, I mean how is a person supposed to know that… and then his eyes wandered over to a smaller indoor version of the sign outside that shed light on the other words that the dark had covered "Your Fantasy: Cosplay Café" . Well that explained it.

"And besides" the girl continued, "People are warned before they come in that some are male and some are female, and they are able to identify them by the color ribbon that the waiter/waitress has pinned to their shirt; Pink for girls and Blue for boys."

"That's kind of unfair though, you know, since people can just request the female waitresses all the time and have the males get no work."

"Actually, believe it or not, the guys still get just as much work as the girls do. Most people who enter here don't really care if their waitress/waiter is a boy or a girl… as long as they look cute or attractive in that outfit, that's all that matters. And as long as the guys have a certain body type – thin, and non-bulging muscles, that is accomplished."

'People are sick.' Robin just couldn't help but think.

They both pulled back into the room and she smiled at him once more. And then examined him "So, you wanna try out for the job? You have the appropriate body type, thin and lean, and a bit muscular."

Dick gulped; he didn't think he'd be able to do a job like this. He'd not only feel so exposed, but, how many of these people would be perverts…?

"Don't worry." The girl's voice broke into his thoughts. "A lot of people, when they first start out here have fears or concerns about certain things, especially the guys who do – Are people gonna perv on me, will this be uncomfortable, will this make me gay…" The last one made her laugh. "In that order: the rule of this place is 'Lookie, no Touchie, and if any person tries anything security will have him out on his ass before they can say 'hey babe'. Also, no I'm sorry, we're not hiring any more security guards. Now, if this will be uncomfortable is your opinion, but I have to say that like 90% of all people to try this job say that it's not that bad at all, and in some cases down right comfy, and even still work her to this day. Though honestly, this café has only been open for about a year and a half. Anyway, lastly, no love, I'm afraid that cross-dressing, though we refer to it as cosplaying even if you are doing the opposite gender, will neither make you gay, nor make you the opposite gender. Just like covering yourself in leaves will not make you a tree. So you have nothing to worry about."

Robin thought for a moment. 'Wait, I'm not seriously considering this, am I?'

"Qualifications aren't much, just know how wear costumes and take orders, you don't need a bachelor's degree. Hell, you don't even need a high school diploma. We say screw those places that say that you do. Hehe. Also, the pay is excellent if I do say so myself. Cafés can be expensive, we are one of those, plus out waiters and waitresses get great tips, as you can imagine, and you get paid extra if you have a talent that you can do, such a sing for example. People can make a lot of money from this job, even working at minimum wage."

She ran some numbers by him. Robin was amazed, that was way more than he'd get with anything else he would have found. This was a battle of dignity of money… even if there was no one to have dignity for since this was only an alias. 'What to do, what to do…?' He wondered.

The girl saw he was still having trouble; they always do, and offered him a deal. "Tell you what, since the night is still young, why don't you work here a couple of hours tonight? I'll pay you for however many hours you worked, and you can keep any tips you get. Try it out; if you hate it, well then you have money from your torture and can walk away. Or if you like it and want a job here we can hire you right away. What do you say, do we have a deal?"

Robin shrugged. Hell he had nothing to lose, and agreed.

"Great! I'm sure you'll love this Mr. – Oh dear it seems we've forgot to greet each other. My name is Morgan Andrews, and my cosplay character nickname is Cupcake. They're not names of actual characters; the nicknames are just what we tell the clients to call us so they don't have to know our real ones."

"Like Stripper names?" Dick asked.

Morgan blushed a little and said "Well I guess you can think of it that way. Anyway, and your name would be…?"

"Robyn Grey." He answered. She looked like she was going to laugh, and he responded "I know, I know it's a girl's name, but I didn't pick it…"

"No, no it's not that. It just made me think of the Teen Titan's leader 'Robin' and I thought how funny it'd be if it were him applying for this job."

Robin fought down a blush, "I can imagine."

"Actually, that'd be pretty sexy when you think about it." She had a glazed look in her eyes for a few moments, before sobering up and looking to him again. "I'll get Marry-Ann and Jonas to help you get into costume and show you a bit of how it's done."

She called out the door for 'Skittles and Jay-Bird' before the two appeared. A girl (judging by the pink ribbon pinned onto her) with short red hair cute Egyptian style and wearing a black strapless top, matching black (very short) shorts and knee high black boots, and a black cape and 'wand'. (He was guessing she was supposed to be some sort of sorcerous.)

The other was a boy (if it weren't for the blue ribbon he never would have guessed) with longish brown hair in a low ponytail, and was wearing a white, blue and gold cheerleading outfit, complete with pompoms and matching shoes. He was also wearing sparkly blue eye shadow too.

They took him into another room and picked out a classic Lolita maid dress – white, short sleeved shirt with black over the breast area, two layers of black ruffles in the skirt part (which went above his knees but below his thighs) classic white apron (which tied in the back) and frill, completed with a red plaid bow tie. They also handed him dark grey knee high stockings and a pair of black Mary-Janes.

They did his make-up, nothing too overdone – foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, a little lip gloss. And then brushed and straightened his hair, and clipped his bangs out of his eyes with two cute little red cherry hair clips.

They smiled at their completed work and Jonas pinned a blue ribbon on his dress. "One last thing; you need a nickname. Hmmm…" they scanned him up and down.

"Oh look at his eyes! Those can't be real, can they?" Mary-Ann asked. Robin shook his head and just claimed that he liked them, and wears them for good luck. "Well, how about if your nickname is 'Amethyst Eyes' then? I rather like that."

So it was decided. Before sending him out, they gave him a few tips and encouraging words.

Robin faced the door to the serving part of the café, 'I can do this, I can do this…' and opened the door.

A few eyes turned to him as he blushed. Morgan headed over to him nodding her head in approvement, and then directed him over to a table where a humble-looking man in his early to mid-thirties sat. "Your first assignment sweetie, make us proud." Morgan told him and then shoved him off, literally.

He approached the man, face flush, and so obviously nervous it was adorable. "H-Hello sir, I'll be your, um, waitress this evening" (he was told to refer to himself as waitress, since it was all part of the cosplay illusion) "May I take your order…?"

By the time his shift was over, which would either be considered the late night or early day hours, he can't believe how much he made in one day, just from tips. And the attention really wasn't bad at all, it was kind of fun actually, not that he'd ever admit that aloud. He met up with Morgan and gave her a small smile.

"That's the spirit!" She boasted and grinned back. "Not bad, huh?" Handing him his day's pay, she looked at him expectantly.

"Well… I guess I'll have to plan my hours now huh?" Robin said to her casually. Then they both burst out laughing and headed into the back to plan out the paperwork.

And that is where Robin got to where he is now. He works the evening hours, mainly, since it's harder for people to follow him at that time than in the day; he didn't want his team snooping around and finding out about his new job. He had only described it to them as so horrible and it was unmentionable, and therefor to remain secret.

That's where he was headed to now, he brings a change of clothes with him and changes in usually a bathroom in some random building of the city, into street clothes and his purple contacts, then sneaks his way to the back entrance of the Café and heads straight into the changing and prep rooms in the back to get ready immediately.

But tonight was different than any other night, for when Red X spotted Robin sneaked around, Red X was in just his normal street clothes, Robin wouldn't have been able to recognize him.

Red followed Robin into the bathroom at the train station on the hunch that that back pack he brought mean he was going to change clothes. He waited near the entrance, and just as he thought, out came Robin in normal clothes. How could he tell? Same body, same hair (though now lacking hair gel) and same back pack.

He followed him inconspicuously until he reached an alleyway where he was let in at the back door. 'Weird' Red Thought, and went around to the front of the mysterious building.

"Your Fantasy: Cosplay Café?" Red X stared at the sign for a few moments, "Interesting…"

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