Finally found some time in the midst of all of the Senior Year craziness to really sit down and write this. :)

Also have another idea for part of the plot so that it's not just Red X and Robin fluff. Not that there's anything Wrong with that, it just get's boring after a while. So let's try this:

The silence was uncomfortable as she waited for me to speak. We sat in almost complete darkness; the moon shining through the large windows of the living room being the only light source. Sigh. Might as well get this over with.

"I suppose that you're quite confused."

She only nodded and waited for me to continue.

I resisted the urge to sigh again and calmly explained: "That was part of my Unmentionably-horrible job".

She raises an eyebrow at me. "Cross-dressing... and just what do you do while cross-dressing?"

I know that I have my moments of stupidity from time-to-time, but it's embarrassing for me to admit that it took a few minutes to understand just what Raven was implying. As soon as I did though:

"Oh, no! No, no no; God no. It's not like that, I swear! I just- the cafe requires- we were just... Gah!"

I couldn't help but start to hyperventilate. I know that we needed money but I would never stoop That low. Sex for money... come on.

How could she ever think that I'd go that far?

"Robin, calm down." I noticed that she was at my side with a worried look in her eyes, although the rest of her face gave away nothing.

I forced myself to calm. Raven is a good person; despite her seemingly uncaring disposition, she was just as caring and understanding as my other teammates. I knew she would understand.

"Tell me everything from the beginning." She whispered.

So I did.

I told her about first finding the job - how I went inside the innocent-looking little Café only to find it full of cosplayers and cross-players; how Cupcake, err, Morgan actually, offered me a trial run and I ended up liking and accepting it.

How one day this guy came in and took a liking to me, and finding out later that it was Red X, who found out it was me (hence the lollipop-centered Jewelry heist) and that he basically black-mailed me into both staying at the Café, and going on a date with him.

How we saw 'Folterer' and I had an emotional breakdown that Red X actually comforted me out of; after embarrassingly clinging to him for most of the movie.

How we went to dinner and the Hive Five happened to come crashing in, and oddly recognizing Red X without his costume on.

How Billy Numerous and Seemore seemed to take an interest in me (Shudders). Up until the team showed up and Red X had to keep me from blowing my cover and fighting with them.

And finally, Red X walking me back to the café... and kissing me. I bet that even in the darkness she saw me turn red. I had to change the subject.

"By the way, have I mentioned how grateful I am that it was you who found out and not Beast Boy. Because I really am..."

She chuckled a bit at that, imagining the chaos. "You should be."

I nodded and the silence enveloped us once again, but it was more comforting than awkward this time.

"So what will you do now?"

I looked to her confused. "Well I have to keep the job, remember? Red X said he'd make sure of that."

"Not that. I meant when you see him out, thieving. Will you be able to stop him?"

I didn't think of that. "I'll be fine. Nothing has changed. I admit that we had a good time, but that doesn't mean that I'm suddenly going to be on his side. He's a criminal and it's our job to stop him.

"My personal life cannot interfere. That's one of the lessons that Batman taught me."

She looked at me for a while before she shrugged. "Very well then. It's late, and we've both had a long day: You gallivanted with super villains-"


"-and I had to deal with Beast Boy petitioning to be temporary leader in your absence."

I couldn't help but laugh, and Raven smiled a little as well.

"Good night Robin."

"Good night Raven."

She started to walk away before I remembered: "Wait! You're not going to tell the others, are you?"

She looked back at me and rolled her eyes.

I'll take that as a 'no'.


Red X walked home after the date in high spirits. He really did have an overall nice time as well. The kiss was his favorite part, and he knew that he's have to plan another date soon.

Suddenly, an almost inaudible noise came from a nearby alleyway. Red went to see.

The closer he got, the darker the alley seemed to get.

"Whoever you are, you'd better come out and face me like a man."

There was a pause of eerie silence before two shorter figures stepped out of the night.

"Okay, okay. You caught us."

Red felt his eye twitch, "Seemore, Kyd. Haven't you two butted into my date enough today?"

"You're not even on a date right now!"

"I was thinking about it."

The cyclops rolled his eye.

"Come on, we wanted to talk to you." He glanced at Kyd Wykkyd. "Well, I wanted to talk to you."

"Is this important?"

"Well, we wanted to know if you actually knew you were dating a guy or not."

Red's eyes got wide. "How'd you know-"

"Oh, so you did know. We thought so, but just wanted to make sure." Both of the younger teens smiled. "So how'd that happen? You just happen to meet a cute cross-dresser, or what?"

Red X pinched the bridge of his nose. "It's complicated."

Kyd Wykkyd suddenly stepped in and had a misplaced look on his face. Seemore saw it and was apparently able to interpret it.

"Seriously Kyd, I agree. He did look familiar."

Red X threw his hands up in a half panic. "Okay, no more of this discussion! Why don't you two go home? Isn't Billy looking for you?"

"Maybe," they shrugged. "So we do know him!"

"I never said that."

"You didn't not say it."


Seemore only looked smug. "It's okay, don't tell us. Kyd Wykkyd and I will figure it out ourselves. Right Kyd?"

The other nodded, a smile on his lips.

"Look at that, he already has an idea of who it might be."

Red doubted that they'd be able to guess it, but didn't want to take any chances.

"What will it take to buy your silence?"

"About what? The whole he-she thing, or the I-know-him-from-somewhere-and-we're-going-to-find-out-where thing?"


Seemore cackled, "You really are worried that we'll figure it out! Kyd, add this to your mental list: 'Amee' is definitely someone that both Red X and the Hive Five knows - that eliminates a good deal from Hive Academy who were not with the Brotherhood of Evil, or anyone that Red knows from his home life".

Kyd Wykkyd acted like he was actually writing this down using an invisible pen and notepad.

"As for what we want, well we will just have to see. That depends on both your connections, and the ones 'Amee' has access to."

"Fine. But you had better choose some sort of deal, should you learn his identity; if I heard that you told anyone, so help me-"

"Cool it man, okay, chill. We won't tell anyone, you'd definitely kick our asses if you did. But man is this juicy if it's making you react like this. I mean, I can see that you really like him, but I can also tell that it's more than that. I'm guessing his reputation is on the line, or something of the sorts."

You don't really think of these two as the brains, but truthfully, they can be downright genius if they want to be.

Seemore and Kyd exchange a glance.

"Let's all meet up tomorrow-"


"-Kyd and I will come to your apartment before noon-"

"I said 'no'."

"-And we'll go pick up Amee."

"Are you even listening to me?"

"Nope. So we'll see you tomorrow Red."

Seemore and Kyd Wykkyd huddled close and then disappeared in a swirl of black.

Oh man, Robin's gonna kill me.


11:59am, the next day

Seemore and Kyd Wykkyd showed up at Red's front door, both dressed in civilian attire. Seemore in jeans, sneakers, and a green hoodie with a plain white shirt underneath and a pair of dark shades for his eyes. He had dark brown hair that was on the short side. Kyd Wykkyd was in black jeans, converse, a dark blue shirt with a light black and white checkered jacket over it, and also wore sunglasses - but his were a more see-through reddish color. His hair was a dark purplish-blue that was on the longer side.

"I thought you said before noon?"

"It is before noon. See," Seemore held up his communicator with the time displayed. "We still have a whole 'nother minute."

Red X rolled his eyes, swearing that these two would be the death of him.

"So when are we meeting up with Amee?"

"He doesn't work until around four, so we have a while to wait."

"Aw man, seriously? Oh well. At least now we have some time to hang out."



(Time Skip)

"So where are we going?"

"To Amee's job. I thought that much was clear."

"I mean where, specifically."

"This little café across town."

When they walked up to the building Seemore noticed the sign, "Cosplay Café?" but didn't have much time to ponder it while trying to keep up with Red X, who walked right in.

They entered the establishment at about ten to four. They were greeted by Bubbles who had run over to Red X as soon as she saw him. She was actually dressed like a sexy cupid today.

"You like? You and Amee were my inspiration you know." She giggled and squealed at the thought. "I feel like a match-maker. I know that I really had nothing to actually do with it, but I feel like a part of it. Ya know. Like I sort of introduced you two."

"Well, in a way I guess," he humored her.

She beamed at him, then seemed to notice Seemore and Kyd. "And who might these two cuties be, friends?"

Seemore put on a flirtatious smile and grabbed her hand, kissing it, like he had done with Amee. Kyd Wykkyd just gave her a smile. She giggled.

Red X rolled his eyes. "More like annoying younger brothers, really."


Bubbles still smiled though, enjoying the small group's antics. "I bet you're looking for Amee, right? He came in just a moment ago and should be out soon. I'll let him know that you're here."

"Thanks Bubbles."

She led them over to an empty table before bouncing off into the back of the store.

Kyd Wykkyd looked at Red and rose an eyebrow. Seemore saw it and nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, really. So what's the deal with this place?"

Red explained to them the same thing that bubbles had explained to him when he first came in - the waiters waitresses were cosplayers, it was the theme of the café, the ones with pink ribbons were girls, the blue ones were boys.

"Well this explains where you two met. I really didn't think you had a cosplay fetish though."

"I don't. Not really. I just happened to come across the place and meet Amee... that's all."

Seemore did not look convinced. "I don't believe you."

Red X just sighed. "Whatever."

Seemore opened his mouth to say more but was cut off when they noticed that Amee was approaching, who was wearing a Red Riding Hood looking outfit - a red dress with a white apron and a black corset piece over the chest area, and white ruffles. He also had on reddish brown boots, red hair ribbons and of course a red cape with a hood.

He stopped in front of the table with a confused look on his face.

"Um, Red what's going on?"

"We have a bit of a problem."

Amee looked more worried at that.

"Not to worry," Seemore declared. "We only figured out that you are male, but not who you are. And even if we did, we won't tell anyone; Red would kill us."

Amee, or Robin really, peered at him for several seconds before asking "Seemore?".

Instead of being fearful of being recognized, the no-longer-cyclopse only smiled, and gestured over to his friend. "And Kyd Wykkyd."

Amee/Robin looked over to Red with an annoyed expression. "Start explaining."

Red X gulped nervously.

"I said nothing, first of all. They found me after our date and asked me if I knew you were a guy-"

"How'd they figure that out?"

Red shrugged and looked over that them.

"It wasn't that hard. My powers revolve around sight/seeing, and I tend to gather information using the different settings on my eye. X ray vision is great for figuring out if 'one of these things just doesn't belong here'." The last part was sung with a little tune.

"You looked through his clothes?!" Red X burst out before Amee/Robin could.

"It's nothing personal! I like to check and make sure people don't have any weapons on them if I'm meeting them."

That's actually very clever, Amee/Robin thought.

"How did Kyd Wykkyd know? Did you just tell him?"

"Nah, he figured it out himself too."

They all glanced at the silent teen, who merely shrugged. Apparently he wasn't going to explain.

"So you know I'm a guy."

"And that you're someone that we know. We don't know who, but we knew you looked familiar and Red got all flustered after we mentioned the idea."

Amee/Robin gave Red X a small glare.

"Okay, so why exactly are you telling me this?"

Seemore and Kyd just exchanged an excited grin. "We want to figure out the mystery. We're bored."

Amee/Robin looked in disbelief. Red X chuckled half-heartedly. "Now you see who can really be the genius behind the Hive Five."

Amee/Robin just shook his head. In only a matter of two days he had his world turned upside down on what he knew about villains - or at least about these three.

"And with that," Seemore said, "let the game begin."

First order of business; To theGirlNightwing: Sorry about that *Sweat drop* A lot of people put that he is Romanian, so I assumed it was correct (assumption is never good). Thank you for alerting me. I tried to find some translations into Romani in order to replace it but I couldn't find anything. :( Oh well...

Second: Seemore and Kyd Wykkyd. :) I consider them sort of like Partners in Crime, who don't take villainy as seriously as the other characters do. Granted Billy is probably like that too, but I don't think he could resist letting something slip about this whole Amee/Robin thing. Besides, with Seemore's powers (and that whole X Ray vision thing from that one episode) it seems like it's be only a matter of time before he found out. There was a suggestion by Mr. Chair (Thank you so much for the suggestions) that Gizmo be the one, but I don't think he'd really notice something like that... :/

Okay, the main plot just went from Red X trying to get Robin to fall for him (which supplies the fluff to the story) to now, also, Seemore and Kyd Wykkyd trying to discover Amee's secret identity (should put humor into the story since I'm kind of putting them into the roll of the nosy little brothers).

Raven I'd also like to have in there more. (Robin needs some form of back up, right?)

Now, I want to add in one more element - something big. I'm just not sure what yet. All I know is that, like how everything has been in this story so far, the characters' rolls should be shaken up. In the end, not everyone has to be a Titan, hell, no one has to join them even - but I would like some sort of truce or tolerance to be made by the ending (if that makes any sense what so ever). - More to do with the other characters, aside from Robin and Red X as for those two, this is romance, not merely tolerance. ;)

Again, ideas/Suggestions help so much!