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Touchan Taicho
~ Captain's Meeting ~

The feet of the captains and a select few fukutaicho fell at a steady rhythm as they came to the meeting that Yamamoto called to discuss the issues that transpired and brought the Gotei Thirteen to its knees. The mood as the various members of the upper ranks maintained a darkness as they gathered in the room.

The first to arrive was Yamamoto himself, closely followed by Unohana Taicho. Both of them gave each other looks that betrayed for a few minutes the look of hurt they were feeling, something that rarely, if ever happened. They maintained a silence though, despite knowing all the details themselves as the other captains who didn't know filtered in.

They were soon followed by Byakuya, whose reiatsu gave off a dark aura. It wasn't often that rumors of one taicho attacking another surfaced, nor was if very often that a division other then the eleventh division would have a taicho disposed of through means of battle in front of the division members. Not to mention, things were hush, hush.

Abarai Renji remained hot on the heels of his taicho, his own mood dark due to the fact that the situation with Hitsugaya Taicho, the rumors didn't seem right. Sure, he didn't like the kid. However, he didn't think that a child should be in position of captain and should instead be allowed to be a child. However, something also told him that Hitsugaya would never harm another captain without reason.

It was rare in truth that the fukutaicho were summoned to the chambers along with the taicho. The ones from the seventh division came into the room, and then they were followed by the eighth and thirteenth division. Ukitake gave Kyoraku a worried look, but Ise remained calm as could be about the whole situation. The third seats of the thirteenth were missing.

Kenpachi came in, his own mood dark, followed by Ikkaku who had been selected to stand in for Yachiru in this case. No one argued him being there though as he was on level with the other fukutaicho. Close on his heals were the top two ranks of the twelfth division. Mayuri scowled at the others. "A bunch of nonsense has been going on of late."

The last to come in was Soifon and her fukutaicho, the fukutaicho of the third and ninth division hot on her heals. The moods of everyone but her own fukutaicho were far from being lighthearted and the second division fukutaicho munched on his fried rice crackers, not really paying mind to the somberness of the situation. Soifon finally resorted to elbowing him in the stomach.

It was then that Sasakibe stepped into the room and the doors were closed behind him. "Everyone who was called is here sir."

At this, Ise piped up from her position low to the ground, concern in her voice. "Hitsugaya Taicho, nor are the fukutaicho of the forth, fifth and tenth division are here."

"They will not be attending." Yamamoto spoke up, his voice heavy. "We are here to discuss the matter of Hitsugaya Toshiro, Aishadou Shounimahi and one other. Kotetsu Fukutaicho has been informed of the situation but no matter what, none of what is said here is to be passed on to the ears of Hinamori or Matsumoto Fukutaicho."

At that, the fukutaicho of the second division finally stopped munching on the crackers and stared at the head captain. This time, it was Abarai Renji who spoke up. "I know that this is probably not my place, but doesn't lieutenant Matsumoto deserve to know what is going on with her taicho?"

At that, Unohana spoke up. "Matsumoto Fukutaicho has specifically requested that Hitsugaya Taicho be the one to tell her himself. We wish to respect the fact that she requested this. However, as for Hinamori Momo, it has been determined that she is mentally not ready for this kind of information."

At that, a heavy silence hung over the taicho and the fukutaicho, knowing full well that what they were going to hear wasn't something they would like hearing. Yamamoto started the conversation. "As you all will have heard, Aishadou is now dead, having lost a duel for the captaincy of the third division. That rumor is true."

"I am likely not speaking just for myself when I bring up the fact that the duel was not usual. Many of the division ranks are questioning the fact that the dual was closed to anyone outside of the division, which in itself isn't the norm." Byakuya spoke up.

"The other option was to bring Aishadou Taicho to trial for his crimes against Hitsugaya Taicho. That though, would have meant placing an unneeded strain on the taicho of the tenth division." Yamamoto stated.

At that, Kyoraku tipped his hat. "I had the feeling that Aishadou had done something to the small taicho. Hitsugaya isn't one to attack someone unprovoked."

"Hitsugaya Taicho didn't attack Aishadou." Kira suddenly spoke up. "The wound that man received was done in self-defense."

At that, Unohana Taicho spoke up. "A few of you have noticed that in the last few months that Hitsugaya Taicho has been acting differently then he normally does... those of you who've been close to him."

"I couldn't help but notice that he was becoming nervous when people spoke to him. I noticed too that he had an injury that wasn't going away. I asked about it, but he said it was from a training accident." Ukitake spoke up.

"We aren't sure of the exact details, but Aishadou Taicho has... had been mentally and physically abusing Hitsugaya Taicho for the last few months. It is likely that Aishadou convinced Hitsugaya Taicho that no one would believe him, else he would have told us something was wrong." Unohana spoke up.

Then came the words that pretty much everyone didn't want to hear, but knew were going to be said. "Rather recently, Aishadou escalated the abuse to sexual. We also know for a fact that Hitsugaya Taicho was raped by someone we all felt we could trust not to do something like this."

"How can you know when the tests are yet to come back and Hitsugaya Taicho himself is in worse condition then the eleventh division fukutaicho?" Mayuri commented. "I mean, I assume that is what those tests you sent me are about and the fact that Matsumoto Fukutaicho is still waiting for her taicho to tell her means he isn't speaking, is he?"

"There is video proof." Yamamoto spoke up, catching everyone in the roof off guard. "Aishadou's... lack of coming to understand the modern aspects of the Gotei Thirteen and the fact that Hitsugaya Taicho had a bit of luck, we got video recorded on his Soul Phone, which he switched out with Kuchiki Rukia's."

"There is a part of the puzzle that is missing." Komamura spoke up, his voice rather dark. "Who is it that fought Aishadou for the captaincy position? I assume that this person is the one other you spoke of earlier."

The answer brought a long moment of silence from everyone else. "Ichimaru Gin."

"You're kidding, right?" Mayuri was the first to speak up. "He's a traitor, is he not?"

"Ichimaru Gin's intention had been to turn on Aizen. However, that doesn't change the fact that he did deceive and break the trust of those around him, despite the fact he had good intentions. It was his decision to remain in a cell." Yamamoto stated.

"Soon after burning Aishadou's Haori in front of Hitsugaya Taicho and Kusajishi Fukutaicho, he himself collapsed and right now he is unconscious in my division." Unohana stated.

At that, Kenpachi paused for a few seconds. "Wait a second, are you saying that Aishadou is the one who also touched Yachiru?"

"Possibly." Unohana stated. "Let's just say that Ichimaru had a reason for being the one to stop Aishadou, something I am not at liberty to share."

Ukitake spoke up. "What I would like to know is how Hitsugaya Taicho is doing?"

"At this point in time, he refuses to let anyone touch him, trying to fight them off. He's also not spoken since we pulled him out of the third division." The captain of the forth stated.

"Why was Hitsugaya Taicho at the third division?" Renji asked suddenly, voicing the confusion that everyone had about the situation.

Soifon suddenly spoke up. "There are certain details that are best left unsaid. The situation in truth is very complicated."

"With Hitsugaya Taicho in the condition he is, who is going to be taking care of him?" Nanao stated, voicing yet another concern that was on many people's mind.

"Weighing every single detail, I've decided to place Hitsugaya Taicho into the care of Ichimaru Gin." This decision caught quite a few off guard and Ise found herself frowning at the fact that it wasn't Matsumoto that had been selected.