Touchan Taicho ~ Responsibility ~

A soft light came through the window of the forth division room and fell upon Gin's face. The silver haired man let out a deep sigh before pushing himself up from the bed. Pain still could be felt in his right arm but he found himself at a functional state and began to stretch his muscles out, testing the limits of his injured arm.

The sound of footsteps and the feeling of a very soft and kind reiatsu came to his senses, causing him to look up from his activity. Unohana smiled at him. "How are you feeling Ichimaru Taicho?"

"It feels weird to hear myself being referred to as a taicho." Gin relaxed his muscles as he leaned against the headboard. The woman smiled at him as he continued his speech. "My muscles are stiff from having my reiatsu drained like it was. My arm hurt, but I think I can do some light activity. My energy level isn't that great, so I'm likely not going to be any use in a fight at this point in time. I have a knack for running away from situations I know I can't handle unless there is someone I need to protect."

"So I can probably trust you to whatever task you've set your mind to doing?" Unohana smiled at the man before coming over to undo the bandage on his arm.

The silver haired man choose not to answer her question but instead choose to ask one of his own. "Why did you make the decision to put me in charge of taking care of Shiro-chan? I know nothing about taking care of a kid. I'm also not going to be able to sugar coat this recovery for him, it goes against my personality."

"This is exactly why I've picked you." The taicho of the forth began to put on the new bandage. "When Kusajishi Fukutaicho was brought in the situation was different. She would at least let some people touch her. Hitsugaya Taicho on the other hand is fighting with anyone who touches him. He may be a child, but he's also a child with the strength of a captain. On top of this, it's painful for many of us to see him push us away."

"And you don't think I'll get my feelings hurt." A smirk came across the man's face despite the fact he didn't find the conversation to be amusing.

"Your feelings won't be hurt as you know what he is going through." Unohana watched as the smile fell from his face. "I was the one to always do your physical examinations so I've known for some time that you've had a sexual relationship with another man. If it wasn't consensual then I figured you would have trusted me enough to come and speak with me. However, I also thought the same thing of your son."

"Ouch." Gin glanced at his feet. "I gave my consent."

"If you ever wish to talk about what happened you can always come and speak with me." The female taicho spoke up as if she knew he wasn't telling her the full truth. "If your able to deal with some of the things that happened to you when you were younger it may make things easier for Hitsugaya Taicho. I'm sure you had your reasons for not telling me."

The silver haired man let out a deep sigh as he shook his head. "Ouch again. Thank you for not pressuring me to talk about it just yet."

"You're welcome." Unohana glanced at the door. "What are your plans for today?"

"When Toshiro is released from the forth division he's going to be coming and staying with me at the third division." Gin asked.

"I doubt Rangiku will let you stay at the tenth despite the fact she would love her small taicho... her child... to stay under the same roof as her."

"I'm planning on getting the third division ready for him once he's released from your care. I'm having to take my quarters back over from that man and I want to get rid of all the bedding and furniture so the room doesn't look the same for him. I'm also going to be getting rid of everything that belongs to that man. Despite the fact I want to burn it I'm guessing Byakuya-kun is going to want to look over the items to see if it needs to be filed away with the video."

"What about setting up a spot for him to sleep?"

"I..." The silver haired man paused. "I don't feel comfortable leaving him alone so I'll be setting up a second bed in my room. Unless of course he manages to make major improvements before he is released."

"I'll bring you a set of robes then." Unohana stood up. "I want you to promise me you'll leave the moving of the furniture to your division members."


Izuru found himself dealing with stacks of paperwork that seemed to have built up over the last couple of days. He took another sheet and began to work on it when he felt a sudden chill run down his spine. Rather timidly he set the brush down but found he couldn't glance over his shoulder. However, the voice piped up without him having to say anything. "You seem to be doing a very good job without me."

"Ichimaru Taicho... I thought you would still be in the forth division recovering." The young man remained as still as possible.

Gin picked up a few papers off the top of the stack and walked over to his desk. "If I take over the paper work would you be able to handle getting the captain's quarters cleaned out. Put the prior captains things into a room until the taicho of the sixth division can go through them. I'd move the furniture myself, but I'm not supposed to be moving those items. Plus, I am very tempted to burn everything of his just to spite the man."

"Yes sir." The blond haired youth stood up and headed towards the door. He paused however and turned to look at the silver haired man. "Are you sure that you're ready to be taking up your duties again?"

"I'm actually not." Gin glanced up. "I'm under strict rules given to me via Unohana about not over doing things. The only reason I'm being allowed out is because I'm preparing the place for Shiro-chan when he gets out. I don't want anything that will remind him of that man left in that room, particularly since he is going to be staying in the same room with me for awhile."

Izuru headed out of the office then and the silver haired man was surrounded by a nice silence. He worked away at the stacks of papers and put a few aside that he needed to ask his fukutaicho about. Within an hour or so he happened to finish most of the paper work and tapped the papers he needed to speak to his fukutaicho about against his desk to straighten out.

Standing up he tucked the papers under his arm and headed towards his quarters and watched as some of the men from the third division moved out the last of the furniture. His fukutaicho glanced up at him. "What are you going to do for bedding?"

"I'll use a futon from the third division supplies until I can get out and buy the things I need." Gin fulled the papers out. "I need to ask you some questions."

"I can finish what's left unless it needs a taicho's signature." Izuru spoke up taking the papers away. The silver haired man frowned at his subordinate. However, the fukutaicho spoke up. "I've had to take care of the paper work while the division has been without a taicho. It's not something new to me. Plus, having someone else to help cut down on the work level helps."

The taicho of the third division frowned as the young man couldn't look him in the eye as he took off. The man let out a deep sigh and took a look around the room. "If I were to hide a zampaktuo where would I place it?"

"Hyorinmaru isn't here." Shinso spoke up. "I would be able to tell if he was here and he wasn't here that night either."

This caused Gin to grimace, before turning to look at the direction of his furniture."Looks like I'll need another favor from someone."

He then turned on his heels and headed towards the office. Getting into the place, Izuru jumped. However, the young man spoke to him with less of a timid tremor to his voice compared to before the Winter War. "I've asked one of the members to take a couple of futons to your quarters. Do you need anything?"

"I need you to look through that man's furniture for chibi's blade." Gin's mood was dark. "If I try looking I'm going to be dicing things to pieces or burning something."

"I see..." The blond haired fukutaicho stood up to head to the door. He glanced down quickly. "I finished the paper work. It only needs signatures."

"You know that I said Hyorinmaru wasn't there that night." The poisonous blade hissed out his disgust.

"If Hyorinmaru is at the man's estate I need to confirm that it isn't here or else Byakuya-kun will be on my case." The man chortled to his zampaktuo, laughing as he did so.

"You don't even like that man."

"That's because he's always been stuck up."


As the sun began to set, Gin decided to head to the forth division to see how things were going. Many of the members would dodge out of his way and he simply smiled in his usual manner at them. However, when he came close to the room his son was staying in, the sound of scuffling came to his ears.

The silver haired man flash stepped over to the doorway with his hand on the hilt of Shinso only to find himself staring at the site. Toshiro was kicking and biting at everyone and Gin felt his throat tightening. The silver haired man stepped forward just in time to Isane to startle and receive a kick in the stomach that knocked her to her feet.

Many of the nurses that were trying to help her suddenly backed away. "We honestly need Unohana taicho."

"What are you trying to do?" Gin asked.

Isane let out a deep breath. "We're trying to get Hitsugaya Taicho in the bath. He hasn't taken one for a couple of days and we need to apply some medicine. We also need to give him some pain killer. He's been without for eight hours, veer since Unohana administered it to him today. I'll go and get her. Even she's gotten bit."

"There is no telling where she is." The man sighed. "I'll get him into the bath, you worry about having it ready."

"It's been ready for a bit of time now," Isane glanced over at a side room.

"Aren't the rooms with bathrooms attached to them there for long term patients."

Gin ignored his blade and simply walked over to the child who was lying on his back and trembling all over. A panting sound could be heard coming out of the boy's mouth. He placed a hand on each of the child's shoulder and the problems started. The first thing that occurred was for the palm of Toshiro's hand to strike him in the chin in self defense.

However, Gin placed his weight on top of the boy's body so that it was harder for him to struggle and fight with his arms despite the fact the boy's legs were kicking. He found himself speaking up. "Now... kicking like that can't be very nice for you. It has to hurt a lot and be only making you hurt even more. So can you stop trying to hurt yourself?"

He felt the boy trying to twist over onto his stomach and allowed him to do so. The silver haired man could also feel Isane's rieatsu suddenly flare out. "You're going to hurt him!"

"Better that I hurt him then he hurt himself by doing what he is doing!" Gin snapped the words out. He then scooped Toshiro up and began to haul him to the bathroom. The boy kept kicking while he dug his nails into Gin's arm. The man could feel a twinge of pain flutter through his arm and he let out a groan. "What did I tell you? You keep this up and you'll just make it worse."

A white head of hair shook his head and a sharp whimper escaped the boy's mouth. Despite the pain Gin felt he lifted Toshiro up so that he was carrying him in his arms while Isane glared at him. "I can't condone what you're doing!"

The man however carried the boy over to the other room and slid the door open with his foot. "Do you have a better idea?"

"I could have gotten Unohana!" The woman snapped her words out. She watched as Gin held Toshiro over the tub and realization of what he was going to do. "You wouldn't dare!"

The silver haired man lowered the boy down into the tub with his clothing still on and the kicking became stronger again as Gin no longer had a grip on the boy's legs. However, as he was lowered down and continued to struggle the grip the man had on the child suddenly faltered and Toshiro found himself falling in.

Two dulled teal eyes suddenly went wide and a scream came out of the boy's mouth. The kicking stopped and instead a sobbing sound escaped Toshiro's lips. Tears ran down his cheeks. Gin's smile faltered and he wrapped his arms around the boy's chest despite the fact Toshiro dug his nails in and he could feel his own arm in pain. "I'm sorry kiddo. I didn't mean to hurt you. This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't been fighting me though."

"This wouldn't have happened if we had just gone and gotten Unohana!" Isane stated, only to have the man suddenly glare at her. She found herself swallowing before turning to one of the nurses. "One of you go and find her please."

Gin could feel the child's nails dig into his arm deep as they hadn't been trimmed for the last couple of days. "Shiro-chan, can you tell me where you're hurting." Upon receiving no answer he glanced up at Isane. "You should work on getting his clothing off and getting him cleaned up."

"Can't you see he's in a lot of pain!"

"He's also not struggling and fighting right now." The silver haired man refused to look her in the eyes as he said this. "Better to get this done now rather then later on.

"You are down right a bastard." The female glowered at the silver haired man before moving to remove the child's wet clothing. She found she couldn't look the small taicho in the eye as she did this. The boy's small chest kept rising up and down as she removed the clothing and she could hear his breathing was deep and ragged. She then set about cleaning him up, being careful around his injuries.

The sobs quickly calmed down and Toshiro's mouth twisted up into a frown as the water began to suddenly grow cold. Gin yanked the boy up, this time in a more gentle matter despite the fact his arm ached greatly. He grabbed the towel from the side and wrapped it around the boy's mid section before lifting him up again into his arms.

He carried the child over to the bed and set him down. A voice from behind him spoke up. "I see he isn't struggling right now."

"That's because he's to hurt to move." The silver haired man piped up. "It's rather taken the fight out of him."

"The fact he's wanting to fight can be see as a good thing, in some ways." Unohana stated out loud. "However, him getting hurt because he can't settle down is problematic."

"Ichimaru... he didn't listen to me about waiting for you." Isane let out a deep sigh.

"I'm completely comfortable with his actions," the taicho of the forth said, causing both Gin and the fukutaicho to startle.

"He ended up hurting Hitsugaya Taicho though! He doesn't know what he is doing." The rather tall taicho glanced over at the small taicho who was still painting, a look of terror in his young eyes. "He dropped him into the tub rather then lowering him."

"I did tell you to be careful about exerting yourself for now." Unohana went and picked up some medicine. "I need to warn you Hitsugaya Taicho, for me to put this medicine on, I'm going to have to put you through some discomfort."

Upon hearing this, the boy's face paled and he began to lightly struggle against Gin's grip. However, the man quickly covered the boy's eyes as a whimper escaped. "Listen, if you want to take out your hurt feelings on anyone take it out on me. Bite me, dig your nails in. Focus on me. I'll also make sure you don't have to see anything. Unohana Taicho doesn't want to hurt you, but you also need that medicine."

Two small hands suddenly dug into his arm even more. Gin burried his face into Toshiro's hair so he couldn't see what was going on either. Unohana sat where she could apply the medicine. A few whimpers escaped from the boy's lips and a few times he involuntarily arched his back. Gin hummed a soft, calming tune and when it was done he carefully began to sing softly while Unohana pulled a clean robe on.

The ragged breaths were easy to hear as were the tear stained cheeks for all to see. The woman reached over carefully to loosen the boy's hand away from Gin's arm. She pulled the sleeve of the man's uniform away. "You opened your wound up. It's no wonder you dropped him. Care to step into another room so I can deal with it while Isane gives him a dose of pain medicine?"

The man got up, his body acting like his energy was drained. Which wasn't completely untrue as he was still recovering his reiatsu. Gin sat on the edge of the bed while Unohana went to work. One hand covered his eyes and he let out a deep sigh. The woman took the time to speak up again. "Are your feelings hurt because he attacked you?"

"Why should my feelings be hurt about that? I kind of deserve to be attacked by him and Ran both." The silver haired man looked at the ground. "The problem is... what I'm upset about is seeing him in pain and being unable to do anything about it."

"You've done more then anyone of us can." Unohana smiled at him. "Even though I am a captain I'm also an old woman. I've also got many patients I need to care for. While I didn't advocate restraining him down to the bed, I never said that he couldn't be restrained physically when he was libel to hurt himself."

"I dropped him. I ended up hurting him and making things worse just like I always do."

"Even I couldn't get him to calm down to the point you got him too. I had to sedate him to get the medicine in him and I had to use Hanataro's little trick rather then a needle. Have some faith in yourself. You're what he needs right now."

"I think he needs Rangiku." Gin glanced at the ground.

"Something happened that strained their relationship." The woman finished putting a new bandage on his arm. "Trust me when I say, it is better that they have some time away from each other to both heal. I say this even though I don't know what was said between the two. You also know him better then any of us, even possibly Rangiku. You're the one who watched him grow up over the years."

"I also feel like I've missed something majorly important while I was gone."

Author's note – Gin says that the relationship between him and the person was consensual but it was really semi-consensual.