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It's better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at the line for the rest of your life.


"I heard that Alli and Dave spent the night together last night," Clare told me as I rolled my eyes in response.

Everyone, around this time, Valentine's Day, would be getting their flowers bought and the girls would be primping their hair to spend the night with the man who claims to 'love them'.

I scoffed and asked, "You really believe that?"

"Yes, I do," she said with hopeful blue eyes.

I laughed and said, "Well, you shouldn't. Rumors spread faster than air around here Clare; it's not worth believing something when it isn't even true. Besides, can't we just eat lunch today without exchanging gossip about who slept with whom last night?"

She nodded and said, "Sure."

After Clare picked out a picnic table to eat on, we sat down in silence when I bit into my apple.

She placed her hand on her face, trying to make me pay attention to her as I looked down, taking a second bite into my apple as I asked, "What now Clare? What's wrong?"

Clare's been one of my best friends for the longest time and I have been hers.

I've known her long enough to know when something was wrong with her or when something important is on her mind that she feels like she needs to tell me. She sighed loudly and I said, "Clare, can you please tell me what's wrong with you."

She glanced at Jake, sighed, and I asked, "What? You got a crush?"

Clare scoffed and her eyebrows wiggled, "Oh yeah, definitely."

"Come on, seriously Clare, what's on your mind? You can tell me," I told her as I smirked, my apple soon sitting on the table to give her my full attention.

Clare was so complicated at times, but, I could always figure her out.

"It's just," she sighed and then continued, "Everyone is being...deflowered and having sex, when I'm just sitting here and watching my life go by. My parents are divorced, which means, they broke the rules. Why can't I?"

"Why would you want to be deflowered Clare? From what I hear, it's painful," I told her and she laughed while saying, "From what you hear Eli? What do you hear?"

I scoffed and said, "I might be a virgin, but, I do hear a lot of dirty details from Drew, Adam and the list of friends can go on."

What I hear from them, is very descriptive and at times, get's very annoying considering I've never had sex with someone before and I have no idea what to say when they tell me that kind of 'stuff'.

"Then, why do people keep doing it and then bragging about it?" she asked, simply trying to get the details of 'sex' pulled right out of my perverted, twisted and fucked up part of my mind.

But, I care too much about Clare, so I would do anything to keep her from not making a mistake.

"It's painful, you bleed excessively and it feels like someone takes a knife and shoves it right up your-," she cut me off by waving her hands in my face, signaling me to stop talking.

I smirked and asked, "Are you sure you don't want any more details?"

After a moment of giggling, Clare stopped smiling and licked her lips devishly, looked up at me and said, "I want to do it."

I shrugged my shoulders, grabbing her sandwich, taking a bite out of it and as I was chewing, Clare continued, "I want to have sex Eli!"

I choked and then glanced up at her.

My eyebrows tightened suggestively as I swallowed a piece of her sandwich and said, "Listen Clare, being the cool best friend that I am, I'm not going to let anyone touch you that way. For a really long time, you've always been protective and closed on this type of stuff, so, why act now?"

"Eli, do you know what it feels like to be around my friends and all that they talk about is how amazing their sex life is. All I ever do is stand there and listen about how the guy was so romantic, how he lit candles or how big his-," I cut Clare off by covering my hand with her mouth and smirking, "Keep the cock sizes to yourself Edwards."

Clare stood up and asked, "Well then, Mr. I'm Elijah Goldsworthy and I protect my best friend's sex lives, who do I have sex with that you'll approve of?"


I wrapped my arm around her, pointing to a far off direction and I whispered closely to her ear while saying, "You see that guy over there, he's my friend and he's pretty willing. He'd be a great first time." I smirked when I saw her eyes squint, trying really hard to look for a person that wasn't even there.

"What-who are you pointing to?" Clare asked, standing on her toes to try and see a 'guy'.

"O-oh, I see him coming, hurry up, ruffle your hair," she tossed her curls from side to side and then asked me, "Am I good?"

I leaned back on the picnic table and whispered, "Perfect."

"Great, where is he? Do you see him?" She asked, glancing at me and then back where I was pointing to a little less than a couple of seconds ago.

I smirked and said, "Oh, here he is."

"Where?" She asked, and continued, "Eli, this isn't funny."

My eyebrows tightened and I held open my arms, "This is as good as your going to get to approval Clare, so, touch and rub away." I scoffed under my breath, knowing that Clare would never agree to having me as her first and her, being my first.

She wasn't that easy, and from experience (kissing her several times-by accident) she doesn't go that way.

"Okay," she said, sighing out in defeat with a smile on her face.

I smirked and asked, "Wait, are you serious?"

"As serious as I'll ever be," she told me while patting me on the shoulder and said, "Meet me tonight, at my house. My mom is going to be out with Glen, so, my bedroom door will be open until four in the morning.

Was this really going to happen?

Before she could walk away from me, I grabbed her hand and asked, "So, this is just a onetime thing, right?"

"Yes Eli, relax. We do it once, we get it over with and then it's in the past," she said, smiling, as if deflowering my best girl-friend that I've always had wet dreams about, kissed four times by 'accident' and went on more 'dates' than with my old ex-girlfriend.

Imogen and I, never got far.

Thank god.

Anyway, that's a different story in a different messed up book.

"So, we have sex, you get something to tell your friends about and I have something to tell my friends about. No one gets hurt?" I asked, glancing down at her breath taking blue eyes from this angle.

Clare squeezed my hand, before letting go as she whispered, "It's just sex Eli. We both get our first times over with and that's it."

I smirked as Clare started to walk away from me, her hips swaying torturously from side to side as I licked my lips and whispered to myself, still in complete shock, "I'm going to have sex with Clare tonight."


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