Charming Habits

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"Teas and Toffees"

Misao stared at Aoshi's serene face. She always did, as he meditated. After minutes or so, he would slowly open his eyes and Misao would greet him a beaming good morning and start their tea ritual. Her mouth also went on letting him know about every tit bits that went around the Aoiya and the town. As she'd hand him his cup, Aoshi would mutter a simple,

"Thank you."

"Oh! Mention not, Aoshi-sama!" came her usual cheery reply.

They'd drink their tea, on his part, in silence except occasional Hmmm's and Aa's and a lot of chattering on hers. After that, they's bask for a few minutes in comfortable silence .

"Let's go home, Misao ." Aoshi would stand up and wait a moment for Misao.

"Hai!" Misao would jump to her feet collecting her tea materials.

Together they'd walk home in content.


"Aoshi-sama?" Misao tentatively asks.

"Hai, Misao?" comes the calm voice of Aoshi.

"Aoshi-sama. I'm hungry." Whines she.

"Would you like some soup?"

"No." She says meekly.

"Some rice balls?" Asks he.

" Iie." Come the reply.


"No!" shouts the growing woman.

A deep sigh is heard.

"The usual?" comes the tired voice.

"Hai!" Chirps Misao happily.

Aoshi gently walks out and comes back with every kind of sweets the Aoiya contained.

"Arigatou anata!" The gratitude is muffled due to mouthful of sweets.

Aoshi smiles concernedly at his beloved wife and says,

"Misao, you have been eating nothing but sweets since you conceived. Do you think it would be enough for you and the baby? The doctor said…"

And like every other night, a sticky sweet is shoved into his mouth to pause his concern. And with practice of six months, Aoshi goes to sleep with an extra sweet mouth.

"Beds and Blankets"

Aoshi stared at her cuddling body from his position at the cold floor as Misao slept. Thanks to Misao. She'd taken hostage of the entire futon. Her face rested between both their head rests. One of her arms was thrown over one side of the bed as the other clutched the sheets on the other side possessively. Her one leg was dug angularly into the sheet such that it left no place in the lower half of the bed and the other happily rested in Aoshi's said part of the futon.

Aoshi smoothed his hand down Misao's messy head and smiled to himself as he remembered how little Misao-chan slept the same way his wife does.

One more night, Aoshi sat on the cold floor admiring his sleeping savior.


Misao sat curled on one corner of the futon she shared with Aoshi. It was the beginning of winter and the wind was chilly. She shivered as the icy breeze caressed her lithe form. She tugged the corner of the blanket she was supposed to share with her beloved husband in futile effort to get her fair share.

Sure Aoshi was a possessive man but when it came to blanket, he was over-possessive. In plain words, Aoshi hogged the sheets. So, he just rolled over, taking the entire blanket with him more protectively.

And Misao wound into a ball in her layers of clothing she'd just gotten from the closet to avoid the chill.

The next morning Aoshi woke up and wondered for the umpteenth time in his life that why the heck did Misao wore such thick clothes at mid-night when they had a blanket large enough to cover them both.

"Cuddles and Clasps"

Everybody knew Misao loved to snuggle. She'd snuggle with whoever she shared the bed with…which has always been Aoshi for the most part. Aoshi knew firsthand what snuggling meant to Misao.

Ever since he had been married to her, he had noticed a slight change in her cuddling process . Earlier, when she was a child, she would just snuggle impossibly closer to his body and nestle her chubby face in the crook of his neck. But now, it was different but very significant at the same time.

Since their first night together, Misao had snuggled close to him as per habit. Her pretty face was also, to his delight, pressed to the sensitive skin of his neck . And then he noticed the change in her embrace.

One of her arms snaked around his torso and fisted in the back of his yukata. The other clutched tightly into his collar at the front, making him inescapable from her protection.

It wrenched his heart. Since his return to the Aoiya, to her, she has been fearing that he might leave again. Hence, such cautions.

Like the very first night, Aoshi leaned in and placed a kiss on the top of her head and wrapped her up in his own embrace…a promise, never to let go.


Since the death of his fellow comrades, Aoshi never had a wink of peaceful sleep. No matter how much she meditated or prayed, no matter what he did, the nightmares kept coming back ..again and only time he could actually sleep was when Misao was by his side. Her warmth, her scent , her very presence made him feel safe, kept him sane and peaceful. So, every night when the slept together, and Misao being the ball of energy she was, wandered away from him in her bounciness , Aoshi couldn't bear it. It made him feel empty, alone.

But he couldn't even bring himself to pull her closer lest she should wake up from her much needed slumber. After all, she worked all day in the Aoiya as the prettiest hostess. Also, she still had the habit of doting after him every half hour.

Hence. He'd found himself a cure for his distress. Every time Misao rolled away stranding him in the futon leaving him cold, Aoshi would very carefully reach her and gently pull a few strands of her long, long tresses only to wrap them around his knuckles with tender love. He'd bring his face close to his fist and smell the sakura blossoms in the blue-black silk in his clasp. The scent lulled him to sleep, the connection made him feel safe.

And some mornings, Misao would wake up to find an unmanageable, particularly tough knot in her hair.


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