It was a sunny day in South Park, Colorado when Eric Cartman awoke from his bed. He stretched and yawned as he awoke from his bed. "Oh man, what a beautiful day! Well, time to get ready for school!"

Eric walked into the kitchen, which was filled with the delicious smell of pancakes, and greeted his mom with a cheerful "Hello!" "Eric sweety, I made your favorite, blueberry pancakes!" "Oh boy mother, they're delicious AND they have a full serving of fruit! Thanks mom, you're the best!" Eric quickly ate his pancakes and proceeded to the bus stop where his best friends Stan, Kyle and Kenny were.

"Hey guys, I just had the best pancakes ever!" Cartman bragged as he walked up to his friends. "Cartman, stop bragging!" Stan said with a dismayed look. "Stan, I've offered before to let you come over for breakfast but you've never taken me up on my offer!" "Maybe one day Cartman... maybe... one day." The bus driver had finally arrived and greeted the boys with a nice smile as they hopped onto the bus. "Hey did you do the homework Mr. Garrison assigned us last night?" Kyle asked Stan. "Yeah it was pretty easy," Stan replied. "It took me about 20 minutes, how long did it take you?" "Oh, about 15."

The bus arrived at school and the boys went into their classroom. Mr. Garrison greeted them with a "Hello class, did you do okay on the homework?" "Mr. Garrison, I have a few questions for you about the homework," Cartman told him in a hushed voice. "Alright Eric, let's take a look." Cartman took out his homework and pointed to number 13. "I just... don't get how to do it," he said as he looked towards the ground, depressed. "Eric, you forgot to carry the one!" He looked at his paper and began to laugh. "Oh man, I feel pretty silly! Thanks Mr. Garrison!"

The class worked hard and diligently all morning until the bell rang for lunch. The gang greeted Chef in unison as they walked inside. "Hello there children!" "What's for lunch today Chef?" "Salisbury steak with a side of mashed potatoes!" The boys got their lunch and went to their usual table. "Hey guys, I heard Mr. Garrison is giving a pop quiz after lunch!" Token said in fear. The boys looked shocked and appalled upon hearing such news. "OVER WHAT?" they screamed. Token began to smirk and started chuckling. "Oh Token, you always seem to find a new way to fool us!" Kyle said.

Lunch had ended and the boys put away their trays and proceeded back to class. For the rest of the afternoon the class worked on reading and math when the day had finally ended. The boys went on the bus and talked about how the day went when they finally got to their stop. "Later guys!" they said as they went their separate ways. "Hey, Stan!" Cartman yelled. Stan turned around and looked Eric. "Tomorrow, if you want... you can come over for breakfast. I can convince my mom to make chocolate chip waffles!" Stan's face grew with joy. "Oh boy, thanks Cartman!" he said with joy as he skipped on home.

Cartman's mom greeted Eric as he walked into the door. "I got your favorite for dinner Eric, chicken salad with Caesar dressing!" "Mom, you're the best!" They ate dinner and discussed how the day went, but time had slipped by and it was already 8 o'clock! "Oh Eric, looks like it's time for bed!" He yawned and stretched in response as he went upstairs to get ready for bed. He put his pajamas on and grabbed his favorite stuffed animal. To his surprise, his mom walked in right before he had dozed off. "Good night sweetie," she said as she kissed him on the forehead. "Goodnight... mom..." "Oh, and Eric." "Yes... mom?" Cartman said. "I'm gonna rape you to death." Then there was a gas leak and everyone blew up and died the end.