100.) Dance*

Fidgeting in his uniform, Bones barely kept himself from running a hand through his hair. Despite the years that had gone by and the numerous functions he had been required to attend, he would never get used to wearing his 'formal' uniform. At least he wasn't the only uncomfortable one.

If the dinner party wasn't being held to welcome back the Enterprise crew after her second five year mission, Bones knew that the entire crew would have ditched at the earliest chance available. As it was, none of them would be escaping early.

With the eyes of more than a few single ladies on him, Bones was more than grateful when Uhura dragged him out onto the floor. He completely missed the smile she exchanged with Jim.

Bones had barely finished a single dance with Uhura when Jim swept by. "Hey Bones, I'm stealing Uhura before Spock comes and claim her."

He had barely blinked when he found himself gaping at his new dance partner. Standing in front of him, looking so beautiful that he could cry, was his little girl.

"Dance with me Daddy?"

"Until the world ends, Darling."

While she no longer had to stand on his toes and was well on her way to turning into a beautiful young woman, Bones saw only his baby girl wanting to dance with her daddy. Regardless of how old she got, she would always be his little girl, his Princess Jojo.

He needed to thank Jim and Uhura, as well as enlist their help to threaten future boyfriends, but that could wait for the morning. Right now, he would enjoy every single dance with his daughter.

Written: 5-24-2012
Word Count: 276

A/N: Well, that took a bit longer than I intended. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed reading these as much as I've enjoyed writing them. If you want to take one of my drabbles and expand it, have fun. Just give me a mention as well as let me know so I can read it when you've posted it. I may or may not expand some of these drabbles into one shots, you'll just have to wait and see.