9th re write. It's getting fucking annoying. But, here's hoping it's the last. (9th times the charm)

Here's a bit of background. This is after the Dante plot, Ed got sent to this world. However, a few differences. Ed has been there since 1850. Just to make him older. The current year this takes place is 2011. Just for reference. He's been giving a philosophers stone by Truth, who I've pulled over from Brotherhood, because He's supposed to solve some problem. Ed's got his alchemy, CoS never happened, but he kept his automail, the good stuff. So he currently 211 years old, but due to some effects of the stone, he looks twenty. Because of the large amount of souls in his body, it's first assumed he's a Kishin egg, if not a full Kishin. Currently, he is living in east Germany because the landscape looks like Amestris. Personal information will be reviled later on. Oh, and his philosopher stone is in fact made up of souls from every person who died of natural causes in his home dimension. That includes Xing, Creta, Drachma, Amestris, everything.

On with the story.

Edward was in his living room, watching the fire die down in his fireplace. In his hand was some scotch he bought back in 1902. His house, while modest, only 26 hundred square feet, was perfect for him. It was in the middle of nowhere, pleasant green rolling hills surrounded his house.

It was times like this he would remember his time on the other side of the gate, his brother, Winry, Pinoko, Den, hell, some days he could, while severely drunk, say he missed Mustang.

Looking around the room, he looked at the odd collection of stuff he had picked up in the past years. A helmet from WWI, WWII, some medals from the respective wars, some pictures of him with locals in various countries when he was traveling, there was his robes and staff given to him by the monks of Shangri-La, as long as he kept it secret. On the wall to his left was a picture with the Wright brothers and their first airplane. Lots of fun stuff.

He was reaching for the bottle to refill his glass when he got an odd feeling, that kind of feeling he got before big things happened, before something was going to change his life.

Kinda like that feeling right before he tried to transmute his mother, one that held untold possibilities.

Thinking about it, he put the bottle away in the cabinet, washing the glass and putting it away. Whatever that feeling was, it was going to happen soon.

God he missed adventure.

Maka sat crouched on the other side of the hill, the house in clear view. It was supposedly the house to a very powerful pre- kishin. Because it was so hard, Blackstar and Kid were helping with the mission, each with their respective weapons.

"Blackstar, you in position?" she whispered into the microphone. Each of the Meisters had one to keep in contact, they were storming the house from three angles. Maka would go through the front window, Kid through the back door, and Blackstar through the upstairs bedroom.

"I'm ready, just give the word," was the reply.

"Kid, you ready?" she asked. All the while she had snuck up to the window and was right below it, Soul was in his scythe mode.

"I'm ready, just say the word."

"Let's do this." All at once, the three burst into the house and began searching for the person. Maka had ended up in a sort of entrance way.

"No one upstairs," called Blackstar over the headset.

"Nobody in the kitchen either," replied Kid.

"Keep moving, he's probably in the living room." There were two bursts of static signalling they were on their way.

When she got there, Kid and Blackstar were already in position.

"GO!" the burst into the room, lit only by a fresh log on the fire. A golden haired person stood up from the chair, his back to them. He was wearing a white dress shirt with brown vest, brown pants and black slippers. He had white gloves on covering his hands, while his hair was done simply in a high ponytail.

"Well, I can't say I appreciate you bursting into my house like that. May I ask why you are here?" asked the man, still not facing them.

"You, Kishin egg, your soul is mine!" exclaimed Maka. The man turned around. She got a good look at his face. He seemed to be about twenty, with gold eyes that looked older than twenty.

"My soul? Why would you want it?" asked the man. This threw Maka off. Kid intervened.

"We collect Kishin eggs to become stronger, therefore keeping the balance of good and evil in this world."

"And I thought I was getting the soul!" exclaimed Blackstar.

"No, it was to whoever killed him get's it!" exclaimed Maka.

The person frowned. "What's a Kishin Egg?" This threw everyone off.

"A Kishin egg is someone who had consumed innocent human souls in order to be more powerful." The person stared.

"Well, I'm not a Kishin, just a person with a past. As for the souls, well, that's personal, but I can guarantee you I do not consume human souls." The look in his eye was so determined it was scary. The three Meisters and weapons had a 'clipboard' converence.

"What should we do, he doesn't act like a Kishin egg," muttered Maka.

"We should call Lord Death, he'll know what to do," interjected Patty. There was silence. They turned to Ed. "Can we use your window?" she asked, pointing to the front window in the living room. The man shrugged. Maka walked over and, with her friends covering her, fogged up a section and called Lord Death.

The window pulsed for a bit until the comedic face and voice of the grim reaper appeared on the 10 x 12 foot piece of glass.

"Wow, talk about big screen," muttered Liz, earning a curious look from the gold haired man.

"Hello! How did the mission go?" asked Lord Death.

"Umm, well, that's why I'm calling. He's not behaving like a regular kishin egg." By this the man was sitting back down in his chair, watching with interest.

"Oh, how so?" asked the death god. Maka pointed her thumb behind her. Death looked behind and saw the gold haired man sitting calmly in a chair, facing the window.

"Hello, and you are?" asked the masked being.

"Edward Elric, I'm hoping that you can shed some light on this situation?" asked Ed, pointing to the three people and his front window turning into the biggest video phone in history.

"Ahh, yes, I should get to that. These people are called Meisters, they use their weapons to hunt down and kill pre kishin throughout the world. I'm Lord Death, the principle of the school where these people are taught how to be Meisters and weapons, and as for this window talking, it's part of my powers as a Death God."

Ed nodded throughout the explanation, accepting the information. "And the reason they tried to kill me?" asked Ed.

"Well, your soul is very powerful, normally we don't find a soul that powerful unless you're a witch, a Pre kishin nearing the transformation, or someone like myself, a Death god." Ed accepted the information.

"So, I don't suppose you could call them off? I was enjoying my evening quite nicely." There was silence.

"I'm sorry, but your soul is dangerously close to becoming a Kishin so I'm afraid they'll have to kill you. Don't take it personally, but it's to keep the balance of the world." Ed frowned. The three people resumed a fighting position.

Ed sighed and lifted himself onto his toes. With a tap of his heels on the ground, red lightning flew everywhere, causing metal plates beneath the carpet, installed just for this purpose, to spring forth and wrap the three intruders in a metal shell. Just cause he was careful, the weapons were wrapped up as well. Only the heads were open.

This was obviously very counterproductive to Death, who was still watching.

"How about this, I'll let them leave with no bodily harm and you let me live. I have plenty left to see in this world before my time runs out and I don't plan to die here."

"How did you do that?" asked Death, seemingly uninterested in their lives.

"Family secret, now, about them living?" asked Ed. As if to prove his point, more red lightning sparked about, barbed spikes slowly emerging from the floor and heading for the heads of the three kids. Ed wasn't sure but he thought he could hear muffled screams from 4 other people.

At this, the Death god grew worried. "Alright, just stop!" he cried, the barbed spikes stopping. "Alright, you can live, but on one condition." Ed frowned.

"And that is?" The students had worried looks on their faces, what happens if he doesn't like the deal.

"You attend this school. This allows us to keep you under tabs, make sure you don't become a Kishin while at the same time, you learn something new."

This actually intrigued Ed. On one hand, he didn't like the idea of school, and he would be the oldest person there, by at least 120 years.

At the same time, that premonition of his should be followed. What if this proved to be another adventure? Decisions decisions.

"Alright, I'll join. I'm in need of adventure." Death was a bit shocked at the change in attitude, but hey, kids lived and he got a powerful soul at his disposal.

With a tap of his heels, the spikes and metal shells dropped, revealing the now screaming weapons.

"God dammit Maka! What the hell was that!" yelled the scythe. Ed was a bit shocked, but he had seen weird things. Weapons with souls was weird, but not too weird.

"I don't know Soul! I just got covered in metal and nearly beheaded with barbed spikes! Like I know!" yelled the ash haired girl.

"So, the weapon has a soul?" asked Ed. Maka and the scythe stopped yelling. In a flash of white light, the scythe turned into an albino youth with red eyes and a yellow and black jacket.

This set Ed off.

In a flash he had a notebook, pencil and callipers and was measuring and recording notes about Soul. Death watched with curiosity, while Soul was stunned. Finally, Ed started talking.

"How did you do that and ignore rules of equivalence?" he asked, still writing notes. Blackstar and Kid were secretly pleased their weapons were not transforming.

"Umm, if you come to the school, I'll be happy to explain it," answered Death, still on the 10 x 12 window.

"Well, I guess the other weapons can transform, I already know your there." Shocked, the three other weapons turned into their human form. Ed took note of them. The double ice pick thing the blue haired kid had turned into a woman with some oriental features about her. She had a white female ninja garb on, the leg with the slit down the skirt covered in a black cloth.

The twin pistols turned into two sisters in identical outfits. One had a sort of ash grey hair, same with Maka while her sister had short blond hair.

This was admittedly a bit shocking for him, but hey, he was taking it in stride. He was sure there was some equivalence there, but for now he wouldn't bother himself with it.

"So, how are we getting there?" asked Ed.

"Well, the group there is catching a plane to Nevada and then a helicopter will pick them up. I'll just buy one more ticket for you. Have fun!" The window winked before returning to the regular view.

Ed stared at the window, still amazed that it had just moments ago acted as communication.

"Alright, I don't know about you but I'm going to go pack. I don't feel like staying any longer than needed and I'll be damned if you stay in my house. Wait here." With that proclamation Edward walked to a nearby staircase, heading up stairs.

"Weird guy," muttered Liz, examining her nails.

13 hours later

Ed sat in helicopter A with Maka, Soul and Tsubaki, while Death the Kid, Patty, Liz and Blackstar were in Helicopter B. They were currently arriving at Death City, somewhere in the middle of the desert. Currently, Ed could see the city looming on the horizon. It was conical like in shape, large enough that it could still look like a city, but had a distinct cone shape. At the 'top' sat an extravagant building, impossibly huge candles on the front. It was designed around that weird skull motif that Kid and that Lord Death guy used.

"We're arriving at the city, hold on while we prepare for landing," called the voice over the radio. Ed ignored it, instead thinking about what the future might hold.

His was jarred from his thoughts when the helicopter touched down, the impact shaking him from his thoughts.

He hopped off, his tan duffle bag hanging at his side. "So this is Death City. It fits the description," thought Ed aloud. The other helicopter landed, the occupants disembarking.

"Well, I don't where to go so why don't you lead me," asked Ed.

"Well hello there!" exclaimed a cheerful voice.

Ed looked to see a large figure in black robes with a fun skull mask on.

"My name is Lord Death, I run this school, and you must be Edward Elric." Ed was about to hold his hand out to shake but realized Death's hands were several times over sized.

"Yes, I'm Edward Elric, but just call me Ed, Edward sounds like your trying to kill me." There was an awkward silence.

"Yes, well, let's get inside and hammer out the details of your enrolment here at the DWMA." Ed followed the grim reaper into the large building. The two walked through the halls, the other Meisters and Weapons having left for their classes.

"This is a big school you have," admired Ed. It was big, but not cold feeling. It had a homey feel to it with the seriousness of a school.

"Yes, I do think I did well when I built it. It's worked so far," replied the death god. A sudden thought came to Ed.

"Umm, I'm afraid that for personal reasons I can't reveal my age or year of birth." Death stopped.

"Might I ask why you aren't willing to reveal your age?"

Ed paused, thinking of something to say. "I'll reveal why at a later date, when I feel I can trust you." This seemed to satisfy the reaper.

They arrived at a door marked 'Infirmary.' Ed gave the grim reaper a curious look.

"If were signing you up for this school, you will need to fill out a form and receive a medical check up, just something to verify you won't drop dead in class. Oh, and when the registration form asks about housing, state your using staff housing." Ed nodded, if hesitantly, before stepping in.

"Excuse me, Nurse Medusa?" called Lord Death. A woman in a lab coat walked out. She had a tarnished gold hair color, the ends entwined in front. Her eyes were a similar color.

"Yes Lord Death? May I help you?" asked the nurse.

"Yes, this is a new student, he's special. Could you give him a basic medical check up and give him the registration forms?" The nurse nodded, walking over to a shelf. She pulled out two forms, one registration and one medical related.

Lord Death Exited, leaving Ed and Medusa alone.

"Well, I'll let you fill out that form then we'll get to the medical check up." Ed nodded, taking the form. He quickly filled it out, marking down staff housing in the appropriate place. When he finished, he was going to hand her the form when he saw her doing something else.

No sense in interrupting her.

He checked over the info quickly before returning his attention to her.

For over 200 years he had been living in solitude, never getting to know anyone better than an acquaintance. To help keep himself alone, he had never been intimate with a woman. It got lonely sometimes, but it was for the best.

Didn't keep him from admiring a nice ass.


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