The Doctor and Idris steal a word while they build a baby TARDIS.

"Now we wait?"

"Now we wait. A good few minutes before the red thingy heats up properly."

The Doctor made an apples-and-brussel-sprouts face. "The red thingy?"

"Have you got a better name for it?" Idris wanted to know.

"No, no! Far as names go, I'd say that's a splendid one for an internal organ."

"Thank you."

The Doctor squinted long and hard at the console. "… Are you absolutely sure those two bits are supposed to connect like that?"

Idris shot him a "You idiot" sort of glance, and the Time Lord clamped his jaw.


There was a long and awkward moment of no eye contact and no speech. Finally, he piped up, "In my defense, you are an extremely old and complex model."

"Oh, I know…" She ventured another glance at him. "Too old for a vivacious Time Lord?"

He turned his head, and stared into her eyes with a confused intensity. "Oh, no," he said, "Never."

Idris felt her first blush coming on. She shuffled her feet on the gravel. The two sat on a wide ledge just on the outskirts of the TARDIS graveyard. Their baby sat about twenty paces away, whirring to life, bit by precious bit.

"You impossible man," Idris murmured upon watching the patchwork console click and buzz.

"You impossible woman," he replied.

Idris turned to him with a strange smile. "I thought I'd have so much to say," she said. "Now that I've lungs and a mouth. But in truth, I feel the same as I always have with you."

The Doctor felt a familiar sort of caution rising in his chest. It was caution mixed with desperation mixed with hopeless love.

"How's that?" he said softly.

Idris's eyes sank into his. She let a good, long moment pass them by.


"But," he couldn't help saying, as his heart was breaking. "You're dying."

"Yes. Isn't that strange?" Idris lay a hand on her rib cage. Her lungs expanded and contracted spastically, her organs desperately confused. The Doctor felt himself beginning to panic. He wanted to whimper, to apologize, but the despair in his throat blocked all words.

Idris called him by name, very casually. "Our child is all warmed up," she chuckled, and stumbled to her feet. "Oh!"

He was at her side faster than fast, clinging to her hand and waist.

"You'll be okay."

"Of course I will now get on with it."

"Right." He stumbled to the little console, looking over all the little, familiar pieces. "Let's see if this baby can fly."