My Rantings!

Disclaimer - The plot is mine, the characters aren't. Travis, Brad, Justin, and Adam's mom are all from my mind. Their descriptions and personalities belong to me…The basis of their creation belongs to Disney.

Dedication - This is dedicated to all my reviewers. Thanks so much!

Note - This was not a spur of the moment fic. I know it's short, and probably not very good. It's the first part of The Rainbow Series. It's the prequal to The Scarlette Scrolls. There are going to be three more before The Scarlette Scrolls takes place. I'm sorry for any confusion.

Rating - It's rated PG-13 because of the violence. The rating might be a little high, but, oh well! =)

Important! AN - I want to make it clear to you that the events of this story WILL NOT MAKE SENSE. They don't match the movie! THEY DO NOT MATCH THE MOVIE! I have manipulated the events in the movie to suit my purposes. Adam does go to the same school - they're in 7th grade. It's a Middle-High Academy. Adam was on the team before Tammy and Duncan. There…I'm done. I hope anyway.