A new little something I came up with. I hope you like.

Summary: Journalist Bella Swan has been drafted to write the Women's Choice Porn Stars of the Month article. What happens when she meets Mr. Sex god one day and Clark Kent the next?

1. The Email

"You've got to be fucking kidding me…"

To: I. Swan

From: R. Hale

Subject: Article on hottest porn stars in "women's porn"*

And you just won this week's unwanted story!


No excuses. I need this article by the end of the month. You have to thoroughly explain the appeal of these performers. Write down their basic information (likes, hobbies, etc.), also: how they like the industry, what makes them appealing to women and main focus on their movies.

Here is the list of men and women you must interview, and your appointment dates, locations and times. I know you won't disappoint. Also, blame Lauren for this; she threw you under the bus with this one.

Peter Eater (Mr. Aaron to you) – Tuesday: 3:30PM, Café Moon

Ally Berry – Wednesday: 11AM, Margarita's Breakfast

Vicky Sticky (Mrs. Hunter) – Wednesday: 6:30PM, L'pétale de Rose

James Hunter (director) – Thursday: 9AM, Yolks on You

Tyler Dean – Thursday: 12:30PM, Café Tiffany's

Mike Hawk – Friday: 12PM, Café Moon

Tony Andrews – Friday: 8:30PM, Cullen Pub

Have fun!

Rosalie Hale, Editor and Chief of Women's Choice Magazine & Website

P.S. All is on the WC so don't be afraid to go for the fancy food.

"Oh, no, god no…" I mutter some more.

Oh, fuck. Not this article.

Should I continue... or...?

Nah, I'll continue.