Scott = Scotland, one of Arthur's brothers :)

"We should have turned right there, idiot."

Arthur looked at the street, annoyed, and clamped his fingers around the steering wheel. Other than that, he didn't show his irritation.

"Good God, you can't even drive decently. You really are good for nothing. I should have driven by myself. Now could you please speed up? The light won't get any greener."

Arthur threw a deadly glare at his brother, who was completely unimpressed. "If you hadn't lost your driving license, you could drive yourself. Now tell me, who was the Idiot who thought it was a good idea to get high and run into the police car? It wasn't me, that's for sure", he grumbled in a sarcastic tone. He knew how much Scott despised being reminded of that incident.

"That was just a little slip-up. Those stupid idiots overdid it on the punishment."

Then the car was silent and Arthur could focus on the street again. Why hadn't Wales been at the meeting today? He was usually the one driving Scott home, leaving Arthur in peace. But no, the guy had been to busy doing something stupid.

"Hey Arty. Are your huge eyebrows in the way? You're allowed to drive more than one hundred here, didn't you know? You're an old idiot and you can't do anything right. That's the reason all your cute little colonies left you."

Abruptly, Arthur turned and gave the red-head an icy glare. "And whose fault is that? You were the one who raised me! You're the reason I am who I am today. Be thankful and shut your mouth you—"

But the rest of Arthur's offending speech was drowned by loud honking. At once, two pairs of eyes were on the street and a silent scream left the Englishman's lips. Then everything went black.

Scott made a pained noise as he slowly came back to consciousness. His whole body hurt and it was hard to open his eyes. "Arty...?", he mumbled softly and looked around. He was still in the car, the airbag in front of him. There where shards of glass everywhere from the shattered windshield. Through it he could see the truck that must have hit them.

"God dammit, Arty. You couldn't have done it better," he grumbled and looked to the driver's seat. His eyes widened. Panicking, he unbuckled his seat belt and tried to open the dented door next to him. It wouldn't open. "Arty! Arty, where the hell are you?"

This couldn't be real. Arthur should be sitting next to him, maybe a little bit hurt, but throwing him a stupid comment or telling him it was his fault. But nothing. Damn it! Where was his brother?

"Sir? Are you alright, sir?"

Slightly dizzy Scott looked up. A young woman was standing next to the car trying to open the door. "Don't worry. The ambulance will be here soon."

Scott didn't listen. That didn't matter to him. He was alright. The few scratches he had would heal. "Where's Arty? Where's my brother?"

At first, the woman looked confused, but then she seemed to understand and gave him a sad look.
"Your driver? Don't worry, sir. The ambulance will help him."

Again, Scott tried to open his door, but it wouldn't budge. His own situation didn't matter right now. All he wanted to know was what happened to Arthur.

"Mister Kirkland?" He gave a stressed look to the doctor that had addressed him and nodded slowly. "We're going to get you out of the car and have a look at your wounds. For now, tell me how you feel."

"The way one normally feels after a fucking car crash! What kind of stupid question is that? Tell me what's wrong with Arthur."

The doctor was perplexed for a moment. Usually, the victims in an accident weren't that harsh. He answered, "Your brother is unconscious. An ambulance is taking him to the hospital where he'll be treated. It's nothing serious."

Only then did his tension begin to disappear. He leaned back in his seat and, to the doctor's horror he pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one.

"... and a few scratches. You were pretty lucky, Mister Kirkland", the doctor said, smiling and taking a few bandages out of his bag.

Scott made a face, but didn't complain. He hated hospitals. Everything was white and boring and you couldn't smoke without being yelled at by someone. For these scratches he didn't need a hospital, but at least he and Arthur had gotten out of there almost undamaged. The little one was hurt more than he was and was still unconscious, but that was his own fault. Who was stupid enough to take his eyes of the road while driving?

There were loud footsteps outside and the door opened with a jolt. "Dr. Mayson! You have to come! Mister Kirkland's condition is getting worse." The doctor, as well as Scott, stood up at once, but the red-head felt a stinging pain and fell back on his bed.

"Please take care of him, Miss." And then, with his cloak floating behind him, the doctor was gone. Scott looked at the closing door in shock. A shiver ran down his back. He didn't like Arthur; he had never tried to hide that. His brother annoyed him, every time they met. But for the first time, he was worried about Arthur. He was afraid – afraid Arthur would die.


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