Wales (Waljan) and Ireland (Ian) are Arthur's and Scott's brothers and do not belong to me :)

Scott gently brushed through his brother's hair and a small sigh escaped his lips. "You're a country, idiot… How can something like this happen to you?" he wondered into the silence while letting his hand drop. He still couldn't understand how it had come this far. First those idiots assured him that he'd be fine, but now? Now Arthur was lying there and wouldn't wake up.

Some internal bleeding and his brain had probably got a little damage. So what? His brother had survived everything till now. That guy had fought in two bloody world wars and survived each time. Such a silly car accident certainly couldn't kill him then.


Slowly, Scott raised his head and glanced over at his brothers who were standing across the doorway. "We came over as fast as possible. How is he doing?"

"Brilliant. He's making leaps, as you see." The Scotsman growled moodily and fetched his package of cigarettes, but after a glimpse at Arthur he put them away again.

"Look at it positively. If he doesn't wake up, you won't be patronized by him anymore. So he could just scrape away, whatever."

"Ireland!" Scott shot his brother a cold stare who just raised his arms in defense. Although his cocky grin had vanished since Scott only called him like that when really exasperated.

"He won't just die like this. Did you ever hear about a country that died because of something like that? We do not just die. Even that idiotic Prussian still sticks around although his country doesn't exist anymore."

His brothers briefly exchanged glances and finally Waljan made his way over to him, putting his hand onto his shoulder. "The little one will make it through. You know, bad weeds grow tall or something like this. Just enjoy it until then." He said with a smile and Scott nodded slightly.

His brother was right, in some way. If anyone had told him before that something like this would happen, he would have laughed it off and said that it were quite amusing. But right now…

Courtly Scott looked at Arthur's face, which was littered with small bruises, one last time, but then he turned towards the other two. While despite his own words Waljan seemed a little concerned, Ian stood there relaxed and lit himself a cigarette; since he had entered the room he had not even once glanced at Arthur.

"You're probably right… it's most likely that he will wake up right about now and nag, because it's my fault the car is a piece of junk." He said with a small smile, stood up and made his way to his brothers.

"We're in a hospital, Ian." Smirking he looked at the Irishman and snatched the cigarette from his mouth just to take a drag himself blowing the smoke into his face.

"I need a break for now. Let the little one be, okay? It is no fun teasing him if he isn't awake." With those words he left the room, he needed a bit of rest and one or two… or a whole package of cigarettes.

"You've been sitting here for one week. It won't go any faster if you're here." Scott didn't look up, simply ignoring Ian's words. He knew that sitting there wouldn't change a thing, but he couldn't bring himself to leave Arthur alone. Most of all, because he was to blame to some extend too.

"Listen, Scotty… The little one will awake soon and if it happens the doctors are certain to be happy to call you. But you can't sit here all day. We have to take over his work now."

It wasn't that long ago that Scott would have been happy to finally be the one to make all the decisions. But now only a tired smile appeared on his face as he turned to Ian. "You can bring the documents here. I can work here just as well as at home. Or you're doing all the work."

Scott briefly paused and the smile on his face turned into nasty grin. "But I forgot. The honorable gentleman is far too busy screwing with Waljan, am I right?"

Now, from the outside it may have looked like the statement hadn't had a great impact, but for a relaxed guy like Ian the slight flush on his cheeks was an impressive reaction.

"Shut up, asshole. That's rich, coming from you. You certainly have been getting laid by me quite often, too ", the Irishman hissed, but Scott remained unfazed and just shrugged. On one hand he was very open with his sexual life and on the other the last time he had had anything with Ian had been a long time ago.

"What are the doctors saying?" Scott and Ian looked at the door surprised, they hadn't realized that Waljan was standing there. But that was nothing new. Even if he overheard an argument he didn't like to interfere.

"A lot of nonsense. I don't know if everything correlates with us. I mean… England is fine so Arthur should be as well." Scott replied and all gazes wandered to the youngest brother who didn't even realize any of it.

"They just said something about first degree coma. He is still reacting to certain things and he can breathe on his own, but he won't wake up. They state that they are trying everything so that he wakes up… bloody idiots."

"Scott… The best doctors from Great Britain are treating him. They probably know what they are doing. The little American sent numerous of his experts, too. So when they say they're trying everything, then they really do."

Scott's look darkened and he clenched his fists. How could Waljan remain that calm? The doctors assured them that he should wake up any moment. For him they were all bunglers. If they were that excellent, Arthur would have been wide awake and getting onto his nerves right now.

I tried using British English (e.g.: had got), because they are the UK after all. :D

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