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Chapter One-Hundred and Thirteen: In which the story ends.

"All was well."-Narrator

I came across a fallen tree,
I felt the branches of it looking at me.
Is this the place, we used to love?
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of? -Keane

"Oh my god! How do you always handle all this craziness? It's insane!" Hermione let out a loud laugh, and snort, and promptly blushed at the un-feminine noise, something Fred still found completely adorable. He flashed her a large grin before turning towards Alicia and Lee, the former of which was watching the chaos occurring in the living room with an open mouth.

"What craziness?" Fred asked, reclining on the kitchen bar to her right. He kept his voice perfectly nonchalant and his pose relaxed.

Alicia looked at him as though she found him quite mental.

He was quite used to that look. He'd received it from Hermione more times than he could count.

"I hate to break it to you, Alicia," Hermione said, coming up to the group as Lee ran over to pick up his god daughter who had just ventured too near the fire and was now crying in fright. (Hermione had charmed it so they couldn't get near it, but it still scared the two year old). "But you can expect the exact same thing in a few months." Hermione wrapped her arm around Fred's waist as Alicia's hands moved to her own pregnant stomach, a strange look on her face. It was one Hermione recognized all too well. Love, excitement, and trepidation all mixed freely.

They didn't have anything to worry about, though - they would be brilliant parents.

"Oi! Are you two ready?" George's voice sounded from down the hall and Hermione started as she turned to see what was up. "What is this?" he gasped, turning the corner and coming into the kitchen/living room.

"Madness," Alicia deadpanned, as Hope dashed past her to get at her favorite Uncle. George scooped her up easily, laughing at his little god-daughter.

"Well, good morning, sunshine." Hope beamed and wrapped her arms around his neck, effectively choking him with affection.

"Hope, love," Fred said, pushing himself off the counter and going to his twin. He loosened her arms a slight bit before ruffling her hair. "Aren't you getting a bit big to hold?" He could hardly believe she was already five. It was enough to make him cringe. When had they gotten so old?

"Stop it, daddy. I'm never too big to be held," Hope vowed, a slight lisp in her voice that made him smile.

He heard Hermione laughing beside him and looked over to see her bent down next to George, Jr. She was wiping something off his cheek and he was scowling at her.

She had a nice bum, Fred couldn't help but notice. He smirked to himself and walked back over to her, leaving George and Hope to their own devices. Something that was dangerous, to say the least.

Hermione stood up and let George, Jr. run after George's sons, Fred and Fabian, the dangerous trio laughing madly as they went. Fred looped his arm around Hermione's shoulders and pulled her towards his chest, kissing her forehead lightly. Today was the tenth anniversary of the day Harry had killed Voldemort. It had been a long, and occasionally hard, time, but the two of them had never been closer or stronger.

"Hey, sexy," he whispered to her. She smiled softly at her children before tilting her head and resting it against his shoulder. She started to wind her own arm around his waist, but not before lightly pinching his bum. He started in surprise and then couldn't help but laugh.

They weren't really getting old. Besides, with a wife as hot as her, well, he'd stay young at heart for a long time.

"Okay, love birds, we have to head over," Angelina called out, herding the kids toward the fireplace that was now glowing a familiar green. Hermione winked at Fred and sashayed forward, swinging her hips in a way that had to be illegal. Fred was fairly sure he was drooling. It wouldn't have been the first time.

He heard a snort beside him and turned his head to see George snickering at him. He just winked back and chased after Hermione.


"Thank Merlin!" Molly exclaimed the minute Hermione stepped out of the fireplace. "I was beginning to worry you wouldn't arrive!"

"We had to gather the troops together," Hermione said cheerfully, stepping into the kitchen where Molly was frantically assembling their dinner together.

"Would you take the drinks outside? Everyone else is already outside." Molly was already back to stirring her cauldron. Hermione nodded her head, even though she couldn't see the action, and scooped up the cups, waving her wand at the pitchers and having them follow her magically.

Everyone else was already outside, it was a packed yard. She set the cups and pitchers on the table and found a spot on one of the benches, grinning when she heard the distinct sound of her husband's voice.

As he took the seat next to her she let herself look around the full table, taking in all the faces and memories they brought.

Neville was next to Luna, chatting excitedly to Ron about his new chomping cabbages. He had been teaching at Hogwarts for seven years now, and he had just been appointed the headship of Gryffindor house. She really couldn't be prouder of him. She could still see her bashful first year friend on occasion, but she loved the strong, confident man he had become.

Ron was still as tall and skinny as ever, and Hermione still envied his ability to eat anything and not gain any weight. He was still an Auror, and he was one of the best, if a little reckless.

Harry was next to him, his green eyes peaceful and a content smile on his lips as he spoke with Ron and Neville. He had Ginny's hand loosely clasped in his own and his other hand was holding baby James. He'd been promoted to head Auror and he was revolutionizing the department.

George took the seat by Fred's other side and bumped his twin's arm, a big grin on his lips. "Reckon mum'll kill us?"

"Yeah," Fred whispered back, excited as ever. Hermione's eyebrow shot up and she shook her head, knowing better than to actually try and stop them. She was quite used to explosions, shape-shifting, and general mischief by now.

She'd have gone mental if she hadn't.

"You might want to avoid the rolls and mashed parsnips, love," Fred whispered in her ear as he passed her the corn. She shook her head and passed it on before responding.

"You know your mum's rolls are my favorite."

He grinned sheepishly and took the carrots from her. "Sorry?"

She turned back to her food, fighting a smile at how adorable her husband was. She loved the complete nutter, even if he was annoying. At least he wasn't pranking her.

She was a little curious as to what was going to happen, too.

She didn't have to wait long for her curiosity to be satisfied. It wasn't five minutes later until everyone at the table, save for Fred, George, Angelina and Hermione, were bright red with gold hair.

"Fred, George!" Molly chided, narrowing her eyes at her sons with a gaze that still made them tremble.

"It's in celebration of Neville's raise!"

"That's be-... Oh, very well." Molly raised her glass towards Neville. "Congratulations, dear. Sorry about my incorrigible sons."

"That's alright, Mrs. Weasley-"


"Molly, I don't mind. At least they didn't give me a canary crème."

"Because you'd hex me if I did," Fred whispered in her ear, giving her a wink. She grinned back and raised her own glass towards Neville.

"That's not all," George whispered, grinning like mad. Hermione instantly felt worried. She needn't have been, though. A moment later a loud explosion sounded behind her and the darkening sky was filled with hundreds of fireworks. Images of all their years at Hogwarts filled the sky and Hermione felt her mouth drop open in shock.

She loved her husband.


The rest of the dinner passed without further incident and Hermione found herself finishing clearing the dishes before she quite realized it. She dropped her last armful of plates into the sink and went back outside. Her eyes found Hope, George Jr. and Harmony quickly, and she was glad to see that they were playing with Hugo and James in the corner of the yard. Luna and Neville were with them, making sure none of the children got into any scrapes.

Her eyes scanned the rest of the yard and she found the one person whose company she always craved. She made her way across the yard and stopped in front of him, grinning. "Hey, handsome."

"Hi, beautiful," he replied, grinning back at her. He motioned to the spot beside himself, asking her to sit down. As Hermione lowered herself to the ground next to Fred, her back leaning against the rough bark of the tree before she readjusted so she was leaned up against Fred, she let her eyes wander over her loved ones. This was what she had spent her entire life striving for. This is what she had fought for, and longed for.

"You alright?" Fred asked beside her, brushing a few errant curls back behind her ear. She let her gaze linger on their children and friends for a moment longer before turning back to him, a smile playing on her lips.

"Yes. Just thinking. Do you realize it's been nineteen years since we first met?"

"Godric's ghost, we're getting old!" Fred squeaked in mock mortification. Hermione laughed and swatted his chest. He caught the hand and brought it to his lips, peppering kisses along the back of it.

"Let's go back to where it all began," he whispered, his eyes holding her own. Hermione's eyes widened in surprise before a large, pleased smile spread across her lips.

"Yes, back to our spot." He nodded his head and helped her up, dropping his hand down to tangle with hers. They slipped away into the woods, towards a place only they knew. Hermione paused right before they disappeared into the tree line and looked at her family, one last smile playing on her lips before she followed Fred into the woods.

Ten years after the war and all was well.

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