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AJ Talon

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The winds blew hard above the clouds, despite the deceptive calmness seen from the ground. They whipped in icy cold streams, cold enough to freeze your skin into ice. Naturally, this only happened if you were not properly clothed.

Or furred.

In this case, a small orangish-brown speck was tossed about the winds, going hither and thither through the cottony clouds. The speck would appear to grow in size, still spinning about like a dead leaf in the wind. However, one of many deep sighs would convince the observer otherwise that this speck was indeed alive.

"Why him? I become an angel! Why him over me?" The little Digimon known as Patamon whined, not really caring where the winds took him. His love, Tailmon, had declared her love for the recently resurrected Wizardmon, and the two were engaged, in human terms. Patamon was crushed, his fragile, child-like emotional state shattered into millions of tiny sparks in his synapses. Patamon had been blown this way and that, for maybe five hours. He didn't care if it was five years, really.


"OUCH!" Patamon found himself on the ground, rubbing his head while wincing in pain. He shook in vain to try and make the pain go away, when he looked up at the obstacle that had brought him down. It was a faded wooden sign, covered in a language Patamon couldn't begin to understand. He studied the sign carefully, noting that a picture of a small spring was crudely depicted on it's rotten timbers. Patamon stared, then looked beyond the sign.

"Wow!" There were hundreds, maybe thousands of hot springs scattered about a grassy meadow. Here and there, poles and beams jutted out of the springs, forming a maze that was strikingly similar to a martial arts training studio Patamon had once seen. He cocked his head, and flapped his wings/ears, flying over the springs in careful study.

"This is neat! I wonder why TK never mentioned this place?" Patamon then noticed a small sign stuck to a pole. In fact, as he looked around, there were signs on every one of the poles over each spring. As with the sign, Patamon could simply not decipher the meaning of the scratches in the wood. Patamon shrugged.

"Well, while I'm here, I might as well take a dip," said Patamon, shrugging again. He came down for a landing in the nearest spring, and dove right in.


Patamon felt odd as he sank into the warm water of the spring. Oh certainly, it's soothing warmth made him feel relaxed, but he was feeling... Odd. So very, very odd. A warm light filled his vision as he felt his whole being stretch this way and that. It wasn't painful, but it was strange and disconcerting.

'I'll get out now,' thought he as the small Digimon tried to flap his wings. To his infinite horror, his wings refused to function! It was as if they had disappeared completely. Patamon panicked, clawing out with his arms. He was shocked when he grabbed hold of the side of the spring. He thought he wasn't close enough to do that. Still, he decided never to look a gift horsemon in the mouth, as the old saying goes, and he pulled himself to the surface, his lungs burning just before he gasped in as much air as he could. He looked around.

"That's weird," said he, "the sign's shorter!" Patamon continued to get out of the spring, but to his infinite astonishment
he was standing up, erect, without his wings.

"How'd that happen?" Patamon continued to get out of the spring, finally having the sense to look down. He then head his head level again and was about to head off, when he did a double take, staring at himself.

"Uh oh..." Patamon ran over to a nearby spring, and stared into it's reflective surface. His eye grew wide, for staring back at him was not a small, winged Digimon but a lithe, teenaged human girl, with extremely light skin, black hair that came down in two small pig tails similar in shape to his former wings, and sapphire blue eyes, large naturally but even more so now.

Indeed, the he was now a she, and now not of her original species. Patamon slumped by the side of the spring, not really caring that she was nude or cold. One thing, and one thing only passed through her mind. A command for a simple action that was to be expected in such a situation.


Patamon heard the sounds of footsteps walking up behind her. She leapt to her feet and assumed a defensive stance, little more than raising her fists and bringing herself up with a snarl on her lips, but it was enough to startle the small old man who had been approaching her.

"Who are you? Why am I girl? And a HUMAN girl, I might add! Is this some sort of cruel joke? Answer me, damnit!" The monk (Patamon assumed he was a monk, given his robes) took a deep breath, and pulled out a blanket from a bag he had strapped to his back. He gently offered it to the shaking Patamon, who hesitantly accepted it with a suspicious air. While she was drying herself off, the old monk closed his eyes with a smile of bemusement. Patamon, though no psychic, could tell that her predicament wasn't unheard of.

"See you have stumbled into "Spring of the Drowned Maiden". Very sad story-" The monk was cut off in his clipped English as Patamon deathglared him.

"What? You mean, that anyone who falls in that spring, turns into a girl?" The old man rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Yes! Did you not read signs?" Patamon gritted her teeth.

"I don't understand THE LANGUAGE YOU BUM! Now, please, just fix it!" The monk chuckled slightly, a vein forming on Patamon's forehead. She grabbed the monk by the collar and held him up above her.

"TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS!!!" The monk gulped in fear, then smiled in a parental fashion. He gestured to Patamon's new body, to which she looked down also.

"Maybe you want clothes first?" Patamon suddenly remembered all the taboos surrounding humans being nude, and couldn't help but blush. She dropped the monk and wrapped the blanket around herself. The monk, apparently more comfortable around a somewhat clothed and calm girl, merely pulled out a bottle from his pack and pulled it's cork out with his teeth. Patamon stared in curiosity.

"Cold water turn you into girl, hot water turn back," he said as he poured the steaming liquid into a ladle. He splashed the warm water on the Digimon-turned girl, but blinked in astonishment. Patamon looked down. She was still a she, and human. She gave the monk the most formidable female weapon: The Look. The monk laughed nervously.

"Um, that never happen before." Patamon fell down anime style as the monk sweatdropped. He poured out more hot water, and splashed Patamon with it again.

"Nothing," moaned Patamon,"I'm stuck as a girl!" The monk shrugged.

"Maybe won't be bad?" Patamon gave the monk a deathglare as the bulging vein popped out of her forehead once again. The monk began backing up.

"My friends won't recognize me! I'm a defenseless little girl!" The monk offered a nervous smile.

"Well, not quite "little" girl," he pointed out, leering despite himself.




Takeru sighed heavily, leaning back with his eyes closed in exhaustion. Atop Kabuterrimon, Hikari, Koushiro and he had been searching for the small Digimon for several hours now, with little luck. Despite the fact that Koushiro had mapped out every wind current from Odaiba to the Bronx, they'd been unable to track down the little fuzzball. Hikari gave Takeru's shoulder a reassuring squeeze, which he returned with a thankful smile. Tailmon was busy preparing for her wedding with Wizardmon back home, and had elected not to join them.

BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP! Takeru jumped slightly at the beeping of his Digivice. Holding the green device up, a small yellow dot appeared on the screen with a compass pointing north.

"Prodigious!" Koushiro shouted over the beating of Kabuterrimon's wings,"You found him!"

"It looks as though he's due north, maybe twenty kilometers!" Shouted Takeru. Kabuterrimon grunted, and changed his heading accordingly.

"I just knew we'd find him!" Yelled Hikari, hugging Takeru close. Takeru blushed mildly, but grinned as they headed for the signal's origin.

A few minutes later, the quadrio landed in the general vicinity of the signal. Kabuterrimon de-digivolved to Tentomon as they made their way into a large meadow. Koushiro noticed a sign, and examined it while Hikari and Takeru studied their surroundings.

"This is a nice place. Peaceful, calm, beautiful," sighed Takeru. Hikari smirked and wrapped her amrs around him from behind, making the Bearer of Hope blush bright red.

"Isolated," she purred into his ear. Takeru smiled as he hugged her close.

"Um, hello?" Takeru and Hikari looked behind them. There stood a girl, fourteen or fifteen years old, with porcelain clear skin, silky black hair done in two pigtails that seemed familiar to Takeru, and big blue eyes. Takeru felt odd, like he knew this girl.

"Who are you?" He asked. The girl fidgeted slightly, clutching the black woolen blanket around her body closer.

"It's me, Takeru." Takeru and Hikari blinked.

"No, I don't think we know you," said Hikari, confused. The girl's eyes took on a pleading pallor, as she stepped closer to the two.

"It's me, guys. Patamon." Takeru's mouth fell open, as did Hikari's.

"That's not possible! You're a girl!" Patamon sighed heavily, and gave Takeru a hug.

"Remember when we beat Piedmon, the Gate Of Destiny? I also know that you enjoy building block castles." Takeru was stunned, to say the least. The girl smiled hopefully.

"How do you know that?" Demanded Hikari, clutching Takeru to her body. Patamon sighed heavily, and rolled her eyes.

"I'm Patamon, really! See, I dove into this hot spring and-"

"You emerged a human girl, yes," came Koushiro's voice. All three looked behind Takeru, where Koushiro and Tentomon stood. Koushiro held out a small frog, who ribbeted and hopped off, scurrying into the underbrush.

"That frog was once a grasshopper," explained Tentomon. Koushiro nodded.

"I've heard of this place. The Forbidden Training grounds, where many of the greatest martial artists on the planet trained and honed their skills. However, there were rumors of unusual happenings here. I tested it, obviously, and out came this frog. An interesting phenomena. I shall have to study it more closely." Patamon hugged Takeru close, smiling as she looked into his eyes. Takeru turned white.

"P-Patamon?" He gasped before he fainted dead away.


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