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Chapter 3

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Patamon slowly came into conciousness, last night's sleep still encasing her mind like a warm cocoon. Her eyelids fluttered open, the hazy glare of the rising sun passing over her. She slowly sat up, stretching her arms and letting the blanket wrapped around her fall to her waist. She got to her feet, allowing the small cloth tent that was her blanket crumple around her feet.

She yawned and stretched again, her eyes adjusting to the dim light of early morning. She caught sight of Takeru and giggled slightly.

Patamon and Takeru had gone home together after they had watched the movies. It had taken a bit of explaining on Takeru's part, but ultimately his mother had relented in allowing Patamon to stay. She had slept on the floor, despite Takeru's insistence that she take the bed. She'd slept on the ground dozens of times before, well before she ever met Takeru, and saw little reason to stop doing it now.

Her long T-shirt with a soccer ball on the chest came off as she went into the bathroom. She started up the shower, relishing the hot water flowing down her new body. Being human certainly had it's perks.

Motomiya Daisuke had reached Takeru's floor, the apartment building's stairs hardly a challenge to him. The leader of the new Digi Destined had an unusual air about him, given who he was. Gone was the jock aura, the idiotic and egotistical grin, the strut and ever-threatening clumsiness. This was the true Motomiya Daisuke, without the facade he'd erected so long ago after his best friend Hikari started to drift from him to the new kid, Takeru. The one with whom she'd sealed a relationship with in the Digital World the first time they went, even if the two weren't completely sure about it at the the time.

Oh, it had hurt, Takeru and Hikari together. His act as the popular, brainless jock had pushed Hikari away rather than attracting her. It was his own damn fault that Hikari and Takeru were together. He'd pushed them together himself, a fact they enjoyed flaunting and torturing him with, oh so subtly on the guy who matched them up.

The bitter irony was hardly lost on Daisuke. A fierce intellect and determination was burning in his eyes, his crests of Courage and Friendship glowing slightly as those very traits empowered him. Also present and powered up was the Crest of Kindness, as a result of the DNA-Digivolution with Ken. He took a deep breath, knocked on the door to his former rival's apartment, and waited. No more masks, he wasn't going to do that to Pata-chan.

'This, Hikari, is good bye,' he thought simply as he heard footsteps approaching the door. The apartment door was unlocked and the door opened. Daisuke smiled and opened his mouth to begin speaking.

"Oh-" Daisuke's eyes immediately became as wide as hubcabs. Pata stood there, wet, dripping-and nude.

"ARGH! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Daisuke shouted, covering his eyes as his face glowed as red as an apple. Pata blinked, then looked down. Then blushed.

"Er, oops! Sorry, I'm still getting used to clothing myself. It's my fault, Daisuke-kun, no worries!" Pata ducked back into the apartment and came back out wrapped in a towel. Daisuke breathed a sigh of relief, and gave Pata his simple, non-arrogance enhanced smile.

"Um, ohayo Pata-san. I came over to, you know, help you get adjusted to human stuff?" Pata blinked.

"But, I'm already adjusted," she said in curiosity. Daisuke smiled grew a bit wider.

"True, but not from a human perspective. I was, um, thinking that we could check out the city, do fun stuff? Chibimon will be coming along." Pata looked thoughtful for a moment, then smiled.

"Okay! Just let me go get dressed, I'll be right back." She closed the door as Daisuke waited. A few minutes later, she emerged in a pair of jeans that Daisuke recognized as some of Takeru's, and a blue T-shirt that he'd sometimes seen Mrs Kamiya wear at social gatherings. Daisuke felt some of his drool seep down his cheek as he stared at her, but managed to clean it up right away. He offered Patamon an arm, which she gladly accepted, and the two headed down the stairs.


"Now, what would you like to do first?" Asked Daisuke. Patamon looked around her on the street, watching the occasional car pass by. She looked across the street, and stared at the playground set up there, totally devoid of anyone playing on it. She grinned, then ran across the street.

"PATA!" Pata turned and saw the oncoming car. The driver's eye went wide as they tried to put on the brakes, but it was too close. Pata shreiked in fear as she tried to move, but it was too slow, too far-

WHUMP! Patamon felt herself be knocked out of the way. It wasn't the car, of course, otherwise she'd be dead. She soon got her answer as the rush ebbed off and her sight returned. She stared into the face of Daisuke, panting audibly as he laid on top of her. He'd managed to knock her out of the way just in time, landing on her on the other side of the street. They felt eachother's heartbeats in time, felt the warmth of their collective breath swirl on their skin.

"Um, hi," muttered Daisuke. Pata stared into his deep brown eyes as their faces drew close...

"HEY! Get a room, will ya!" Both jumped up to their feet, blushing furiously as Chibimon looked shocked at whom he'd been yelling at.

"Er, gomen nasai Daisuke and Pata. I lost it for a second." Daisuke shook his head, and scooped Chibimon up in his arms, giving the unbearably adorable little Digimon a huge hug, followed up by-

"Noogie!" Chibimon howled in indignation, barely managing to escape with his scalp untouched. He leapt into Pata's arms, looked up at her, and grinned.

"Wow Pata, you look really cute today! Actually, Daisuke thinks you look cute every day!" Daisuke blushed as Pata laughed, hugging Chibimon to her heart. Chibimon looked thoughful for a moment before he pressed his face into her chest.

"Mmmmm... Nice, soft and warm! I like! All older girls seem to have these little pillow things." Pata blushed for a moment while Daisuke's nose let a drop of blood ooze from his sinuses.

"They do feel nice, though I've never understood what girls use them for," said Pata thoughtfully. Daisuke's nose was practically gushing blood now. He had no idea that it was going to get significantly worse.

"I've also understood why we're so fl-" Daisuke covered Pata's mouth a split second before a mother and her two children came into hearing range. Pata let out a muffled shout just before Daisuke put his lips near her ear.

"Those kinds of questions are okay to ask in private with trusted friends and people like that, but it's generally not encouraged in public," he muttered. Pata nodded vigerously as Daisuke slowly moved hs hand from her mouth.

"Well, it would help if I knew what they were," she said pleadingly. Daisuke sighed, then smiled.

"No problem! Come on, we can go to the library and I'll show you how it's done!" And with that, the two humans and Digimon proceeded to the local library in pursuit of higher knowledge. Or lower, if your mind is in the gutter.


"Wow! I never knew the human body was so complex!" Exclaimed Pata as she, Daisuke, and Chibimon walked out of the library. There were a number of sighs of relief coming from within the building before the automatic doors closed, but the three friends paid them no heed as they walked down the sidewalk. Daisuke smiled. It felt good to have taught and been taught. He'd never known until now how many use there were for rubber bands while researching until Pata had shown him. He was surprised to think it: He'd had fun at the library!

"Yeah! Wonder why the libarian kicked me off the computer when I was looking up info on human anatomy. It just showed a few kitty cat sites. Humans are really messed up," stated Chibimon. Daisuke and Pata both stared at eachother before laughing hysterically.

When they had reached Takeru's apartment, Pata stopped at the door and shyly turned to face Daisuke.

"I had a lot of fun today Daisuke. Thank you very much," she murmured. Daisuke shrugged and smiled a her, unable to help staring at her lovely face. In an instant, he was shocked when she planted a kiss on his lips and pulled back just as quickly, blushing mildly.

"I saw it in a movie once," she admitted, before turning and opening the door,"Night, Daisuke."

She closed the door behind her, while Daisuke had the epitome of a I-just-ate-a-bowl-of-macaroni-and-cheese smile on his face. Chibimon smirked as Daisuke carried him down the steps, skipping and even clicking his heels once.

"So, enjoy the kiss did we?" Snickered Chibimon.

"HEY!" Chibimon yelped as Daisuke gave him a noogie.

"Now, do I need to launch another noogie strike, or will you be civil?" Chibimon sulked, then finally relented, his happy smile returning as Daisuke shook his head and walked for home, lightly rubbing his lips with a grin.


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