"I hope big brother France is feeling better today," Italy radiated his cheerful smile at a very nervous Japan. The reason for his nervousness? They were visiting France. Well, Germany said 'visit' but he added the part where they had to make sure France was recovering alright from his "mental illness". Japan nodded his head slightly in agreement with the Italian as they pushed the metal, white gate open and stepped onto the sandy coloured, concrete path. Not even the red rose bushes and other blooming flowers in the front garden could lift the Japanese man's uneasiness. It had been a fortnight since the incident and he still hasn't recovered from having his personal space violated by France and England.

"Well I've bought this just in case France-san starts acting strange again," Japan searched through the front pocket compartment of his blue rucksack and pulled out a black spray can.

"What's in it?" Italy eyed it up with a puzzled expression.

"Pepper spray," Japan answered bluntly. "Germany-san gave it to me for our protection."

"I'm sure France isn't going kiss you like he did the last time," The auburn haired man reassured the Japanese man as he pressed the door bell next to the white door. Japan didn't realise they arrived at the front door so quickly. His hand clutched the spray can tight as "L'enfants de Marseilles" chimed its tune. He made every effort to block the memory of his cheeks sullied by British and French lips. That memory became the reason why he didn't come out of his room for a week, after Germany forced him to escort England home with America and Canada. Suddenly he winced at the shrill voice that pricked his ears.

"Bonjour mes amis!"

Japan yanked the lid off the pepper spray can and aimed it several inches from a startled Frenchman dressed in a blue dressing gown. The Japanese hand froze. An awkward pause lingered for seconds before Japan relaxed a little.

"Sorry. Reflex," He apologised before packing the spray can into his back pack.

France breathed a deep sigh of relief. "Whatever it is I did to traumatise you in my madness, I still apologise a thousand times."

"N-No, it's alright," Japan stammered as he gave his trademark greeting of a bow. "I'm slowly getting over it."

"Veh! Big brother France! I made some 'get well' treats that I thought you'd like," Italy chirped handing over a purple pouch with blue ribbon tied around it.

"Aaw, you shouldn't have! Merci beaucoup!" The Frenchman gasped in surprise as he accepted the gift.

"We just came by to see how you're doing with your recovery," Japan raised a polite smile.

"Bien, I am feeling a lot better than I was all those weeks ago," France flicked his shoulder length, blonde hair. "The doctor said I'm making a rapid recovery and I'll be back in full health within a couple of days."

"So you might be able to come to the conference next week?" Italy asked excitedly.

"But of course," The French eyes sparkled with its normal brilliance. "And I suppose Angleterre is mending well aussi?"

"Actually, we wanted to ask you about him," Japan said. "A few days ago, America-san and Canada-san went to visit England-san two days ago, only to find that he had completely vanished. They managed to enter his house but the absence of his phone was the only indication that he went out. According to America-san, England-san has escaped and could be terrorising an unsuspecting village if his mind isn't in the right state. I don't suppose you've seen or heard anything from him have you?"

"Britain is scary enough as he is," Italy quivered uncomfortably.

"Hmm, as much as I wish to help, I haven't been outside enough to see anything of anyone let alone Angleterre," France shook his head. "If you want, I'll let you know if I hear anything about him."

"Arigato," Japan bowed once more. "Well as brief as this meeting is, we best be leaving."

"I hope you can come to the conference next week!" Italy waved as he along with Japan turned and made their way down the garden path.

"I shall be there, don't you worry," France waved back. "Oh! Look out for the garden path gremlins! They're very territorial and will trip you up by any means necessary!"

Japan shuddered to a stop and turned to look back at France with a smile concealing his worry. "Um… we'll bear that in mind." When the Japanese man faced forward, the Italian strode across the path on his tip-toes. "Italy-kun, what are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm looking out for those garden path gremlins France warned us about," Italy scanned the garden path intensely.

"You do realise he's still under the weather Italy-kun," Japan pulled the white gate open.

Meanwhile, France still waved from the front door. "Adieu! Adieu!" He said cheerfully as he slowly closed the door. He pressed his back against it and finally let slip a sly smile as soon as Japan and Italy disappeared from view, through the tiny eye porthole. "Au revoir," he uttered.

All the way from the front door and up the stairs to his bedroom, the Frenchman couldn't resist sniggering to himself. The horrified face on Japan when he mentioned the garden path gremlins was priceless and Italy believing it made the whole ordeal funnier even if it was just a small element. Finally, he reached the wooden brown bedroom door and pushed it open. Once inside, he found the young man with choppy blonde hair sitting on the end of the king size bed, buttoning up his white shirt and his legs already covered with black trousers. He looked up to the Frenchman with his emerald eyes and a mischievous smile creeping on his face.

"So, who came to visit, Francis?" He spoke in his strong British accent. Francis returned the smile as he sat down beside the man.

"That was Italy and Japan checking up on my mental well-being Arthur," The Frenchman answered as he gazed at the Briton with his loving blue eyes. "And apparently, your disappearance is causing a lot of people a great deal of panic in the ranks."

"So I've been made a fugitive now?" Arthur chuckled with a hint of sarcasm. "That's quite tame for me if I do say so myself."

"Oui and America is determined to find you, even if that means calling the CIA, the FBI and whatever else he has at his disposal," Francis continued with a playful grin as Arthur finished doing up his red tie around his neck.

"Oh he shouldn't really," The Briton commented. "He's been worrying about me too much since we put on quite a performance worthy of Shakespeare. And by the way, you almost made me give myself away. I mean, garden path gremlins?" Arthur chuckled raising a smile on Francis' lips.

"Well I wanted to tease them," The Frenchman sniggered. "I couldn't resist seeing poor Japan's expression one more time."

"Well I nearly burst out laughing," The Briton giggled. "It's the garden path pixies that trip people up not gremlins." Francis rolled his eyes and uttered a 'd'accord' as Arthur grabbed a pair of grey socks and pulled them to his feet. "As much as I hate to leave you alone, I think I better put everyone's minds at rest and return to my place." Just as he was about to stand on his feet, Francis grabbed his arm and pulled him back down to the bed.

"Oh, can't you stay for a little while longer?" The Frenchman fluttered his eye lashes in hopes of changing Arthur's mind. Knowing he'd fall for that trick, Arthur avoided the Francis' attempt of eye contact.

"If only I could," He murmured. "But I have to go or we risk America hurtling himself through the bedroom window, declaring he's the hero."

"Oh…" Francis's eyes drifted down before looking back up with a soft gaze. "So there is nothing more I can do to convince you otherwise?" Francis slipped his fingers on his left hand through the fingers on the Briton's right hand. Arthur could feel the French finger tips tenderly stroking the back of his hand. The sensual feeling was enough to let his guard down as his green eyes met with Francis' pleading blue. Drowning in his appeal, Arthur chuckled as a mischievous smile stretched across his lips.

"Well…you can start by giving me another one of your kisses."


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