AN: Inspired by a photo prompt (Kat Graham chilling in a comfy chair with her hood pulled up playing on her phone) on Live Journal


She's away from him and she hates it. But what she hates more is the fact that she hates being away from him.

This isn't her. She isn't the girl who can't go a week or two without her boyfriend. She isn't the girl that counts the days until she goes back home, to him.

But she is. She is that girl, at least she is now.

On holiday in Alaska to visit her cousins ("Who even livesin Alaska anyway," she'd asked her father on the way to the airport. "Your cousins," he'd replied. ). Turns out they lived, like, 2 minutes away from Denali National Park which she had gone to on her second day here and had been lucky enough to see some wolves, a couple of moose and a group of sea otters. She'd gone back almost every day since and spent the day there with her grimoire. Despite the cold it'd been the perfect place to continue studying her craft and it meant she didn't have to hide it from her family. Only today it was snowing heavily outside, so heavily, her aunt had told her, the park would be closed to visitors. Bonnie sighed as she settled back against the leather couch, pulling her hood over her head. It was still cold inside despite the central heating, every time someone opened the door, although a rare occurrence in this weather, a gust of freezing wind blew through the entire house.

Though she'd been excited to spend some time with her dad, she'd realised basically as soon as they'd arrived that he treated her the same here as he did at home, as if she was just some house guest he wasn't required to spend any time with. Her cousins were a few years younger than her and more and totally not interested in anything she wanted to do. Her father and her aunt spent the day talking about their childhood and other things she couldn't comment on, leaving her to spend the day alone. The book she'd bought with her was finished and she'd been lowered to playing Sudoku on her phone.

That's when she gets his message. That's when she smiles.

Hey babe, I miss you. Elena somehow managed to convince Stefan that a party is just what Caroline needs to feel human again. Apparently she can handle it, don't hate me for doubting her. I'm at your house for some peace and quite. And your lingerie draw, I never knew you had half this stuff. I really can't wait 'till you get home now xx

Along with the message is a photo of a lacy lingerie set Caroline had convinced her to buy a month after she'd started secretly dating Damon. Caroline, of course, had not know she was dating Damon, only that there'd been 'someone new' in her life. She doubted Care would've been so adamant if she'd known the identity of the 'someone new'. Bonnie had, nonetheless, been easily convinced by Caroline's pleas of '30% off Bon, how could you go wrong?' and 'It looks HOT, he'll die'. The latter of which had sent Bonnie into hysterical fits of laughter and Caroline marching off to the counter, lingerie and Bonnie's credit card in hand.

Caroline thought you'd like them. She sends back to him as she settles down to an afternoon of texting, knowing she's never going to regret it, even when she gets her phone bill.