AN: This might be slightly OOC, but I like the idea of Bonnie and Damon not being overly open about their love/relationship yet it still being blindingly obvious how they feel about each other.


They weren't the public displays of affection types. They made their love known quietly and behind closed doors. They weren't all over each other when they were with their friends (make that her friends and his brother). They sat next to each other of course but that was the closest they ever got in public save for some hand holding here and there and his arm perpetually resting across the back of her seat in a silent and unobtrusive gesture of possession.

When they parted before facing off against the latest evil there wasn't loud kissing and ridiculously long hugs, she simply linked her fingers with his and he pressed a kiss to her temple before they went to their separate tasks.

They preferred to sneak off into some semblance of privacy even if it was just a shadowy corner to make out or the back alley behind the Grille, even the back seat of his car had been the scene of a number of their rendezvous.

To put it simply, they weren't Stefan and Elena.

But in no way did that mean they loved each other any less. Some would say Damon loved more fiercely than his brother ever could, as was his nature.

As for Bonnie, there was a fire in her that burned solely for him, a spark in her eye that came to life the second he was in the vicinity.


Despite their anti-PDA behaviour, their relationship was common knowledge in town and not just because the couple was so close to one Caroline Forbes. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that the two were as in love with each other as any 2 people (or supernatural beings as the case may be) could be. His gaze would follow her for a few seconds when she left his side, regardless of any conversation he was participating in and his eyes would search for her every so often just to make sure she was still around, still okay. She'd look up and catch his eye every time he came into a room and a bright smile would light up her face briefly even if neither of them made any move towards the other.


Tonight as they danced, mouths would drop open, tears would be shed by both genders because Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennet were so obviously off the market. No one needed to see the rings on their fingers to know they were spoken for. Their joint aura projected a mutual possession and if you were a witch in the crowd, you'd see the pinky-red haze that surrounded them, a testimony to her feelings spilling over into leaking magic. The vampires among them, would know that every time his face pressed against her neck it was to hide the veiny eyes and pointy teeth that made her giggle as they tickled her sensitive skin


The music started and instantly both recognised the beat and rhythm as theirs.

It was their song. She met his gaze from across the room and hurriedly excused herself from the conversation she'd been having with an old friend from cheerleading and made her way over to him, meeting in the middle of what was the dance floor for the night.

"I love you," he said and though she couldn't hear him over the music she felt his lips mouthing the words against her ear, as they'd done so many times before.

They weren't the public displays of affection types, but those 3 words were mouthed against her skin every time they parted, not loud enough for even his brother to hear but she knew.

Her bright, 100 watt smile in reply said it all. I love you too.

She was absolutely beautiful in her simple white halter neck satin dress that hugged her curves and dipped low in the back in the way he loved. Her hair was up, thin tendrils of curls framing her face but leaving her neck bare in the way she knew he loved. His cool hands caressed the naked skin of her back, the backs of his fingers running up and down her spine and making her shiver against him.

He was beautiful too, in the way that only seemed to come from immortality, it was almost as if he had an immortal glow that made him more stunning than all of the rest of the mortals in the room (than all of the non-mortals as well if you asked her). It was an old fashioned beauty as well, a beauty that made you think of hoop skirts and horse drawn carriages, nostalgia of the past, a simpler time, his time. But it was his eyes, that deep blue that always seemed to hypnotise her whenever she looked into them even though she knew his compulsion didn't work on witches. As cliché as it was, she really could get lost in his eyes.

Speaking of getting lost, he flat out refused to tell her, or anyone else (except, she suspects, Stefan), where they were going on their honeymoon but she thinks it's going to be as far from civilisation as they can get while still being within cell phone range. And she couldn't wait. 3 weeks alone with Damon in what she was sure would be the biggest bed known to man.


Her hen's day had consisted of a shopping spree with Elena and Caroline in which Caroline had tried to force her into less than barely-there lingerie for the honeymoon. She'd splurged for the occasion, you only get married once and what not, and had spent hundreds of dollars in Victoria's Secret. Normally she only reserved nice lingerie for special occasions (his birthday namely) as his tendency to rip the already flimsy pieces of satin and lace from her body made it pointless to spend excessive amounts of money on something she was literally only going to wear once. Tonight, however, she hoped he'd be as careful with the snow-white lace beneath her dress as he was with her.


One day he will turn her, it's an unspoken but acknowledged agreement between them. She couldn't imagine ever being without him but she knew he could and it scared him, not that he'd ever admit it of course, not even to her.

"Love is about sacrifice," she'd told Stefan when he asked her how she could give up her life, even though he knew it would make his brother happy.

Stefan gave a sad smile at that. "I don't want Elena to do that for me."

"Stefan, what would you give up for Elena?" Bonnie asked.

"Everything," he replied immediately.

"Then why don't you expect her to do the same?"


Damon's eyes danced underneath thick eyelashes that she swears look better than hers as the song comes to an end and he dips her and brings her back up into his embrace. Her lips curl into a bright smile and he can't stop himself from leaning down to press a kiss against her lips. For most people in the room, it's only the second time they've seen the couple kiss (the first being at the ceremony earlier). He holds her body tight against his and her fingers curl through his hair before they finally part to rest their foreheads against each other. He's staring back at her with so much love that she can't help the huge smile on her face.


To the outside world, they weren't perfect. They fought, they bickered, they were both stubborn as hell but when it was just the two of them or they were at home amongst only their closest friends they looked every inch the perfect couple. They were perfectly in synch, all the time,