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-Chapter One-

The leader of the Red Dragons Order, Harry Potter, was looking through the file on the newest member when an owl flew in the open window.

He recognised it as one of the school owls from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The owl dropped a letter in front of him then flew off again.

'Dear Harry,' the letter said.

I do hope that everything is well at the Red Dragons, and I hope that you don't have to much to do because I have to talk to you. It is important and urgent. I think I know where Tom M. Riddle is. I will tell you when you arrive.

Albus Dumbledore.'

Harry quickly got up and hurried out the door and into the corridor. The people in the corridor made way for him; some greeting him, others nodding respectfully.

Harry stopped in front of a door with a carved dragon on it, and knocked.

"It's open," a voice from inside said. Harry entered. The office wasn't much different from his except the carved dragons on the shelves. Behind the mahogany desk sat Draco Malfoy, Harry's left hand. Harry dropped the letter in front of Draco. "What's this?"

"Read it."

A minute later Draco looked up from the letter.

"Interesting," he said. "You're going?" the last was more of an statement than question.

"Of course, and I need you to be in charge here while I'm gone. This time ol' Snakeface ain't getting away." Harry said, walking to and fro.

"Don't worry. I won't blow up the Headquarters while you're gone."

"That's what you said last time too, and the Potion Lab had to be rebuilt." Harry replied with a smile. "Then I chased you from here to... Australia, wasn't it?"

"Don't remind me," Draco answered and cringed.

Outside in the corridor a bunch of people were leaning on the door, or the person in front, to hear what was being said with Fred and George Weasley in the lead. When Harry opened the door the twins fell forwards, the rest after them in a chain reaction.

The Weasley twins looked up into Harry's face.

"What was it this time?" Harry asked, a sly smile playing at his lips. "There was a silent bomb that went off and blew you to the door? You were worshiping the ground I walk on? Practicing new ways of spying at our enemies through keyholes?"

By this time everyone in the corridor were laughing and barely standing on their feet. Harry was grinning and leaning casually on the doorframe. Draco, who had come up behind Harry, had to hold onto his best friend so that he didn't fall. Fred and George were blushing but smiling.

"Up with you. On with the work. Don't you people have anything better to do?" Harry said while helping the twins up.

The corridor was again filled with traffic. People who were on their way to a mission, on their way to a meeting, on their way home for some well deserved sleep and on their way to the gym or any other kind of training.

"I'll see you guys when I come back," Harry said and was gone in thin air with a tiny 'pop'.

"What the Hell did he mean by that?" Fred asked.

"I've no idea," George replied.

"Don't even think about it," Draco said as the twins turned to him and opened their mouths.


The school term hadn't yet begun, so when Harry popped up there was no one around. He did see Hagrid. The giant was on his way to Hogsmeade and waived to Harry when he saw him. Harry waived back and entered the castle.

Once inside he was about to go to Dumbledore's office when he met Severus Snape, the Potion Master at Hogwarts and one of the Original Order.

"Potter," Snape said, nodding.

"Professor," Harry replied.

"The password is 'Sherbet Lemon'." Snape said to him as they passed.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Harry asked.

He reached the gargoyle that guarded Dumbledore's office, said the password and went inside. Dumbledore himself wasn't there but his phoenix, Fawkes, was. The bird took to the air when Harry entered and settled down onto Harry's shoulder.

Suddenly the Headmaster entered.

"Ah, Harry, sit down." He said. "I'll go straight to the point. One of my spies in the Dark Lords circle told me that Voldemort has gone back in time. 25 years to be precise. At that time your mother and father were in their 7th year at Hogwarts. Voldemort is going to eliminate-"

"-the problems before they began." Harry finished. "Well, that would explain a few things. What's your idea Albus?"

"Well, you could be pretending to be an Auror stationed there for the schools safety. That's the only thing I can think off to get you inside the school grounds without drawing any suspicion to yourself."

Harry thought about it for a while then looked up at the old mage.

"I'm going." He said shortly, standing up.

Dumbledore was about to say something when a strong, golden light surrounded Harry. The light increased by the second until the Headmaster had to look away. A second later the light was gone along with Harry.

"Oh my," Dumbledore said to himself. "Someone's in big trouble."


Harry appeared again in one of the compartments of the Hogwarts Express. Being the Lord of the Light, all the necessary paperwork had been fixed at his arrival in this time. Dumbledore expected him and if the Ministry of Magic wanted to check on him they would find a completed file, telling them that he had been with the Golden Dragon Squad and had been called back to work.

Hedwig had appeared with him along with his trunk. It was filled with all the things he thought he might need on this trip.

Harry was just getting bored with sitting there alone and was thinking about taking a tour through the Express, when the door of the compartment opened and four boys walked in with their trunks floating after them.

They looked around and jumped a bit when they saw him.

"Do you share?" one asked. He had black hair and brown eyes behind round glasses. The boy also had a Head Boy badge pinned to his chest.

"Everywhere else's full." Another black-haired boy added. His hair reached him to his shoulder blades and it was kept in a neat, somewhat loose, ponytail.

"Sure," Harry replied and mentioned for them to sit down.

The four boys put their trunks under their seats at the other side of the compartment then turned to Harry, who had taken out a Muggle novel: 'Interview With A Vampire' by Anne Rice.

"So, who're you?" a boy with brown hair and brown, tired eyes asked.

"Harry Hunter. You?"

"I'm Remus Lupin," the boy replied. "That's James Potter," he pointed to the boy with the glasses. "That's Sirius Black, and the dwarf beside him is Peter Pettigrew."

"Nice to meet you," Harry said shaking their hands. He had to remind himself over and over again to act normal.

"Why are you going to Hogwarts Mr Hunter?" James asked. The man was a mystery to him. All he was wearing was black: jeans, shirt, combat boots, but with a silver buckle shaped as a dragon at the belt, a golden necklace with a little dragon with ruby eyes, and his eyes were an unnatural green colour.

"Please, call me Harry. 'Mr Hunter' makes me feel old. As for the question, you'll have to wait to after the Sorting Feast to get the answer." Harry replied.

"Are you replacing our old Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher?" Sirius asked eagerly.

"No, but that is one of my best subjects." The four boys looked puzzled at each other, and Harry smiled. "Don't worry. I'm not going to kill you."

"Anyways, do you play Quidditch?" Remus asked deciding that the silence in the compartment had lasted too long.

"Yep, Seeker."

"Oh, I'm a Beater, James is a Chaser and Sirius the other Beater."

"What about Mr Pettigrew then?" Harry asked innocently. "Doesn't he play?" He could feel the hatred Peter held for him. It was flowing off the boy in waves.

"He used to be one of the Chasers, but fell off his broom last year and broke his arm. Since then we have had Arthur Weasley as our Chaser." Sirius said, balancing a book at the tip of his nose. Remus snatched the book and began to read it. Sirius glared at his friend then found another book and began to balance it instead.

Suddenly the compartment door opened and two boys came in. They were about the same age as the Marauders. One had shoulder long black hair and the other was blonde.

"Well, well, well," the blackhead said. "If it isn't Potter & Co having a nice journey with their own circus." He nodded towards Sirius who was still balancing the book at the tip of his nose.

"Get out of here Snape," James said calmly.

"And what are you going to do if I don't?" The blackhead, Snape, asked.

"Take 100 points from Slytherin to begin with."


"Didn't you know?" Sirius asked. "James here's the Head Boy."

"Oh shut up you mudblooded, Muggle loving orphan! Who asked you?" The blonde boy exclaimed.

Sirius' book fell and hit him in the face. Remus' book fell out of his hands and down on the floor. James jumped up, ready to attack Snape and the other boy, while Peter just stared with open mouth. Before James had time to attack the two boys, Harry stepped in between them. The two boys by the door looked at him as thought he had popped out of nowhere, they hadn't noticed him before. James sat down, and he, Sirius, Remus and Peter just watched as Harry looked calmly at the boys, who both paled, gulped then ran from the compartment.

Harry closed the door and sat down in his seat without further ado. Sometimes having the ability to freak someone out by just looking at him or her, was rather handy.

"How did you do that?" James asked after a while.

"Did what?" Harry asked, looking up from the novel.

"Whatever you did to make Snape and Malfoy break the running record." Remus said.

"Can you teach me that?" Sirius asked. "Imagine what I could do to the students, or the Professors! They'd never dare to give me another detention!"

"Nope, it's a family secret." Harry replied and turned back to the novel.

"Can you do it again?" that was the first thing Peter had said throughout the whole trip. "I want to see it again. The looks on their faces were priceless!"

Harry looked at the boy and after a few seconds he began to shiver, nervously picked up Remus' book and began to read it, occasionally looking over it at Harry.

"Cool!" Sirius, who had been following the exchange between Peter and Harry, said.


It had begun to rain outside, and James, Sirius, Remus and Peter were soaking wet when they reached the Gryffindor table. They had parted with Harry by the horseless carriages.

"Can you believe it?" Sirius asked as they sat down. "It's amazing!"

"Yeah, I never expected something like that to happen." James replied.

"How did it happen?" Sirius continued. "I mean, one moment you have the sun shining and everyone's happy, and the next you have the rain pouring down as though there is no tomorrow!"

"Huh? Sirius, are we talking about the same thing here?" James asked.

"I don't know, what were you talking about?"

"I was talking about Harry Hunter."

"Oh, I was talking about the damn weather-change." Sirius said. "Probably typical English weather. Anyway, what did you say about Hunter?"

"Is that a new friend Potter?"

The four boys turned to find a girl standing behind them. She had red hair to the mid of her back and it was kept in a neat ponytail. She had green eyes and a Head Girl badge attached to her robes. Her two friends were standing behind her and giggling, pointing to either Sirius, Remus or James.

"As a matter of fact, he is. And why would you care Evans?" James replied.

"Just wondering, no need to bite my head off." She replied. "Oh, and one more thing. Since we both are Head Girl and Boy, what do you say about a truce between us? In these times with the Dark Lord running free and that Black Snakes Order too, we have to stick together."

"That's the first intelligent thing I've heard you say for quite some time Evans, and I agree to the truce." James said and they shook hands on it.

Evans and her two friends left to sit at another place at the table and everyone looked to the middle where an old wizard-hat was placed on a three- legged stool. Suddenly it jumped and began to sing.

'Four Houses,

Four kinds of lives.

Put me on and

Let me decide

In which one you

Will best survive.

In Gryffindor, proud and tall,

Daring, nerve and chivalry,

The best qualities of all.

In Ravenclaw, old and wise,

Wisdom, wit and learning,

Always will here rise.

In Hufflepuff, just and loyal,

Where patience and truth,

Always come up from the soil.

In Slytherin, green and silver,

So full of cunning ambition,

That hey always have a vision.

I've never been proven wrong before,

So put me on and I'll decide,

Where you'll be forevermore!'

The whole school clapped and cheered. The Sorting Hat bowed towards each of the four House tables then fell silent. Tiny Professor Flitwick read out the names of the first years.

"Amber, Sara!"

A little, blonde girl came forwards and put the Hat on.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" the Hat shouted after a minute.

The table on the right cheered, clapped and greeted Sara Amber as she joined them.

"Aroson, Clark!"

The boy had his nose buried in a book until he put the Sorting Hat on.

"RAVENCLAW!" the Hat shouted immediately.

"Kinda obvious he would end up in there, don't you think?" Sirius whispered to his friends.

"Arquest, Shelly!"

A tall girl came forwards. She seemed to have complete confidence in herself.

"SLYTHERIN!" the Hat shouted barely touching her head.

James stopped listening to the Sorting Hat and looked up to the Head table, searching for Harry. He found the man quickly. Harry was sitting between Professor Trelawney and Professor Sinestra. Harry, when he saw James looking at him, waved cheerfully. James waved back.

"McNamara, Kelly!"

"GRYFFINDOR!" the Hat shouted after a few minutes.

The Gryffindors cheered to their new housemate, who went red. She sat down besides the other Gryffindor first years and began to whisper to them about something or other.

Soon all the first years where Sorted and Dumbledore stood up to make the usual Beginning of the Year Speech.

"I want to welcome old and new to yet another year at Hogwarts," he said. "The Forbidden Forest is extra forbidden this year. Everyone found in it is going to get expelled immediately. On to happier news. We have a new Transfiguration Professor. Minerva McGonagall, if you could stand? Thank you. And we have a man that is going to follow us throughout the year. He's here to protect the school and pick out potential Aurors from the student body. Please welcome Harry Hunter of the Golden Dragon Squad!"

James, Sirius and Remus were some of those that cheered the loudest.

"So that's what he's doing!" Sirius yelled through the noise.

"Who'd have thought?" Remus replied. "He doesn't even look able to hurt a fly!"

"I think that's what makes him dangerous." James said as they sat down again.

"Four more words from me before we eat." Dumbledore said. "Courage! Wit! Loyalty! Hope! Thank you and tuck in!"

James filled his plate with a bit of everything.

"So, how do we get Harry to put us on the team?" Sirius asked, his mouth full of food.

"We don't do any pranks this year?" Peter suggested.

The four boys looked at each other for a moment.

"Nah," they said at the same time and went back to eating.

"Threaten him? Kidnap him? Blackmail him?" Sirius continued after a bite.

"Nope, that won't help you." A voice behind them said.

They turned to see Harry standing there, smiling, arms crossed at his chest.


"So what can we do?" James asked.

"Just be yourself. What I want to know is how you usually act, not some attitude that you put on to impress people."

"Oh." The whole Gryffindor table answered. When Harry had come over to talk to the Marauders, the whole House had listened.


When he came down the next morning, James found Harry in the Gryffindor common room, looking around. Harry was walking around as thought he knew the room as well as the back of his palm.

"Hey," James said.

"Oh, hello James. Why are you up this early?"

"I couldn't sleep. Harry, may I ask you about something?"

"You just did, but you can ask me another thing if you want." Harry sat sitting down.

James smiled and sat down in a chair opposite him.

"You are an Auror, right? Well, I was wondering if maybe, well... if you could train me up? I know it's stupid of me to ask, but I want to be able to protect my family and others. I lost my father to a Dark Wizard. I was there, I saw it happen. And I felt so hopeless. To tell the truth, when the Sorting Hat put me in Gryffindor, I was shocked. I thought that I... that..."

"That you had lost all you courage and honour that time when you saw your father getting killed? That you weren't good enough to be a Gryffindor? That you had betrayed your father by not helping him when he needed it?" Harry finished for him. James looked up at him and nodded, his eyes a bit glassy. Harry smiled. "Tell me, what do you see as courage?"

"Help others. Never be afraid. Always be good-" James was cut off by Harry.

"No, no, that's those super-action-hero's in movies and on TV. That can never happen in real life. No one's perfect James. There isn't any laws saying that hero's can't be afraid, or cry. To be a hero means that you can face what you fear the most, and still go on despite the fear. What do you fear the most?"

"A Dementor. I know it's stupid! Other people fear Vol- I mean You-Know- Who, but I don't. I don't know why I don't fear him." James said, he was beginning to calm down again.

"There you go again! Nothing's to stupid to fear, except maybe if you fear that a cupcake will eat you up." That made James laugh. "James, what you fear most of all is fear. That's very wise. I, like you, fear Dementor's, and I'm not ashamed to admit it." Harry stood up and walked to the portrait hole. "Oh, and James," James turned. "Always call things by their rightful names. Fear for the name increases the fear for the thing itself. We'll talk again." He was gone.

James sat down on the rug in front of the fireplace and looked into the orange flames that were crackling merrily. He had no idea that his conversation with Harry had been overheard.

Lily Evans had woken early and gone down to the common room. Almost at the bottom of the stairs she had heard James ask Harry about training. After that she had just stayed there, listening to every word that was said. She had never known about James' father, or that James had had to watch his own father getting killed.

Suddenly she realised that she felt sorry for him even if the two of them hadn't been the best of friends over the past few years.


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