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-Chapter nine-

Harry, Draco, Ron, Eminor, Salazar and Nicholas had to wait until Shadow had completely recovered before they could go back to their own time. While the griffin was doing his best at recovering, which consisted of lying in front of Hagrid's fireplace and being waited upon by Hagrid himself, the rest of the group were mostly playing Quidditch on the pitch, Salazar acting like referee.

James, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Peter were watching them today. Four of them had never seen anything close to the speed that Harry and the rest used.

"Wow, what a speed!" Sirius said.

"I told you that it was much faster than our own, Sirius." James replied. "Remember, I saw Harry the first time he was going to tutor me."

"I hope they aren't going to get hurt." Lily said, holding James' hand. One day, after the murder of the three Professors, they had just kissed and had become a couple. No one in the school had been surprised. It had been obvious to them that Potter and Evans were in love, but didn't admit it to themselves. "Oh, what a dive Harry did! What's it called again?"

"Wronski Feint," Remus said not taking his eyes off the game. "It wasn't a Feint after all! Harry's got the snitch!" he said a second later.

The players landed and transfigured their brooms back to ordinary twigs. The five Gryffindors got down from the stands and came over to congratulate the winning team. Draco was mumbling curses while giving Ron five Galleons. Harry sighed when he saw it.

"Don't tell me you made a bet again?!" he said.

"Yep, and I won this time too!" Ron said happily, while checking the Galleons for spells and other tricks. "Thanks Hartnell, you've made me rich so now you can't tease me about it anymore."

"Wanna bet?!"

Harry threw his arms in the air in defeat. He, Eminor, Nicholas and Salazar left as Ron and Draco began to argue. James and the Marauders stayed for a little while watching then they left too, as it began to rain. Draco and Ron just continued to argue and throw insults at each other, not even noticing the heavy rain.

"Don't worry," Harry said as he met the teens in the Entrance Hall. "They always bicker and argue no matter what, but in fact they're like brothers. Just don't want to show it."

"You know Harry, the more I know about you and your friends the less I understand." Remus said.

"And lets keep it that way, shall we?" Harry replied and left. He was on his way to Hagrids Hut to get the lazy griffin onto his feet. He wanted to go home tonight, latest early tomorrow morning.

The goodbye-feast that Dumbledore had arranged was magnificent. All kinds of food was on the tables, the House Elves had really outdone themselves this time. Mexican food, Italian, Indian and lots of other dishes that Harry had no idea what was.

Everyone were chatting about everything between heaven and earth, but the Red Dragon group was quiet, especially Harry. He would have to leave his parents, knowing what was to come. It hurt his heart to even think about it.

"What's the matter Harry?" Dumbledore asked. He had grown quite fond of the boy, even if he had only been there for only a couple of months.

"Nothing, just thinking about something." Harry said. "Headmaster, could you do me a couple of favours?" He waited until the old mage nodded, then continued. "There's going to be a little Potter kid with a great destiny. In the summer before his 7th year, could you give him those Invisibility cloaks that you'll find in your office? And second: when Hogwarts herself chooses him and three others, don't interfere. Just wait until they wake up on their own. Do we have a deal?"

"Alright, it's the least I can do after what you did for Hogwarts." Dumbledore replied.

The feast continued well into the night, and didn't end until students began to fall asleep right on the spot. The teachers were grateful that it was Saturday tomorrow, and no doubt the students were happy about it too. For once even the ghosts were quiet, and there wasn't a single light on in the whole school.


Dumbledore was out on his regular early morning stroll around the school, when he heard quiet voices from the Entrance Hall. He walked over and wasn't surprised when he saw Harry and the rest of his friends double checking their trunks before they were leaving.

The Headmaster stepped out of the shadows in the corridor, and into the Entrance Hall. He was met with cheery 'hellos' and 'good mornings'. Even the griffin gave him a merry squawk.

"You are leaving?" it was more of a statement than a question.

"Yep, don't want any mess with 'goodbyes' and tears and so on." Harry said, while checking the griffin for injuries one last time. Then he came over to Dumbledore. "I want to thank you for a wonderful two months, and for defending us against Campbell."

"How did you know about that?" Dumbledore asked, truly curious. "I would have felt it if you used any magic."

"There's nothing that isn't alive in one way or another," Harry said slyly. "Even death." He added. Then he turned to his group. "Ready to go? Alright then, lets go outside."

Dumbledore followed them out on the steps of Hogwarts. There he shook hands with every one of them and wished them luck in further adventures. The old mage watched as the group of friends walked straight into the rising morning sun like shadows, then they were gone. The old Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry would always remember the time when he saw the Lord of the Light, surrounded by friends, walk into the rising sun.


Harry and the rest of the group appeared in the Red Dragons Headquarters with a bright flash of light. The activity that had been going on stopped for a few seconds before everyone ran over to their friends and congratulated them on a good mission.

Draco and Ron were attacked by Ginny and Hermione. Eminor was met by his mother, Queen Sarena D'xin, and Shadow flew home after a quick goodbye to Harry and Salazar. The two men just watched in amusement as Ron and Draco tried to get their wives to calm down and stop kissing and hugging them.

"By the way Harry," Salazar said, turning to him. "Who killed the three Professors? You never told us that."

"It was Wieringo," Harry replied. "That guy has a love for poisons. Why he killed them? Well, I guess they failed in a mission or something, though I don't know why the Black Snakes would use a Voodoo priest to do their dirty work for them."

"Maybe Wieringo wanted back into the Kain family?" Salazar suggested.

"Maybe, though we'll never know." With that Harry walked away to his rooms in the Headquarters, leaving a thoughtful Founder behind.


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