"I warned you of this path, Sonya."

Her chin tilted upward in defiance, she remained silent.

Zachariah shook his head, brandishing a shining silver blade. He moved forward to plunge it into her body and she leaped out of it's way.

It's now or never.

Sonya thrust her hand through her flesh, into the insides of her body, she reached around until she found what she was searching for. Her fingers closed around the pulsating substance and she tore it from her body. All of this contained in two guttural screams as she pulled the glowing, white-hot orb from within her.

She relished in the look of utter shock and horror on Zachariah's faced before plummeting Earthward.

"Red?" Abe called out as he maneuvered carefully around the pile of discarded cigars and beer cans. "Red?" Making his way past the small mound of what looked like molding nachos, Abe Sapien spotted the large, red man sprawled on his bed, tail flicking carelessly in the air.

"You know, when the bureau hired us back, I'm sure it wasn't to lie around in filth all day." Abe said to his friend who mumbled incoherently in return. "I know it's been difficult since Liz left and—"

"Don't say her name." Hellboy grunted, his voice half-muffled by a pillow.

"I know what you're going through, believe me," He flexed his webbed hand. "But, Red, just laying around won't help anything."

"What else am I supposed to do, Blue?"

"Keep going. That's what she's doing."

Hellboy opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a siren. A voice, undoubtedly Manning's, telling everyone to meet in the lowest level of the facility as soon as they can.

Upon entering the area, Hellboy noticed two armed guards and cluster of men, including Manning, standing around something as if it were something alien and odd. Pushing his way through the people, Abe on his heels, Red's amber eyes came to rest on what they were all crowded around. It was a woman.

Wind rushed past her falling form at speed that seemed to tear Sonya's skin away from her. Her breath forced from her lungs by the atmospheric pressure. Her dark purple feathers, streaked with the debris of the atmosphere, were in soft tufts falling around her. She was falling through the atmosphere, her dark curls swirling violently through the air. The air whistled against her, and only one of her brethren, Zachariah, saw this anomaly. In his eyes, this betrayal.

Her Grace-the essence of angels, the reasons they even had so much power-no longer pulsated within the fragile form of Sonya, she was now only skin on muscle on bone. As she fell, her eyelids remained closed without so much as a twitch, a flicker. She wanted to look back, wanted to encapsulate one final glimpse of the place she was deserting,but she remembered the moral implications of looking back. Lord, she wanted to look back.

Light formed around her, licks of flame raking her body, a trail of dust and magma following her descent. Getting closer to the Earth, she flung open her eyes staring out over the horizon, the aching sunset of reds and magentas, oranges and yellows, the mirror image gurgling with the tide in the water below. A memory of watching this from up above, vivid and fresh, ripped into her mind before she closed her eyes again.

Finally, she splattered to the earth below in a shower of blood, a pain that man would not understand. Her body, stronger than any human's could ever hope to be, slammed through layer upon layer of metal and wood. Arms clasped peacefully across her chest, like a corpse at a funeral receiving its last good-byes, she broke the last layer of tiles, slamming forcefully into the ground below her, impact rippling the ground. As the dust settles, her eyes fluttered open, taking in the scene around her; her body already healed and flawless from the damages she suffered.

There were humans everywhere, it was some sort of laboratory, cold, white tiles beneath her naked body. Sonya sucked in a gasping breath, scuttling backward on her hands until she was hidden under a table. Her electric blue eyes darting wildly as she took in the people watching her.

She tucked her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, her dark curls falling over her eyes.

"W-where..." Her voice came out rasping and breathless. "Where am I?" She struggled to focus, her insides were aching and her head was spinning.

"You're at the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense." A fairly tall balding man informed her.

But she was no longer listening, Sonya's eyes finding the tall, shirtless, red man standing in the room.

Her lips shaped soundless words before actually speaking them. "Anung Un Rama."

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