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Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself, "Will it ever get better than tonight?"

"What're you getting me for my birthday?"

"Aren't I supposed to ask what you want, not the other way around?" Blaine chuckled. Kurt was laying on his front on Blaine's bed, chin resting on his hands and legs waving about aimlessly behind him. Blaine was lying alongside him on his back, eyes closed. He had cracked an eye open and raised an eyebrow when Kurt had spoken. Kurt was looking back at him, drumming his fingers against his cheek.

"You haven't asked me yet and it is in 3 weeks so either you've forgotten, you've already got me something or you know what you're getting me."

"Would you believe me if I said it was the second one?"

"No," Kurt snorted. Blaine opened his eyes fully, blinked a few times to adjust to the light and pushed himself up to rest on his forearms so he was at eye level with Kurt. The position Kurt was in meant Blaine sitting up had placed their faces mere centimetres from each other.

"Well believe it," Blaine smirked. Kurt eyed him suspiciously.

"I haven't even started dropping hints. How can you have got me something already?"

"I know my stuff," Blaine murmured, inching closer to Kurt so their lips brushed as he spoke. Kurt's eyelids fluttered closed and rubbed his nose against Blaine's.

"You're trying to avoid my questions aren't you?" Kurt asked.

"Is it working?"

"Yes," Kurt whispered before silencing Blaine's laugh with a kiss.

Kurt bounded down the stairs as he hummed idly to himself. He stepped into the kitchen and headed for the cupboard to begin making his breakfast. He stopped in his tracks when he caught sight of an envelope lying in the middle of the table. Approaching it warily he frowned upon reading the word on the front: Kurt. It wasn't his birthday for another week and knowing that his Dad hid all cards and presents prior to the date, he picked up the envelope and twirled it around in his hands a few times. He recognised the handwriting on the front as Carole's which only caused his brow to furrow further.

"You can open it." Kurt jumped and spun around to see his Dad leaning casually against the kitchen counter. "Wait, actually." Burt raised a finger and moved to the bottom of the stairs to shout up to Finn and Carole. "He's got the envelope." There were some faint sounds from above and creaking stairs before Finn and Carole appeared in the kitchen. Kurt watched them all curiously and felt particularly confused as Finn smiled at him eagerly. Carole was staring at Kurt's hands as if it would make him open the item inside them quicker. Burt sat down at the table and gestured for the family to join him. Kurt did so cautiously and placed the envelope in front of him.

"It's not my birthday yet," Kurt commented. Burt chuckled and shook his head.

"We know."

"It's a sort of early birthday present," Carole explained, placing a hand on Kurt's forearm that rested on the table.

"How can you have a sort of early birthday present?" Kurt questioned.

"Dude, just open the envelope." Finn was practically bouncing in his seat and Kurt looked at the envelope and picked it up. He turned it and untucked the flap at the back, breath hitching as he saw part of an airline ticket. Burt stretched a hand out across the table and Carole took it, squeezing it lightly and beaming across at her husband. Kurt continued to pull the contents of the envelope out and flicked through them quickly, eyes widening. He dropped everything on the table and squealed. Finn covered his ears with a grin while Carole and Burt simply laughed. Kurt jumped up and ran around the table to embrace his Dad. Burt swiftly stood up and rubbed Kurt's back as the boy flung his arms around his neck.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Kurt cried, smiling through tears at Finn over his Dad's shoulder. Finn looked up at him with an equally wide grin.

"Just so you know, it was my idea," Finn casually remarked. Kurt let go of his Dad and stood behind Finn to lean down a little and wrap his arms around his shoulders.

"If I ever call you an awful step brother again, remind me of this," Kurt laughed. Finn patted at Kurt's arms across his chest and nodded. Kurt lifted his gaze and his eyes met Carole's across the table. She smiled at him and began to stand up. Kurt moved away from Finn towards Carole and pulled her in for a hug. He sniffed into her shoulder and thanked her also. She pushed him away after a while and cupped his face, wiping a thumb over the tear trails on his cheeks.

"You're more than welcome, Kurt."

"Thank you," Kurt whispered in reply.

"Stop thanking us," Carole said with an affectionate eye roll, dropping her hands to his shoulders. "You deserve it." Kurt sniffed again and nodded. He looked around at his family and blinked rapidly, trying to stop anymore tears falling. Burt watched him amused and pointed towards the stairs.

"Take the stuff upstairs and get ready. I'll make everyone breakfast." Kurt smiled gratefully and collected the envelope and pieces of paper before running up the stairs. He leaped onto his bed and grabbed his phone from the bedside table, immediately dialling Blaine's number. Scrambling around until he was sat crossed legged, he laid everything out in front of him with his free hand and sighed happily.

"I assume this is important enough to interrupt my Saturday morning lie-in?"

"It most definitely is," Kurt beamed. He heard some shuffling on the other end of the line and assumed Blaine was sitting up in bed.

"You sound far too happy for this time of day," Blaine yawned.

"It's 10am, Blaine."

"It's Saturday, Kurt."

"So! It's not li- no, you know what, never mind. I wouldn't even care if I'd phoned you at two in the morning, so just shut up and listen." Kurt tried to sound snappy, but he had a smile etched firmly onto his face that wouldn't fully allow it.

"Whoa, okay, scary Kurt. I'm listening."

"So, you know it's my birthday next week?"

"Really?" Blaine gasped and Kurt wasn't against hanging up and leaving Blaine in suspense.

"Are you going to listen properly or not?"

"Sorry," Blaine chuckled. "Carry on."

"Okay. Well I went downstairs about half an hour ago and there was an envelope on the kitchen table with my name on. Now, my Dad has strict rules about hiding all cards and present before birthdays after I opened all of mine 3 days early when I was six after I found them lying around the living room." Kurt paused momentarily, expecting Blaine to cut in with a snarky comment but was pleased when there was nothing. "I picked the envelope up and then my Dad appeared and told me I could open it but not before he called down Finn and Carole. I told them it wasn't my birthday yet and Carole said it was some kind of early present and Finn was scarily eager for me to open it so I did." Kurt paused again, more for dramatic effect this time. He let the silence linger and bit his lip for refrain from screaming down the phone.

"Kurt, there is a time when dramatic pauses are getting too dramatic. Spill."

"!" Kurt blurted out all in one breath.

"All I got there was plane, the, West and weekend," Blaine laughed. Kurt exhaled and ran his fingers over the airline tickets in front of him.

"My family booked plane tickets for me to go to London next weekend to see Wicked on the West End." Kurt was surprised that his voice didn't raise an octave or more.

"Kurt," Blaine breathed. "Oh God, I don't even – Kurt, that's amazing!"

"I know," he squealed, no longer concerned with anyone's hearing.

"Stay right where you are, I'm coming over now. We are celebrating this together." Before Kurt could reply, Blaine had hung up. Kurt wanted to be angry but one glance at the tickets in front of him made him forget. His grin grew wider, if that was possible, and he fell back into his pillows with a sigh.


"Hi, Burt."

"He rang you about the present didn't he?" Burt smiled. Blaine nodded and stepped into the house as Burt moved aside for him to enter. Burt gestured towards the stairs and Blaine headed in the same direction. "Finn, Carole and I are going out in a few minutes to get some a couple of small presents for Kurt so make sure he doesn't break anything in his excitement."

"Sure thing," Blaine replied before striding up the stairs. Kurt's bedroom door was slightly open so Blaine knocked lightly on the wood and peered inside. Kurt looked up from his bed and grinned as Blaine shucked off his shoes and came to sit opposite him. "Is this the stuff?" Blaine asked, pointing at the various pieces of paper between them. Kurt bit his lip and his eyes lit up that Blaine couldn't resist leaning forwards to place a kiss to his smile. Kurt responded eagerly and cupped Blaine's face. "You're gonna have the most amazing time, Kurt. I wish I could be there with you." Kurt's breath hitched and he pulled away, his expression one of despair.

"Oh God, I didn't even think about the fact you won't be there. My first birthday with a boyfriend and I'm leaving him for London," Kurt murmured sadly. Blaine squeezed Kurt's thighs where his hands rested and leant into the palm still on his cheek.

"I'll text you every day that you're gone and if your Dad will let you, you can ring me every evening. How does that sound?"

"I'd still rather you were there with me."

"I know, but we'll talk as much as we can." There was a faint sound of the front door closing downstairs and Kurt frowned. "You're family have gone out," Blaine explained. "Your Dad told me to make sure you don't break anything in your excitement."

"Ye of little faith," Kurt sighed with an eye roll.

"So now they've gone," Blaine whispered, "we can celebrate."

"We're supposed to celebrate on my actual birthday not on the day I get an early present," Kurt got out between Blaine stealing kisses.

"You're not here on the actual day so right now seems like a wonderful time, don't you think?" Blaine briefly looked down to gather up Kurt's present and place everything in a pile on the bedside table. His gaze returned to Kurt and he smirked as Kurt's lust blown eyes stared back at him. He shuffled forwards and placed his legs either side of Kurt's crossed ones to sit in his lap. He draped his arms around Kurt's neck and peppered his face with kisses, smirking as Kurt's breathing became heavy and he could feel his hands gripping the back of his shirt.

"How long are they gone for?" Kurt breathed.

"Long enough."

Kurt blinked blearily as his eyes adjusted to the morning light. He rolled over and threw an arm across Blaine's chest, nuzzling into his neck. He glanced towards his door as something in the corner of his eye moved and quickly shuffled away from Blaine and pulled the duvet up over his own bare torso, half covering Blaine's at the same time. Blaine began to wake up from all the movement and frowned up at Kurt, only to follow his gaze and suddenly bury himself under the mound of pillows around him.

"Uh, hi Dad."

"Morning, kiddo." Burt stood in the doorway, hands in his pockets with an amused expression on his face. "Tell Blaine he can come out of there, will you? I'm not going to hurt him." Kurt nodded and poked at Blaine's side under the duvet. There was no response so he lifted a pillow off Blaine's face.

"He said he's not going to hurt you."

"I'm half naked in his son's bed. This seems like prime time to shoot me," Blaine whispered. Kurt eyed his Dad again and shrugged.

"Blaine?" Burt called across the room. Blaine flinched a little but peered over the top of the pillow. "Me and Kurt are pretty close, so he tends to tell me when he has big life changes. You two having sex for the first time a while ago counted as a big life change so I am quite aware of the reason he asked if you could stay over last night." Blaine raised his eyebrows and glanced towards Kurt who was fidgeting uncomfortably by his side. "Even if he hadn't told me, deaf, dumb and blind people would have known after Kurt said 'I'm not going to see him for a while so we need to make up for it.'"

"Stop talking, Dad. Please," Kurt begged. Burt was close to bursting into laughter at the embarrassment both boys were feeling but he simply nodded goodbye and left the room after informing them breakfast would be ready in 20 minutes. "I am so sorry," Kurt groaned, looking apologetically at Blaine. Blaine rubbed his hands over his face as he exhaled heavily.

"As awful as that was, you're Dad's pretty brilliant."

"Yeah, he is," Kurt smiled. "Now, come on," he said, throwing the duvet off both of them and patting Blaine's stomach. "Breakfast and then I have a plane to catch!" Blaine grumbled at the last statement and reluctantly got out of bed.

"I could stay here and not take you to the airport," Blaine suggested.

"You could if you want to be single again," Kurt deadpanned. Blaine huffed and followed Kurt into the bathroom where he was beginning his morning routine.

Blaine parked his car in the drop off bay, turned off the ignition and climbed out to open Kurt's door. A taxi pulled up behind Blaine's car and Finn, Carole and Burt stepped out of it. Each person took their bags from the boot of each vehicle and Burt paid the taxi driver, sending him off with a nod of thanks. Blaine made sure all of Kurt's belongings were out before shutting the trunk and moving to lean against the side of the car. He put his hands in his pockets and stared at the ground, kicking at imaginary stones. Kurt was drumming his fingers against the handle of his suitcase as he gave Blaine a sad smile.

"I'll be back in three days."

"Yeah," Blaine sighed. He glanced up at Kurt and pushed himself off the car to wrap him in a hug. Kurt embraced Blaine's waist and placed a kiss to his neck.

"It's three days, Blaine. I'll ring you every evening and text you whenever I get the chance, okay?" Blaine nodded and squeezed Kurt tighter.

"I love you."

"I love you more," Kurt smiled as he pulled away from the hug. Blaine chuckled and leant in for a brief kiss.

"I know it's not until Sunday but Happy Birthday," he murmured against Kurt's lips. Kurt ran a hand through Blaine's hair and rubbed their noses together.

"Thank you." The two boys were interrupted as Burt called over that they should start moving if they wanted to catch their plane. Kurt held up his index finger, indicating to give them a moment and Burt tutted.

"You better go. Speak to you later?"

"I'll text you when we land?" Kurt offered and Blaine nodded. With one last kiss, Kurt took hold of his baggage and joined his family. He stopped briefly as they came to the doors into the airport and looked over his shoulder at Blaine. "I love you, I'll miss you and I'll see you Sunday." Blaine raised a hand to wave goodbye and watched Kurt go, not missing the wink he received from Burt once he knew Kurt was otherwise occupied.

Kurt fidgeted in his seat, constantly checking the time on his phone and tapping his foot. Finn was watching from next to him with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. Burt, who was on Kurt's other side, was mid conversation with Carole so couldn't chastise his son for being impatient.

"Are we ever going to be able to top this a present?" Finn asked, hoping to distract Kurt for a while until the show began.

"I doubt it. London, The West End, Wicked, on my birthday. Nope. Never going to top it," Kurt beamed. "Well, actually," Kurt started and Finn was listening intently, wanting to know what could possibly be better than this for Kurt. "It would be impossible to top if Blaine was here."

"Next time, we'll bring Blaine then," Finn laughed.

"Don't make promises you may not keep," Burt commented, joining their discussion.

"Oh next time, he's coming, Dad," Kurt stated firmly.

"I swear you'd take that boy everywhere if you could," Burt muttered and Kurt shrugged indifferently, but the coy smile on his face said his Dad was right. Kurt began to squeal as the lights dimmed and music began to play. His Dad shushed him quietly and Kurt snapped his mouth shut, clenching his jaw to stop himself from getting overexcited. Finn nudged him gently and Kurt looked up at him.

"Happy Birthday, dude." In another situation, Kurt may have complained at being called 'dude' but he simply grinned and turned his attention back to the show, his face a glow with pure delight.

As the show ended and the cast came onto the stage once more for their last bows, Kurt was bouncing on the balls of his feet and applauding enthusiastically. The house lights came up shortly after and Kurt sunk back into his seat, leaning his head on his Dad's shoulder.

"Best. Birthday. Ever," he said breathlessly. Carole leant around Burt to smile at Kurt.

"We're glad you enjoyed it, Kurt, but your birthdays not over yet and we have one more present for you." Kurt lifted his head in interest and raised an eyebrow.

"Is this going to be a small little thing that won't be as good as Wicked and I'll have to pretend I love it just as much?" Kurt asked hesitantly, having to raise his voice slightly to speak over the noise of the audience leaving the theatre.

"Are backstage passes a little thing?" Finn mused. Kurt's eyes widened and he opened and closed his mouth trying to find an appropriate response. Carole delved into her bag and pulled out 4 lanyards, each with an ID inside stating they had full backstage access. Kurt shrieked, causing a few members of the leaving audience to jump and eye him suspiciously, and grabbed at one of the lanyards, clutching it to his chest.

"This would still be better if Blaine were here," he remarked. Burt smirked and leant back in his chair.

"The guy I spoke to on the phone about all this said the cast would do a special performance for you once the place had emptied out, so we'll just sit here and wait alright?"

"Stop making this day more amazing! I'm going to implode," Kurt groaned as he threw his head back to rest on the top of the chair.

"Implode away," Finn said, poking at Kurt's arm so he looked back towards the stage. Kurt's gaze fell on the lead actress of the play as she began to sing and Kurt immediately recognised the music and words to be 'For Good.' Kurt's jaw dropped as she smiled down at Kurt, singing in perfect tune. Kurt thought back to his short time on the Broadway stage of Wicked where he performed the song with Rachel and his eyes began to fill with tears. As the actress came to the end of her first verse, Kurt eagerly awaited the arrival of the other actress and he almost choked when a familiar voice replaced what should've been that of the woman portraying Glinda. He looked at his Dad and Carole and Burt pointed towards the stage.

"You really want to be looking up there, kid," he chuckled and Kurt closed his eyes, turned his head and felt his heart flutter as the singing continued. When he opened his eyes he let out a ragged breath through his smile and allowed a tear to trail over his cheek. He didn't even let the song reach a peak, much to his Dad's protests, before clambering over the one row in front and climbing up onto the stage to throw himself at Blaine. He jumped up to wrap his legs around Blaine's waist and his arms around his shoulders. Blaine laughed into his neck and clasped his hands together underneath Kurt to hold him up.

"You're such a sneaky bastard," Kurt sniffed, nuzzling into Blaine's hair. Blaine pulled back and captured Kurt's lips, breathing heavily as they parted. He glanced down to Kurt's family and was happy to see them smiling up at him. Looking at Kurt again he pressed their foreheads together.

"Happy Birthday."

"Sneaky bastard," Kurt repeated as he huffed out small laugh. "You amazing, wonderful, ridiculously sneaky bastard. God, I love you."

"Love you more," Blaine replied as he let Kurt stand back on the ground. "And stop calling me a sneaky bastard. It was your Dad who organised everything."

"I don't care. You went along with it and kept secrets from me!" Kurt whined.

"But it was worth it, right?"

"Am I allowed to say no?" Kurt grinned mischievously.

"If you want me to hop straight back on a plane to America, then yes." Kurt chuckled and squeezed Blaine's hands that were entwined with his own. "Now, come one. There's a cast of people backstage who can't wait to meet you." He tugged on Kurt's hand and gestured at the rest of the family to come and join them.

"They don't even know me. How can they be wanting to meet me?"

"Considering I've been here most of the day rambling about you to anyone who'd listen, I'd say a fair few of them know who you are," Blaine murmured, a slight blush tinting his cheeks. Kurt sighed and shook his head.

"Blaine Warbler, what am I gonna do with you?"

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