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Pain, it was the only feeling Gohan could register inside his small 11 year old body. Minutes earlier he had sent Cell, the insectoid murderer of hundreds of innocents, straight into hell, everyone around him was joyous ecstatic that the monster had been defeated, everyone except Gohan and Vegeta. Gohan was obviously distraught over the loss his father, and Vegeta had lost his reason for becoming better, but there was something else in the eyes of the Saiyan prince, it was shame.

He had an easy chance to destroy the insect before he had reached his perfect form, and now because of his damned stubbornness and pride he had robbed a son of his father, little did he know Gohan was having similar thoughts. With his new power Gohan had become cocky and stubborn, he had toyed with the monster called Cell, he had wanted to make him pay for everything, to make a cyborg learn what it was to feel pain and fear, what he wasn't expecting was for Cell to show cowardice.

Dad? As Gohan lay there on the ground unmoving, the burning sensation in his muscles increasing with every moment, as the pain enveloped his entire body. He had fought a long and hard battle with Cell; it had taken everything Gohan had and more, his body shutting down from its over-use. He could only close his eyes and remember.

'Take care of your mother for me.' The last words he had said to Gohan. The harsh reality of his father's death was starting to hit as the Z fighters cheered all around me.

His father was dead. Their supposed friend, the hero of Earth, dead.

Why are they celebrating? What is there to be happy about? I have failed. I have failed to protect my father and now he's gone.

Gohan was only eleven yet now he had to deal with the responsibilities of a man. How can I just take a hero's place? His place. I am nothing but a boy. A failure.

Screaming, Gohan's energy began to build. Bubbling up, from deep within him as he cried out to his father, pleading for his return. His energy continued to rise reaching critical levels, scouring him as it began to tear him apart from the inside.

Dad. Why won't you come back? Why? I need you. Mom needs you too. I love you. I'm sorry I failed. I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough when it counted, but you can't go. I need you.

I-I…I can't do this without you. I never could.

Kneeling on the ground with his hands over his face, Gohan could feel his energy slipping away as his emotions took over. His black hair returning, his muscles decreasing to their original size, the pain increasing, and becoming unbearable.

Pain was nothing new to Gohan. It was what he had to deal with his entire life, it wasn't strange nor was it uncommon. And now? It was so easy to overlook when Gohan had just lost the thing that mattered to him the most. His father. His hero. His all.

Gohan's head could only sink lower, till it was adjacent with the ground. His hands hiding his face from the world, Gohan did not want it to see the boy revealed to be its saviour so weak, so defenceless, so vulnerable. A slave to his emotions, to his anger and to himself. The moment tear drops began to pool in Gohan's hands, he was awoken from his disillusioned state by a certain prince's gloved hand on his shoulder.

Why are they still cheering? Don't they care?

"It isn't that they don't care Gohan, if they don't laugh and be joyous then they will be in the same state as you, I whole heartedly believe Kakkarot wouldn't want us to be mourning him, I think he would rather us all smile and be cheerful, for a man who has seen so much misery, it would be a stain on his soul if he was the cause of it," said Vegeta with what seemed genuine kindness

"Still how many more people have to die for me?" screamed Gohan pounding his fist into the ground.

The crowd of joyous friends and fighters, had now stopped with their celebrations and had turned to Gohan, the boy was in his normal form, but every time he pounded the ground a small crater of cracks and rubble would appear, emphasized with the howling cries of the young half Saiyan.

"First dad then Piccolo and now dad again, why am I so weak? Why does everyone have to get hurt because of me? Why can't I protect them?" screamed Gohan, punching the ground even harder.

"Because Gohan, all Saiyan's are born fools, I was a fool for letting Cell live, your father is one for putting his life on the line multiple times even after he knows the rules of resurrection, but I suppose that's why he was that way, Kakkarot was a happy fool because he did everything to protect others before thinking of himself, do not think yourself weak Gohan. You have proven yourself a more capable warrior than me or Kakkarot, I saw something in the eyes of your father before he took Cell with him, it was pride," remarked Vegeta in a rare moment of sincerity.

However it did nothing to improve Gohan's mood, in fact it made it worse, he was now using ki to obliterate the ground beneath him.

"It was the false pride of a dead man, nothing more than that, if anything he was looking on me with pity just as all of you are now, poor little Gohan has got himself into trouble again and there was no one around to help him, if anything I'm better off without him, without all of you looking on me like that," bawled Gohan.

While Gohan was hunched over bawling, no one had noticed the usually calm Piccolo move nearer to him, but there was a scowl on his face and a strange look in his eyes, no one expected him to do what he did. Straining against the pure force of Gohan's aura, Piccolo lifted the boy off of his knees, and in the next instant floored him with all his might.

"Enough of this incessant crying, you are not the only one who has lost here. We have all lost a dear friend today; every fighter here wishes it could have been them that had to sacrifice themselves. Your acting like a damn spoilt brat, me and you're father taught you better than this," spat Piccolo with venom and anger staining his voice.

Gohan hadn't even flinched from Piccolo's strike, even with the Namekians arm still implanted in the child's gut; he did not stop his tirade. All of this was being captured by a copter flying overhead.

Just like the rest of the world Videl Satan was glued to her television set, the monster known as Cell had invited the greatest martial artists in the world to fight for the fate for the Earth, obviously her father had been invited. I hope that green freak hurts him, just like he has hurt so many others.

She had grown up in the lap of luxury, all thanks to her father's winnings from various tournaments and advertisement deals, for anyone else it would have been a dream come true, but for Videl, for everything she had she was still missing one thing. Her mother.

She had been told by her father that her mother had died a few months after she was born, he never did tell her the how she had died. However Videl's nanny explained to Videl when she was a little older that her mother had died of a broken heart, her father was known as a bit of a womaniser around the city, he had been caught cheating various times over the years by many people, but her mother never believed it. She truly did love that man with all her heart, and when she caught him in bed with another woman, it broke it in two.

Videl was broke out of her thoughts by a booming voice coming from the television. "I the world champion, challenge you Cell for the fate of this world," the damn fool, standing there puffing his chest out, wearing that god awful cape and world champion belt around everywhere as if it was a piece of his usual wardrobe.

"You challenge me, the wind is stronger than you, go home, I have no team for pathetic weaklings," came the bored voice of Cell.

"Weakling, I am the world champi..."

"And I'm the king of the fairies it makes no difference, beat it before I beat you into the ground," retorted Cell once again, the same look plastered on his face.

"I'll show you," screamed Mr Satan, rushing forward head on to face Cell "Dynamite punch!"

But before the attack even reached Cell, he flashed his aura causing the wind to kick up and blast the world champ into his camera crew.

After that all Videl could see was static, getting up from her slouched position on her huge recliner, Videl got up to smack the side of the television.

"Come on you piece of junk, don't crap out on me now, argh, scratch that, all the money in the world, and I still don't have a mother, or cable, this blows," announced Videl to the empty house, her voice echoing around the halls

But that's another thing money can't buy, everyone is so damn afraid to become friends with me because of my father, I wish I could just live a normal life, with normal parents and be a happy normal child. Well normal at least, I don't think I can be happy again after that idiot took my mother away from me.

As well as being told the reason her mother was no longer with them, Videl's nanny also told her some things about her as well, that her name was Aurora, and that Videl was the carbon copy of her mother, right down to her eyes, the deep purple eyes that dazzled in the day or during the night, all in all her mother was a beautiful person, why her father ever strayed was a mystery to all.

Grr, living in the past won't help me, I need to concentrate on the present, and right now people are fighting for this planet and the god damn television has cut out, urgh screw it I need some air anyway.

Walking out of the huge oak double doors of her father's mansion, Videl took in the sights of the bustling orange star city, the huge columns of glass and steel reflected the sunlight at every angle, typing in the security code, the huge steel security gates began to split to reveal the bustling pavement and speeding hovercars, even among the sea of people Videl could easily spot her elderly maid Marion her arms completely full with groceries, walking towards the mansion. Rushing over to help her with the bags, Videl didn't see the smaller girl at Marion's side and they came together with a clash of heads.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, sorry about that I wasn't looking where I was going," said the small blonde haired girl who Videl had ran into.

"Totally my fault, I wasn't watching where I was going, hey Marion need a hand with these bags, here let me take a few," said Videl politely, taking a few of the bags form the elderly maid.

"Oh thank you Miss Satan, but my granddaughter Erasa was doing just fine on her own, I was just getting a few things for dinner, Erasa here wanted to help me out, were you planning on going anywhere Miss Satan" said the obviously tired Marion.

Videl always had time for her elderly maid, she wasn't like the rest in her father's employ, Marion treated her like a regular human being, Videl would even go so far as to class her as a surrogate grandmother, and it seemed her granddaughter, Erasa shared the same trait. Scrapping her idea to go for a walk, Videl turned around and led the pair inside.

"Don't worry about it and Marion, you don't have to call me Miss Satan, my father isn't here, just call me Videl, same for you Erasa, I'm just a normal person no better than the next one," exclaimed Videl, flashing a smile at the pair.

All Marion could do was smile, child every day you continue to remind me of your mother, such a loyal loving person, who shows kindness to anyone she meets; it's just a shame your father could never pick up those traits.

"Hey put your feet up you two, your shift doesn't start for another ten minutes, I wonder if the television is working again, the whole thing turned to static earlier," shouted Videl from the kitchen.

As Marion flicked on the television a breaking news bulletin showed up, the scenes seemed to be from the destroyed Cell ring, there wasn't a single sign of the green monster left, just a small group of people, however one of them was on his knees pounding the ground. Videl didn't notice until she had re entered the living room that her father wasn't anywhere in sight.

Figures he probably ran away, but oh my that young boys face its full of so much hate, so much anger, so much pain.

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