After being revived by Him and yet again being defeated, the boys decided to spend their time doing what the average 5 year old boy with super powers would do.

"Hm, if we're gonna stay in this dinky town we're gonna need to find a place to live, Butch, go east, Boomer, go west" exclaimed Brick.


"Hey guys! I think I found a place!" Boomer called out to his brothers.

"Good work. Hm, it looks like there's already someone in there. Oh well," said Brick.

"Ay! Get off my property you rascal Powerpuff Girls!" angrily shouted Fuzzylumpkins.

"Who you calling Powerpuff Girls, loser!" cried Butch and his brother

"You must be- you're-"

"We're the RowdyRuff Boys, and we're gonna kick your butt!" they exclaimed in unison.

Punches and kicks were thrown by the boys to the poor unsuspecting fuzzy criminal.

"This oughta keep you out of our hair" Brick smirked as the boys tied him up in a corner of his home."

"Hm." Boomer thought

"Whats a matter bro?' asked Butch

"I wonder what our parents are doing."

"Well what are we waiting for, lets visit them." said Brick devilishly

The boys flied off looking for the home of their first father, the evil money and the Powerpuff's enemy, Mojo Jojo.

"Hey pops!" Brick shouted as he and the boys crashed through the roof.

"Boys!" Mojo called with a glisten and tear in his eye. "I knew you'd come back to me! And not Him! For it is I, your creator, the one who created you, and not Him, for he is not your creator-"

"Shut up!" punched Butch.

"Well, what are you boys doing here then, and why aren't you with Him?"

"Because. We're bored." replied the boys plainly.

"Mojo!" an angry voice shouted from a swirly puff of red clouds.

"What do you think you're doing with my boys?" said Him.

"Aw gosh, here we go again." Brick rolled his eyes and crossed his arms remembering the last time they had a custody battle.

As Mojo and Him started arguing, the boys interveined.

"We told you! We don't care who our dad is, all we care about is beating up the Powerpuff Girls!"

"Fine, how bout every other week, we switch," said Mojo to Him.

"Fine, so who gets them this week" asked Him

"Well, considering they dropped in at my house, and not your house, but the house that is mine and not yours-"

"Get on with it you stupid monkey!"

"Stupid monkey! Well I'll keep them this week and you'll take them next week."

"Fine, toodleloo boys! Mojo." and off Him went.

"Isn't that wonderful boys! You're stayng with Daddy!" Mojo said.

"Uh, look we already got our own place. We had to beat up this Fuzzy guy for it." said Butch.

"Fuzzy guy, Fuzzylumpkins?"

"I guess."

"Oh! But stay! In the house of your original creator, and not the-"

"Shut up, fine we'll stay if it'll keep you quiet" said Brick.

"Hey Brick" asked the youngest of the brothers

"Yeah Boomer?"

"Should we go free that Fuzzy guy?"

with a slight pause, "... Nah." Brick and Butch both said casually.

"Well boys, looks like we're back in town again, and no sissy Powerpuff girls are gonna stop us." said Brick to his brothers.