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Here is chapter 24 everybody, it starts with girl talk time.

Chapter 24: Blood

"What's wrong with him?" Sarah asked Erica who was painting her nails, red, and half listening to a word Sarah was saying.

Erica looked at him, "Sarah, are you really surprised? Rory's been watching me, I knew sooner or later he'd try it."

"But with Ethan? Ethan! We vowed we would touch Ethan or Benny, or at least Rory and I did anyway." Sarah corrected.

Erica scoffed, "Sarah, eventually it was bound to happen, so chillax! Who knows, maybe now that the loser's had a little taste of the good stuff, he might leave King Nerd alone."

"Well King Nerd might die if Rory hasn't had enough of, the good stuff." Sarah stressed using air quotes.

Erica forced the cap back on her nail polish, in aggravation at Sarah, "Sarah what do you want me to say? Those two losers were out of line?"

"Yes!" Sarah said stating the obvious.

Erica nodded her head slowly, "I would, but Sarah you aren't exactly innocent."

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked her, pondering what Erica was implying.

Erica stood up, "I mean Sarah, I know you. You probably jumped all over your poor math geek and that short, blonde loser."

"It's not like they didn't deserve it." Sarah noted.

Erica shook her head, "Well Sarah, you're accusing that clumsy freak of attacking his friend for his blood. I don't know Vampire Dork that well, but I don't think he'd try to kill your precious Ethan... he doesn't have the grapes."

"That's what Ms. Weir said." Sarah noted shaking her head. "I've just never been so mad at Ethan, and I don't know why."

Erica smiled, "I do. You're jealous."

"Jealous of who? Rory? Ha!" Sarah said trying to deny it, but Erica could see right through her.

Erica asked Sarah, "Then why do you seem so pissed to know that Ethan is spending the majority of his down time with him, or the fact that he offered one of his veins to Vampire Ninja over you?"

Sarah fell back on Erica's bed and stared at the ceiling, "I've been in denial Erica." Sarah said softly.

"Denial and the little green monster aren't a perfect fit you know, S?" Erica asked her.

Sarah nodded in agreement, "I know. I just... it feels like I'm losing Ethan."

"You can't lose what you've never had." Erica commented. Sarah looked at her, "Yeah, I said it Sarah. And you know I'm right."

Sarah said to Erica, "One of the things that should be top priority to us is to track down who really harmed Ethan. But instead, it's been Ethan and Rory versus Benny and myself the past few days."

"Sarah, you really need to talk to him then, both of them maybe... although it'd be wise to wait until you've cleared your head and cooled down. Knowing you, you'll likely go off on the both of them." Erica joked.

Sarah wryly chuckled, "Yeah, I almost killed Rory this morning, I'd hate to try it twice in one day."

"On second thought, go ahead and talk to them now." Erica changed.

The three boys were upstairs in Benny's room, they sitting quietly. Ethan on the bed rubbing his wrist, Rory next to him, Benny sitting in his computer thinking of a way to get out of his punishment. Benny did a loud clap, "I got it! I'm gonna lie to grandma and say I need to fight a ghost, and we'll actually be over at Ethan's watching a movie!" Rory just stared at Benny in disbelief of what he had just said, Ethan was focusing on the bite marks on his wrists. Benny asked them, "Can I at least get a "you're stupid Benny, that plan'll never work?"" Benny asked of them.

"Benny, you're stupid." Rory said. Benny looked at Rory, waiting for him to continue, "That's it." Rory joked, a huge grin on his face. Benny growled softly. Rory looked over at Ethan who kept playing with his arm. "Does it hurt?" Rory asked Ethan who kept rubbing the slowly healing bite marks.

Benny chuckled, "If a blood thirsty vampire attacked me, I'd be hurting too. Especially if he's my best friend."

"Benny stop." Ethan said exhausted, "If another uproar is caused, your grandmother will ground all of us, and ground you longer." Ethan then looked over to Rory who was sitting next to him, with a concerned look on his face, "It doesn't hurt Rory, but it is aggravating me, feels like it's tingling."

Benny yelled, "Fledgling, I knew it!"

"Benny, I'm not a fledgling. If I was, you'd be my first and last victim." Ethan joked, smiling.

Benny stood up, "You guys think this is funny?"

"I think how you're overreacting is funny, but you're right it's not." Ethan said.

Rory stammered, "I-I basically forced my fangs into your arm Ethan... I admit it." Rory said that looking at Benny who came over to inspect Ethan's arm.

Benny looked at it, to Rory, and back at the wound. "Geez Rory, you've got some big chompers." Rory simply smiled brightly, Benny simply rolled his eyes. "Something wrong E, you're kinda quiet... don't tell me what grandma was saying is still on your mind?" Benny asked him.

"N-no, it's not that," Ethan sighed looking from Benny and Rory, "How are my parents, and Jane?"

Benny added, "Good question, I haven't talked to the Ethan clone in a few days." Ethan folded his arms and looked at Benny, "Ethan, we needed to do something while you were in the hospital, your folks didn't need to think anything was off."

"Benny, how do you know that clone hasn't turned evil and killed my parents?" Ethan asked him frantically.

Benny reassured him, "E, relax! It was a spell I did myself from a photo you took last year. No evil cameras were involved in any way."

"Why do I still feel no comfort in that thought?" Ethan commented, "Is there any harm in wanting to see if my parents and sister are okay with my own two eyes?"

Benny quickly answered, "Yes! Big harm!"

"How so?" Ethan snapped.

"If your folks see two of you Ethan, it's over!" Benny explained, "I don't know about you, but it's going to be pretty hard to explain that and other goings on that happen when they're not home."

Ethan shook his head, "You're being an idiot."

"It's a bad idea if you go E, on the other hand me or Roy could run over there and, check things out." Benny responded, Benny noticed Ethan was just staring at him, "Why are you so worried about them? Normally you're trying to avoid your parents!"

Ethan snapped back, "So if you hadn't seen grandma for days you wouldn't be worried?"

"Whoa E, where is this coming from?" Benny asked him.

Ethan shook his head, frustrated with Benny, he was walking out of the bedroom, "If you need me, I'll be sitting on the porch out back."

"I bet he misses them too." Roy said to Benny, who staring at his bedroom door. "You're right Benny, if Ethan's parents see double, it's gonna be bad." Benny looked at Roy then, who continued "It's gonad be bad regardless if Ethan doesn't at least see his family."

Benny asked Roy, "Do you think Ethan's been having visions and not telling anyone?"

"I don't know about visions, but he's been having nightmares." When Roy said that, Benny gave him a concerned look, "Nothing outrageous, he just dreamed about who hurt hum, I asked him, but he didn't tell me. He called himself weak."

Benny asked him shocked, "When did Ethan tell you this?"

"The night you tried to kill me with holy water." Roy wryly answered, "But anyway, I told Ethan that he wasn't and that we have his back."

Benny added, "And you're thinking someone was in danger in Ethan's nightmares."

"He was painfully whispering that he was sorry over and over." Roy told him.

Benny thought for a minute, "I don't like it Roy, Ethan's parents happen to see two of him, they'll freak, they'll really freak when they see the other Ethan looks as if he got run over by a truck!" Benny saw Roy get up off the bed and began to walk out of the room, "Where are you going?"

"Making sure Ethan doesn't decide to jump in front of a truck." Roy answered walking downstairs.

Ethan sat staring, outside on the steps of the porch, Roy watched him in the window and he got an idea. Roy rushed outside and tapped Ethan on his shoulder, Ethan turned around expecting someone to be there, but there was no one there. He shrugged it until he felt the same tapping on his other shoulder, he looked in the other direction, and there was still no one there. "What in the-" Ethan mumbled, he then felt it on both of his shoulders and he sharply turned around, "I must be going nuts." He turned back forward and,

"Boo!" Rory yelled standing directly in front of Ethan, causing Ethan to jump back onto the porch.

Rory was giggling, but Ethan on the other hand didn't find it too amusing, "Rory, jeez! I thought you stopped doing that?"

"I was trying to make you smile." Rory said innocently.

Ethan shook his head and snapped, "Well, you scared the crap out of me instead!" Ethan saw that Rory fell silent, "I'm sorry, you were just trying to help my sour mood." Rory sat down next to Ethan on the steps, as soon as Rory did, Ethan felt his own heart rate go up. "Oh no, not this again. Why is it I can barely control myself when I'm around Rory now?" Ethan unconsciously began playing with the bite marks on his wrists again, "Although I almost died, when Rory's fangs were in my wrists, I've never felt closer to him. Oh God this is so weird, besides, Rory probably doesn't even like me like that anyway."

"I know you want to see them Ethan, but for once, Benny's right, it's risky." Rory said to him, he was more calmer about it than Benny was.

Ethan looked at Rory and said softly, "Dude I get it, but I just want to see them, that's all, nothing more or less."

Rory looked in Ethan's eyes, seeing sadness and fear in them, "Oh-okay," Rory said awkwardly, adding, "You sure there is nothing else you want to talk about?"

"There is nothing else to talk about." Ethan responded stressfully. Ethan having a flashback, or the recollection of one, last night when Rory bit him.

Rory's fangs extended, he forcefully grabbed Ethan's wrist and forced his fangs in, all concern for Ethan basically flying out of the window. Ethan winced loudly in pain and grabbed onto Rory, gripping him hard, as a way of easing the pain. "R-rory," Ethan stammered.

Ethan sat there thinking that although Rory was almost literally sucked the life out of him, for a second, that one second, when he grabbed onto Rory, holding him, clutching him, Ethan enjoyed that one second. The seconds after that one were a blur to Ethan. The two sat there quiet and they both unconsciously sat their hands on top of each other's, triggering a vision for Ethan a very disturbing one.

Ethan saw the townspeople running in the streets, being attacked by people, but they weren't people, they were vampires, he saw that they were all taking orders by Jesse, even Sarah, Erica, and Rory, but the worse part, they were all covered in blood. And to top it all off, Ethan saw that he was staring at a pair of angry and glowing yellow eyes.

He jumped out of his vision frantically blinking to see a pair of warm and concerned, and normal, green eyes. "Ethan you okay, you zoned out for a minute." Rory asked, a hand on Ethan's shoulder.

Ethan made a loud gulping sound and thought, "I really hope what I saw doesn't happen, but it's likely inevitable. And I really hope Sarah nor Rory get wrapped up into this."

Ethan gave Rory an awkward laugh.

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