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Prologue – Pain and Fear

A piercing scream shattered the silence that surrounded them and the alley was perfectly still except for the body in the centre which crumpled to the ground at their feet. No longer held by what they had just done, they turned and ran, the crunch of their feet on the gravel steadily getting further and further away. The buildings that hid the alley remained dark, no movement came from within them and no sound escaped them as the darkness swallowed up the broken body, hiding it from anyone's first glance. The glow of moonlight illuminated the fire escape stairway at the mouth of the alley where a bird sat high up on a railing, like it had for the last hour proving nothing went by completely unseen as its sparkling eyes didn't miss a thing. It watched as the body lay still on the ground before leaving its perch for a closer view. As it landed on the ground it could now see the movements of the chest with each breath and retreated back to the safety of the stairs. The darkness slowly lifted but the bird and the figure did not move and as the sun rose everything remained still and silent, the alley being a world of its own, cut off from nearby streets and unused by the occupants of the surrounding buildings..


A young girl lay hidden underneath a bed in a dark room. She was curled up in a ball as she cried, her long curly reddish brown hair falling over her face while her hand pressed over her mouth in an attempt to muffle her sobs. Her body shook with fear and her attempt to hold back her tears while her normal sparkling green eyes were puffy and bloodshot. Her newly brought pink dress was now dusty and dirty from when she had struggled underneath the bed on the dusty floor. She knew they were still in the flat, searching for something but it wasn't her. She moved slightly to enable her to see out from her hiding place and as she did she saw nothing other than the messy floor that to her was normal. She listened hard, trying to hear anything but everything had suddenly gone quiet. She slowly uncurled and removed her hand from her mouth, allowing her cries to be audible now that she was sure they had gone. She crawled out from underneath the bed and stood up to look around. Everything was quiet and still now which suggested they had left but also meant he wasn't back yet. She flopped back onto the bed before she lifted her hand up to roughly wipe her tears away but as she sat there more followed and she turned and grabbed the nearest thing to her, a pillow, and hugged it tightly. She buried her pretty face into and cried as she took in the scent the pillow held. It was comforting in a way but in another way it only made her worse. This wasn't her room, this was his room but he wasn't here and hadn't been for a while. She was hungry, scared and alone. He should have been back, he had promised he would be and she had trusted him.