The Last Slayer

By Jen

The slayer line has been wiped out and for the last twenty years the Watcher's Council has been fighting a losing battle with evil. The only upper hand they have is Angel, a vampire cursed with a soul and fights with the good to make amends for what he has done. He now acts as the slayer with the help of Giles and Wes, two Watchers guiding him. Angel has picked up two friends along the way, a werewolf and a queen bee. Also Angel has some extra help to communicate with the Powers That Be with a half Irish demon Doyle. But one day Angel stumbles on a college girl and comes to find that she maybe the last slayer.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Joss Whedon, I own nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel if I owned Angel he would have been shirtless at least half of all his episodes both BTVS and Angel combined and Angel and Buffy would have remained together and had lots of little vampires.

Chapter 1 The High Council

Angel walked through the halls of the old building, hearing his footsteps echo. The sun had set and he wanted to go out and patrol but tonight the Council had other plans. He hated going before these old men. It felt like they had no sympathy on the war going on outside, he was just a tool in this battle. Angel never felt welcomed here in this building he was a vampire. Not only was he a vampire he was known as Angelus the vampire with an angelic face, the Scourge of Europe. He brutally tortured his victims and drove them insane so much that they begged for death. It wasn't until he killed a gypsy girl that he was given a soul. He would always see the faces of those he killed. Angel proved himself that he was here for good by killing his sire Darla. But the older members of the Council were still leery of this vampire. They only found him because he was protecting one of the slayers twenty years ago.

Angel stood in front of the double wooden doors and took in an unnecessary breath and the doors parted just enough so he could walk in. Angel walked in the room as a table was before him, twelve men sitting there with papers and files before them. Angel took his spot in the center of the room and like always a bottle of holy water, a stake and a cross was near each leader. Angel could never become the evil thing known as Angelus unless he sold his soul but the Council was always on their guard especially in these dark times. Angel stood there waiting for the men to finish up whatever it was they were doing. He looked around the room as it was covered in old paintings and housed old pottery.

"Angel," Travens begun and looked up at the vampire. "How are things out there?" Angel shrugged, but much more was wanted to be said. Angel disliked this man but had to kiss up to him in order to get anything done. Although the Council always had a way to go about things Angel always undermined their authority and did it his way, his way got the job done, maybe messy but the end result was the most important part. "Well pack your bags we're sending you to a new place."

"What hell hole am I going to now?" Angel asked he wasn't interested in this meeting; it was all politics and proper English. One thing to get under their skin was to talk with his Irish accent that seem to bother them just a little bit. Travens smiled and stood up and walked around the really unnecessary long table and stood before Angel looking up to him. Angel was twice this man's size and everyone knew Angel can easily take this man out in one swift move. "Why we're sending you to a little town called Sunnydale." Travens smiled and brushed Angel's shoulder. Angel nodded but had never heard of the town. "It's in California."

"You mean you're sending me back to the States." Angel said and Travens nodded with his smile and nodded. The States, California nonetheless, Angel was there in L.A. once well he called it Hell A. Too much sun for his taste. "What's there?" He asked.

"Demonic activity has increased over the last year there, figure you can check it out and come back with a report and a full report this time none this shotty stuff like your mission in Peru." Traven then circled the vampire. Angel smiled about the mission in Peru, it was suppose to be a search and kills a quick in and out but Angel always liked to go big and go home. The Peru demons knew not to step out of line every again after Angel left.

"How long?" Angel asked giving an unnecessary sigh. He was tired and really just wanted to go to bed before tomorrow's debriefing and getting yelled at because he did everything wrong but the Council couldn't afford to lose him. It was an endless cycle.

"We're giving you six months at least."

"At least?" Angel asked, he wasn't happy; he could fly in gather information and be back here in three weeks. "Why so freakin," But he was cut off.

"It is necessary ok my friend. Demons just don't flock to one place for no reason. We need ample data to understand why."

"Why not send your little recon spies like Riley? He's the good old boy scout." Angel said will an attitude and Travens smile. "If it's just a research mission you don't need me or my people. Riley's people does the research we just do the slaying."

"Yeah but we're not sure what's going on." Another Council member said. "Some force maybe needed." Angel scoffed, he was needed elsewhere not some Beverley Hills place. And the name Sunnydale, sounded like the worst place for a vampire to be.

"You leave tomorrow night." Travens informed and Angel threw up his hands in complete frustration.

"I need to get my crew together I need data, passports need to be up to speed not to mention all of us just got back from Romania and we're all just a little bit tired at least a three day break would be nice." Angel was whining but standing up for his friends, they would be just as upset about leaving right now after flying back in last night.

"Well there's the beauty, you guys are already packed." Travens chuckled but Angel glared at him. Over the last year the Council has been over working him and he was growing tired of more work and no rest. He loved killing evil it felt good but once in a while, just three days of not doing anything would be nice. "How about this my friend, after this trip to Sunnydale you and your friends can have one week off."

"Two." Angel said and Travens knew that he couldn't argue out of this.

"Fine two now we've already informed your crew so get some rest it's off to the good old U.S.A. You're dismissed." Travens waved his hand and Angel left the room and walked back to his quarters.

Angel walked in to see Cordelia on the couch with a blanket over her, she looked exhausted but she was already online doing research on Sunnydale. Angel took off his trench coat and tossed it on the rack next to the door. Cordelia was rescued by Angel when he was in New York three years ago and she wanted to help so now she does research on the places they go. Oz then came in the room with a plate stacked high with pizza. Oz and Angel ran into each other five years ago and learned of his werewolf background. Angel was able to use that to his advantage. Doyle sat at Cordelia's feet rubbing them. Doyle was Irish like Angel and a close friend. Doyle was half demon which also helped in this war. At first Cordelia was resistant to Doyle but in the last year they grew closer and now she saw pass the demon. Angel only hoped that someday someone could see pass his demon and love him. Wes and Giles were at the table with books everywhere as usual. Wes and Giles were with Angel since the beginning of the last slayer.

"So Sunnydale?" Cordelia asked as she took a sip of her tea. Cordelia was from New York and California wasn't the first place she wanted to go to, to hot and no seasons as she would say. Angel nodded and walked further into the sitting area. There was a fire going and he took a seat on the recliner.

"I'm sorry we have to leave when we just got back." Angel stated and leaned forward but everyone looked at him like that wasn't a massive problem. "Council promised a two week vacation when we get back though." And everyone smiled, that was much needed and Angel hoped that could lift their spirits. These people worked hard for him when all this should be done alone by him. But they all told him that this could not be done alone, that's how the slayers were all killed, and they had no one to protect them.

"So I have had no visions of this place, what's got the Council squirming?" Doyle asked and Angel shrugged, leaned back in the chair and ran his fingers through his hair.

"I don't know guys." He said and closed his eyes for a moment and then looked around the room.

"Well if it's just a data collecting research project why not send Riley?" Oz asked and shoved another piece of pizza into his mouth.

"Chew your food or it'll be unpleasant coming out the other end my friend." Doyle said and Oz nodded.

"I asked and the Council wants us thereā€¦for six months." Angel said.

"Oh well, let's just get in get out and get our two week break." Cordelia said with a smile and Angel stood up from the recliner and walked into the kitchen for some blood, all this time he had been starving.

She took out a stake ready to defend herself as the vampire charged at her. She jumped over the creature and then kicked it down and staked it. Just as she stood up something grabbed her and sunk it's fangs into her neck.

Buffy woke up and looked around her dark room. She sat up and then her alarm went off. She reached over to turn it off. Buffy rubbed her eyes and headed to the bathroom. She winced when turning on the lights and looked into the mirror. She opened the medicine cabinet and took out a yellow container. Every time she had one these weird dreams she would wake up with a bone crushing headache. She took her one pill and sighed, she hated these dreams and not only that they were occurring more and more every night. Before they were just maybe once awake but now she was plagued by them. These dreams seemed to increase ever since her mom passed away after graduation. She sighed again and begun to wash her face.

"Morning." A girl said walking into the kitchen.

"Morning Dawnie." A woman said as she stirred the eggs. "Eggs?"

"Sure Willow." Dawn said to the red head and then someone else came in rushing to grab everything.

"Late, I'm so late." The man said as he poured the coffee into his huge mug.

"Xander please eat something." Willow begged to her friend.

"Oh I was just going to get a breakfast biscuit on my way to the site." Both Dawn and Willow gave a disgusting look. "Hey they're amazing." And Willow shook her when Buffy walked in.

"Morning." Everyone said to her at the same time as she sat at the table. Willow could tell Buffy had a dream, she looked messier than usual.

"Ok out the door." Xander said as he grabbed his coffee, he leaned over and kissed Buffy on the cheek, he knew she was having more and more of those dreams he also kissed Dawn and Willow on the cheek and headed out. Willow put the eggs on two plates and sat down next to Buffy. Buffy had her face buried in her hands thinking.

"Oh Buffy," Dawn begun. "I need the car." Buffy looked up.

"No, no I need the car for this afternoon."

"I just need it for like an hour you'll have after your rehearsal." Dawn assured her sister and Buffy nodded not wanting to argue.

Willow, Dawn and Buffy drove down the street to the high school to drop Dawn off. Once that task was completed Willow and Buffy headed to UC Sunnydale.

"So getting excited?" Willow asked as the two walked to their classes.

"Yeah I've been practicing really hard, just hope scouts notice me. I mean I can do all forms of dance."

"Well I can't wait. Hey maybe the four of us can make a trip to the beach soon. We are so in need of a vacation." Willow stated and Buffy smiled. "Maybe meet a cute man?" And Buffy blushed. "Well it's a Bronze night. We do need to get out of this town for a little while. This place makes people go crazy."

"Well nothing ever interesting happens around here." Buffy said as the two girls interlocked arms and headed inside not noticing that the missing person's lists had grown.

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