Chapter 42 New World

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The mansion was in site as the sun begun to rise behind it. Dawn and Buffy were holding one another up, Willow was still in Oz's arms, Doyle had one arm around Xander's shoulders, Lorne walked next to Giles ready to steady him if needed, Wes, Gunn and Riley's bodies were being carried by Groo's army in stretchers same with all the fallen. The last of the Scoobies stood before the mansion staring at it, it was no longer home. For Buffy home was where her mother was, where Angel was. The fog on the ground begun to slowly lift and the air was warm as it should be for Sunnydale in the mid spring season.

Giles opened the door to the mansion and it felt so hallow it just a shell now. No one went upstairs just to the living room and sat. Outside Rico's army went to their tents same with Riley's men. Buffy sat on the couch not saying a word but just stared at the empty space in front of her. The image of Angel running and jumping replayed over and over in her head. Right now she'd give anything for just one more minute to see, to hold, to kiss, and to say 'I love you' one more time. She did it though in the moment when it counted she let go of everything she loved and now the world would see one more day, it spin once more, the sun would rise and set again. But she was the one would suffer for many years to come, a pain would be in her heart, an empty space would form and nothing would fill it. Soon Sunnydale's people would return and go about living their lives. Doyle looked up at Buffy as she sat there in silences. This place had too many memories, too many wounds, wounds that won't heal no matter how much time passes time will not heal this. Doyle stood up and went to sit next to the slayer. He had an idea what she was feeling right now, she felt like dying.

"Buffy," Doyle began and she looked up and a small tear escaped. "He's safe now, nothing can hurt him." Buffy nodded and the half demon and the slayer hugged. Today was going to be a long day a long and sad day. Giles stood up to call the Council and inform them what happened.

Buffy stood outside her room, her and Angel's room. She barely walked in with breaking down and sobbing. But she had to so she walked in to the closet to change. She opened the closet and saw Angel's shirts hanging and she took one off the hanger and put it on and she could smell him. She didn't want to forget that smell, she didn't want to forget him. She walked over to her dresser and there sat the music box he made for her. She then saw his chain necklace he gave to her and she put it on looking in the mirror already her eyes were beginning to water. In the mirror she saw a book and turned around. It was the scrap book she gave him. Buffy picked up the music box and then begun to wined it up. She opened it and the music played and the little dancer spun. Buffy walked to the bed and sat down while picking up the book. She flipped through the pages that she made and then on the last page a new one begun. It was a drawling of her and Angel sitting at the bar when they first met. She turned the page and there was another of her dancing and then another of him putting a jacket on her. Buffy managed to crack a very faint smile. She flipped through some more and found a drawling of them in bed together and her heart ached for him.

The music begun to slow down and the pages turned blank. She closed the book and placed her head on the pillow, his pillow and let a few tears fall as she closed her eyes. As soon as her eyes closed all she could see was Angel.

Doyle made his way upstairs and opened the door to the master room and saw a sleeping Buffy. The Council was here but seeing her sleep he understood why Angel never wanted to wake her. Doyle walked inside and saw Buffy holding a book like her life depended on it. He walked to the bed and on it was a throw blanket and he placed it over the sleeping slayer doing his best not to disturb her she earned this sleep. Doyle shut off the lamp next to the bed but another light was on, it a small lamp on the dresser so he walked over and saw the open music box and smiled. He saw Angel making parts of it so he twisted the little knob a few times and set it back down and the music played and the little dancer spun slowly. Doyle left the room quietly and closed the door. He leaned up against the door and let his own tears fall; they fell for Cordelia and for Angel.

Buffy stirred awake and realized she had a blanket covering her and the lamp was off. She slowly sat feeling completely drained but got up. She placed the book on the nightstand and kept the blanket wrapped round her as she left the room. She felt so cold as she walked down the hall and then down the stairs only to hear a voice. She walked into the living room and there was the Council.

"No, no I can't." Buffy said but Giles and Xander stood up to keep her here.

"Buffy they just want to talk and then they'll leave." Giles said and Buffy faced Travens.

"Miss Summers." The old man said. "We are here to thank you for what you have done."

"Anytime." Buffy aid but she didn't mean it.

"We have a few matters to clear and a few questions." Travens stated and Buffy sat down. Giles came over to Buffy as she sat down. Buffy looked tired in fact they all did everyone was worn and still had the look of shock on their faces. Rico came in and sat down with Lorne, Xander, Willow, Oz, Dawn, Giles and Doyle. The past forty hours have been detrimental to them, a lot had happened and not everything has sunken in. "First we would like to take Wes's body back with us, his family resides in England." Travens stated. Buffy nodded slowly, he should go home with his family. "Also we'd like to send Riley's body to Iowa for the same reason." Buffy nodded again. More funerals she thought, her mother's was hard and Cordelia's was almost unbearable but now four more including her Angel's. Buffy took in a cleansing breath and leaned back in the chair. It was getting to be too much not only that it was all still fresh not even a day has passed yet.

"I'd like to take Gunn's back to LA." Rico spoke up and Buffy turned to her knew friend and nodded. She was hoping this was it and the Council could leave. But she knew that wasn't going to happen.

"What about Angel?" Dawn asked fighting back tears that she thought she couldn't cry anymore. "There is no body."

"We'll do service for him don't worry Dawnie." Willow assured her.

"A vampire is evil there will be no service at least one that we will not provide." A Council member stated and Buffy stood up slowly. Now that statement made her blood boil.

"That vampire saved us all he will be honored for it you don't have to take part in it." Buffy stated.

"Which brings us to the next portion of the visit." Travens begun. "We need to talk and record what has happened here for our records. We'll start,"

"No," Buffy said. "No the world almost ended eleven hours ago, we lost friends and loved ones. Unlike you maybe we're human and we need time maybe in a few weeks we can but not now." Buffy stated and Travens wanted to say something. "No you can sit here and wait but no we're not interviewing."

"There's also the matter of your duty Miss Summers and what you must do next we have missions," Travens started but yet again.

"I'm done with this. I'm not sure how the other girls did it but I quit. You can tell me that it's my calling and duty and whatever else but I'm done." Buffy stated and the room was quiet. "I did what I supposed to do I sacrificed everything that I loved so the world can see another day I'm done." Buffy stood there glaring at the Council. "I quit I want no part in this…heartless job where your friends die and you can just keep going as if nothing happened no I'm quitting and there's nothing you can do about it."

"So am I." Giles stated.

"Me too." Doyle said standing up.

"Same here." Oz added and the Council looked around confused. Willow, Xander and Dawn stood up and walked behind Buffy all stating in silence they were following her. Travens nodded knowing he couldn't win not with slayer. This group lost too many people too many loved ones to continue at least for now. Travens nodded to the Council men and they begun to file out. Travens then stood before Buffy.

"I never liked Angel, he was a vampire a monster but I always respected him because even enemies respect one another and what he has done it proved he was…" Travens paused. "A good man." And the old man left. Buffy watched the Council leave and a part of her hoped to never see them again. But Travens admitted something just then; he swallowed his pride and admitted for once that Angel was a man.

Two days had passed and the mansion was empty the way Angel and his team first found it. They were leaving all of them; they were leaving Sunnydale for good. Buffy could never return her mother died here, her friends and her lover there was just too much pain. Not only were they leaving they were splitting up too. Wes and Riley were going home same with Gunn. Groo's men would be buried here. They no longer needed to travel dimensions so Groo and his men would try to integrate themselves as humans here. Buffy walked the mansion one last time and stood at the doorway to the old master room. It was empty now but it held so many memories. Buffy didn't cry anymore the reality of Angel's death was in her head and she accepted it. She wouldn't move on today or tomorrow or maybe next year but acceptance was the first step and the first step is the hardest. She never again would set foot in this room. She closed the door, truly closing a door to a part of her life. It was the best and worst part.

"Good bye." She said and walked away from the room not looking back and one small tear managed to slip down her cheek. She walked downstairs and out of the mansion for good, yesterday's small service for Angel was her final straw, she would never ever come back. Outside were Giles, Lorne, Xander, Willow, Oz, Dawn and Doyle. Buffy and Dawn were leaving for Florida, Buffy was going to take Dawn to Disney as she promised just a week ago that they would go if they made it through. Buffy had access to all of Angel's accounts so money was no problem for her and it never would be, after Disney the two of them would travel. In fact Buffy gave money to her friends that stood here before her. Giles was planning on going back to England's country side and live there. Willow and Oz were going to go out east somewhere. Xander decided to go with Lorne to LA. Doyle would go to New York and start over. Groo and his men would stay behind and live as humans here. Buffy stood outside as the sun was rising to another day. She would miss these people but she needed to be alone for awhile, time to heal. She hugged her best friend Willow.

"Be careful." Willow said and Buffy nodded she then hugged Oz.

"Take care of her." Buffy said and Oz nodded. Buffy then hugged Xander, Lorne and then Giles. After that she stood before Doyle and they hugged. Everyone said good bye and a few tears were shed. The team, the gang, the family was breaking up. But it was needed maybe in year they may meet up but for now it was good bye. Deep wounds needed time to heal and yet they would carry the scars for life.

"Better hurry." Giles said to Buffy as the taxi pulled up to take the girls to the LA airport. Buffy nodded and hugged her watcher one more time. After a few more hugs and hand shakings Buffy grabbed Dawn's hand and the two sisters headed to the street to the taxi ready to leave Sunnydale for good.

"Ready?" Buffy asked her sister and she nodded it was time to start a new life. It was time they had to put this behind them and slowly move on. But just as soon as the two went to place their stuff in the trunk Doyle called out.

"Buffy! Look!" He yelled and Buffy turned to the direction where Doyle pointed and someone was walking towards them. Buffy dropped her stuff and took off running to the figure at a full sprint. The rest of the group looked off in the distance to the figure and Willow gasped. Off in the distance the figure saw the blonde slayer charging after him and he slowed down to brace himself not knowing how strong he'd be to catch her. Buffy used all her energy and he was even closer, tears that she didn't think she could shed anymore flooded her eyes. She upped her sped running as fast as she could and if anything got in her way she run it over. He was still dress the same way from three nights ago but the marks were gone. He was now just a few feet from her and he stopped walking and was ready to catch her. Buffy jumped into his arms embracing him with her hold body crying. He fell back as Buffy literally tackled him to the ground.

The two laid there on the ground holding each other afraid to let go. Buffy pulled away slowly looking down, this had to be a dream. She placed a hand on his cheek and he cupped both her cheeks. Buffy cried and then kissed him but she noticed something, his lips were warm his whole body was warm. When she pulled back she placed her hand over his chest and felt it a thump, his heart was beating. She looked back up to him and she placed feather like kisses all over his face cupping his cheeks. He closed his eyes as he felt the kisses and basking in her presents happy to be back in her arms.

"I'm back." He said and smiled and let out a laugh and they kissed again, he was back and human. Finally the rest of the group came up and they had the look of disbelief. Angel and Buffy sat up sitting on the ground.

"No way I thought you were dead." Doyle said and Giles smiled. They all had the look of shock but this time it was for a good and happy reason.

"Yeah I get that a lot." Angel replied.

"You did die and now you're human the Shanshu was right." The Watcher said with a smile and laughed. He thought this was remarkable.

"I know it's only sun rise but drinks all around." Lorne said with smile.

"Yeah we should celebrate." Xander said and Buffy smiled. She then turned her attention back to Angel.

"Sorry," Buffy said. "For tackling you." Angel shook his head indicating it was ok.

"But I can't move my legs." Angel said and Buffy looked worried.

"What why?" She asked panicking.

"Because you're sitting on them." He answered and Buffy looked down and laughed. She got up and helped him up and everyone surround him hugging him. This was unexpected but not unwelcomed. Finally they gave Angel room to breathe literally. He would answer questions later but for now he looked down at Buffy.

"Hey Angel Buffy check out the sky." Doyle said pointing to the sun that was behind them, this was the victory they had hoped for the first time around.

"You know what I think we've seen enough." Buffy stated and pulled Angel's face to hers kissing him deeply as if he could disappear again. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Dawn squealed in delight and hugged Willow as Oz held Willow's hand. Giles stood there smiling as the couple kissed. Xander, Doyle and Lorne high fived each other cheering and laughing at what just happened. Angel and Buffy finally had to pull apart to breathe and she smiled, he had to breathe, he was human. Many things they could do together, the doors opened to limitless possibilities for them. Angel was free from his curse and was rewarded for giving up his life for the world. Buffy looked into his eyes and smiled the first true smile in days.

Six Months Later

Buffy walked up to Angel as he was crouched down on the ground looking out to the City of Angels. He could feel her and stood up and faced her as she placed a hand on his shoulder. He smiled and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. A new ring was on her finger, a huge diamond ring. They were married now something that they wanted since they laid eyes on one another. But they wouldn't have the normal life at least what normal people considered normal. No she was the slayer perhaps the last slayer so she had a duty and Angel would be right there.

He had told her what happened after he jumped into the portal. He woke up in a white room with two beings before him. They congratulated him for what he did and his reward was to be human. But while most people would be happy and ready to go back to life he was concerned and it was because he could no longer protect Buffy. He'd rather stay dead than be the one that got Buffy killed. The woman being understood the love he had for this woman. So she endowed him with a gift, strength he'd be more powerful than human.

Angel was still human but with strength that only Buffy had. He could still protect her and they could still be together. Everyone said his reward was being mortal but he felt Buffy was his true reward. He leaned in again and kissed her.

"Hey love birds." Doyle said and they turned to him as he held his head but the visions weren't bone crushing these days because his princess would come to him before having one allowing it to be less painful. "Vision." He said and they nodded and he turned back to the house a new house they had built. Buffy and Angel joined up with Rico's team. The Council was slowly falling apart as a new order was being formed by the pockets of vampire resistances all around the world united under Angel and Buffy. Groo was here too in the army. A new generation so to speak was on the horizon. Buffy and Angel walked into a room with Giles already reading up on the demon clan they were about to face.

"They eat babies?" Xander asked as he popped the string of a crossbow back into place. Giles looked up nodding and Xander started to load up the gun. Dawn came in with more books. Giles had taken Dawn under his wing and she studied demonology and found a liking for it. Rico's voice came in on a walky talky indicating he had squad and they were heading to the location. Xander then handed the fixed crossbow to Oz; he had become the weapons specialist for the team. Willow came in with a bag with ingredients that would create a light spell. Doyle handed an ax to Angel and Buffy took the sword that was given to her by Groo off the wall. She now fought with a weapon of a god; no demon stood a chance against the sword.

The demons were chanting something as human babies were in the corner crying. As they finished the spell the door flew off and Buffy walked in.

"Ok guys five more minutes of chanting then it's time for bed." She said and the demons stood up lining up to fight her.

"You think you can defeat us little girl?" One demon asked and Buffy smiled. She shrugged and then Angel came in jumping from over head while the rest of her team came through the door. Angel sliced the head off one demon. Another demon charged at Buffy and she smiled and swung her sword slicing the demon into two. She looked up at Angel and for a second they shared a smile, this was their life and the two wouldn't change it as long as they were fighting side by side. They ran towards each other switching weapons and killed more demons. This was only the first mission of the night; the fun was just getting started. A new world, a whole new life for these two was opening and they would walk into this new world together.

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