Characters: Ironhide, Starscream, Sideswipe, Epps, Lennox

Time: Pre Rise of the Fallen

Murphy's Laws of Combat-Air strikes always overshoot the target and artillery always falls short

"Starscream incoming," Ironhide called from his position in alt form behind enemy lines, Next to him Sideswipe shifted impatiently, waiting for the jet mimic to come into range. The F-22 soared toward them and then, not slacking off in speed enough, shot by them, opening fire just behind the ranks because Starscream hadn't reacted quick enough. Everyone stared blankly as the F-22 made a wide turn and head back to the Decepticon line at much faster speeds then he had approached. Lennox turned to look at the artillery and groaned. Every blast was falling short. He looked at Epps who simply snickered.

"Murphy's Law," he said with two wide of a grin and Lennox had to laugh. Murphy's Law indeed.

Characters: Bluestreak, Mirage, Jazz

Time: Pre Earth

Murphy's Laws of Combat-The most dangerous thing in the word is a Second Lieutenant with a map and a compass

"I think we're lost." Bluestreak and Mirage both turned to stare at Jazz in blank astonishment.

"What?" Mirage asked after a moment. Jazz glanced around and then back at the map again before nodding.

"Yup. We're lost."

"How can we be lost?" Bluestreak protested. "You have a map for Primus sake!"

"And we're not on it," Jazz procalimed almost gleefully. Bluestreak and Mirage exchanged glances before lunging for the map in question. Jazz darted back but he wasn't quite fast enough and Mirage tackled him while Blue yanked the map out of his hands.

"We're not lost," the young sniper snapped. "We're right here you annoying glitch.

"Fine, fine. Just teasing," Jazz said as he pushed Mirage off him and took back the map. Mirage and Bluestreak just groaned.

Characters: Lennox, Epps, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Jazz

Time: ?, AU

Murphy's Laws of Combat-If you are short of everything but the enemy you're in the combat zone

"We need more ammo out here. And reinforcements." Will Lennox's voice echoed over the radio. Optimus, Ironhide, and Jazz all exchanged glances.

"Where exactly are you Major?" Optimus questioned but it was Epps who answered.

"Combat zone."

They could hear Will snicker in the background and then snap "Slag". Moments later an explosion lit up the sky a few hundred feet away. "You see where that blast just was?" Will asked.

"Yes," Optimus said, suddenly getting a very bad feeling about what was going to be said next.

"We're right in the middle of that." Jazz and Ironhide roared with laughter while Optimus stared at the radio in complete disbelief. How did these things always happen?

Characters: Megatron, Blackout, Starscream, Barricade

Time: Pre Earth

Murphy's Laws of Combat-If your ambush is properly set then your enemy won't walk into it

"Is everything set?" Megatron asked for what was the sixteenth time that breem.

"Yes," Blackout said, trying to hold on to his patience. That was when the radio beside them crackled to life.

"We have a slight situation," Barricade said over the radio.

"What?" Megatron snapped.

"The Autobots decided to come in the back way."

Witha growl Megatron leapt up and ran for the door, heading down the corridor towards the back entrance. He could still hear Starscream screeching," I told you it wouldn't work," behind him. He would kill the impudent Seeker later but for now he had to see if he could somehow salvage his ambush.

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