Characters: Starscream, Blackout, Brawl, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Megatron, Scorponok, Bonecrusher, Jazz, Mirage

Time: pre Earth

Murphy's Laws of Combat- If anything can go wrong it will

It was all right. Until it wasn't anymore and then it all went wrong. It started with one simple thing; power failure. That resulted in every piece of communication technology they had being shut off on both sides. The Autobots used the bonds to the best of their ability but everything on the Decepticon side dissolved into complete chaos.

It sounded something like this;

"Ow! Slag it Starscream that was me."

"I didn't hit you! That was Brawl."

"Wasn't me buddy. It was Blackout."

"I'm over here glitch heads. I can't even see you from where I'm at let alone hit you from here."

"It was me," Megatron growled. "No shut up and listen."

Jazz and Mirage safely hidden from the confused Decepticons had to fight not to snicker at the confusion. Neither one managed it and Megatron whirled on Skywarp, punching him through the wall.

"What was that for?" Skywarp whined. "I didn't do nothin."

"You laughed at me," Megatron growled.

"Did not," Skywarp pouted. "That was Bonecrusher."

"Was not! Why would I be laughing?"

"Was too."

"Was not. You're the one laughing at all the wrong times anyway."

"I swear on Primus that it wasn't me."

"Fine," Megatron grumbled. "Just shut up." Jazz didn't know if Mirage was recording this but he sure was. This was one for the rec room later. Then his optics lit up with a wicked gleam that would have done either set of twins proud. Why not add to the chaos. On a whim he leaned over and punched Brawl into Scorponok.

"Scree!" The scorpion mimic squealed and bucked Brawl into Thundercracker who punched the unfortunate grounder into Megatron. By then Bonecrusher was attacking Thundercracker and Blackout was blasting at Skywarp who had been standing next to where Brawl was at. Jazz snuck out, snickering, just as Soundwave got the generator running and the lights back up.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" Megatron's roar could be heard all the way to the Autobot position outside the temporary Decepticon base. Mirage and Jazz were snickering too hard to report.

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