"We thought we'd just have a few words with you about Harry," said Mr. Weasley, still smiling.

"Yeah," growled Moody." About how he's treated when he's at your place."

Uncle Vernon's moustache seemed to bristle with indignation. Possibly because the bowler hat gave him the entirely mistaken impression that he was dealing with a kindred spirit, he addressed himself to Moody.

"I am not aware that it is any of your business what goes on in my house-"

"I expect what you're not aware of would fill several books, Dursley," growledMoody.

"Anyway, that's not the point," interjected Tonks, whose pink hair seemed to offend Aunt Petunia more than all the rest put together, for she closed her eyes rather than look at her." The point is, if we find out you've been horrible to Harry"

"-And make no mistake, we'll hear about it," added Lupin pleasantly.

"Yes," said Mr.Weasley, "even if you won't let Harry use the felly-tone-"

"Telephone," whispered Hermione.

"-Yeah, if we get any hint that Potter's been mistreated in anyway, you'll have us to answer to," said Moody.

Uncle Vernon swelled ominously. His sense of outrage seemed to outweigh even his fear of this bunch of oddballs. "Are you threatening me, sir?" he said, so loudly that passers-by actually turned to stare.

"Yes, I am," said Mad-Eye, who seemed rather pleased that Uncle Vernon had grasped this fact so quickly.

"And do I look like the kind of man who can be intimidated?" barked Uncle Vernon.

"Well..." said Moody, pushing back his bowler hat to reveal his sinisterly revolving magical eye.

Uncle Vernon leapt backwards in horror and collided painfully with a luggage trolley. "Yes, I'd have to say you do, Dursley."

He turned away from Uncle Vernon to survey Harry. "So, Potter . . . give us a shout if you need us. If we don't hear from you for three days in a row, we'll send someone along . . ."

Aunt Petunia whimpered piteously. It could not have been plainer that she was thinking of what the neighbours would say if they caught sight of these people marching up the garden path.

"Bye, then, Potter," said Moody, grasping Harry's shoulder for a moment with a gnarled hand.

"Take care, Harry," said Lupin quietly." Keep in touch."

"Harry, we'll have you away from there as soon as we can," Mrs. Weasley whispered, hugging him again.

"We'll see you soon, mate," said Ron anxiously, shaking Harry's hand.

"Really soon, Harry," said Hermione earnestly. "We promise."

Harry nodded. He somehow could not find words to tell them what it meant to him, to see them all ranged there, on his side.

Instead, he smiled, raised a hand in farewell, turned around and led the way out of the station towards the sunlit street, with Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley hurrying along in his wake.

Letters to the Order… Based off of the Hilarious and Amusing 'Dear Order' with my own Plot/Letters

Letter One… Yeah, do I have short term memory or what?

Everyone currently in the order was at Grimmauld Place and anticipating the first letter from Harry.

It was lunch time and they were in the kitchen eating chicken, beef and ham sandwiches with pumpkin juice. Suddenly, shocking all but Fred and George who were watching for her, Hedwig appeared, pulling an Errol and landing in Ginny's pumpkin juice.

Fred, sitting next to her, reached into her goblet and pulled out the now orange owl brought her to the sink to wash the stains off; George took the letter that had dropped out of her talons.

Upon opening the letter George snorted and handed it to his mum.

Mrs. Weasley took the letter and started reading.

"To whom it may concern of the Order,

Well, first check-in with you guys, and I know, I know. I rather sound like I have got short term memory loss… but homework was what again? I seem to have misplaced my assignments sheets.

Ron, no I am not going to the dark side, I just need to do this so as to not get detention for uncompleted assingments.

Hermione, go over it as much as you want and gloat to Ron…Remus, Fred and George: yes, I will allow my Junior Marauder side to go out of control when I get out of this hole.

No George, you can't pull the wool over my uncle's eyes, or I would have already let it out.

Anyways, the potions essay has been going well, seeing as it is the only thing that I can remember. In fact, I've almost finished writing it. I just decided to check in with you guys.

From, Harry

PS: You know, I haven't seen any sign that the Order is watching me, not even the feeling that someone is watching me… Is that supposed to be how it is? Well, anyways, bye."

"That was interesting," Ginny said finally, contemplating the poor owl that had fallen into her drink. Hedwig looked as if she hadn't slept a wink all night. She hooted feebly, grabbed a couple of ham sandwiches in her beak and took off, leaving everyone confused at her behavior.

"Well that was odd," Remus said thinking about how strange the letter was.

The teenagers just got up with strange, pensive looks on their faces and left the kitchen, whispering to each other.

A/N: So... This is just because I found 'Dear Order' I can't remember the author. I just had to do my own version. I think that if you read that one... you can get a kinda good feel for why I'm going to do this... That one is good, but I want to see how well I can capture this idea.