Luke set down the watering can and wiped his forehead. He didn't understand how Akari did this everyday with so many plots. He looked over at the Tomato plants he still needed to harvest and the honeydew seeds he needed to plant. He sighed to himself and began to go through the ripe tomatoes.

"Luke!" Akari called form inside. "Can you come here?" Luke dropped off what he had gotten into the shipping bin and went inside.

Akari was sitting on the couch with her hands over her enormous belly. She looked calm on the surface but Luke could see a hint of panic and excitement on her face. "Akari, what's up?"

"My water just broke." Luke starred at his wife. "Luke, my water broke… the baby is coming." She suddenly grit her teeth for a moment. "Luke's the baby is coming NOW."

Luke stood still for a second longer then began darting around the house grabbing things they had planned to take to the clinic. "Don't panic!" he yelled at Akari as he tried to find her shoes. "It will be all right. I'll get you to the clinic! Don't panic! Stay calm!" He ran into the bed room looking like a chicken with his head cut off.

"Overnight bag! Overnight bag!" He sped towards the closet and began throwing things out as he looked.



"LUKE!"Akari yelled sounding amused. "You put the bag in the tool chest next to the front door.

He poked his head out of the bedroom and looked at Akari, "Why in the world did I do that? I would never think to look there!"

Akari shrugged, "You said so you could grab it and run." Akari shifted uneasily. "Luke I think we need to go. The contractions aren't too bad but there getting more frequent." Akari went to the door and began to walk out.

"Oh no you don't!" Luke raced over and picked her up. "TO THE CLINIC!"

Irene looked at the paperwork on her grandson's desk and sighed. He had left for the day with Anissa and had left everything scattered about the desk. She began to pick everything up and organize it. That boy could be so unorganized some days.

As she organized a stack labeled, "Birth" she saw a note on top with a reminder about Akari's due date. Irene cheeked it and saw the younger farmer and carpenter were due to have their child with in the week. She set down the note unconcerned. Jin must not of thought today would be of any issue if he had decided to go to Toucan Island.

BANG!" Irene jumped and turned around to see Luke race into the clinic holding Akari and what appeared to be an overnight bag. Irene shook her head as she watched Luke set down Akari, then the bag only to pick her up again.

"THE BABY IS COMING!" Luke exclaimed as he carried his wife over to her. "Their coming in quick!"

"Now Luke calm down, I'm sure it's fine."

"Irene." Akari said sounding worried. "The baby is coming. My water broke and the contractions are increasing by A LOT!" She winced as she said this. "I can't even figure out how long between each like you told me to do because it keeps getting faster!"

Irene remain calmed. "Luke please bring Akari into that room over there, I am going to grab some things for the birth." Under her breath she muttered, "Thank goodness I've been a midwife for 40 years."

She went around quickly grabbing the swaddling clothes, warm water and other instruments as Luke stood by his wife as she lay on the birthing bed.

"Calm Down and breath! Breath!" Luke told his wife sounding like the energizer bunny on a monster. "Breath in, Breath out! Come on, calm down!" Akari gave her husband an encouraging smile.

Irene turned around. "It's almost time, Luke I need you to head out into the waiting room. Alright?" Luke nodded and looked at Akari one last time before heading out. She called out after him, "And don't come back in until I call you! Or else!" Irene looked at Akari. "If you child is anything like their dad, you're going to have your hands full."

Akari smiled back and nodded, "I know, but I sure hope they are exactly like their daddy is."

Luke paced up and down the waiting room nervously. His insides twisted ever time he heard his wife scream from the other side of the door. His dad had told him waiting was hard, but he had no idea it would be this hard! Waiting was the hardest thing in the world! He heard Akari scream again and his stomach drooped to his knees.

'What if this goes badly? What if one of them is… in bad shape when this is over? No one can scream that much without something being horribly wrong. AH MAN! Why was I excited for this? This is the most horrible feeling in the world!' Luke caught his thinking and shook his head trying to clear it, 'Calm down Luke! Everything is going to be fine! You are going to have a big HEALTHY family when this is over.'

Suddenly Luke stopped his pacing as he realized something. 'we never decided on a name if it's a girl! We wanted to be surprised so we didn't ask the gender! We agreed on the boy's name but we couldn't find a girl's name! And what if it is a girl and she is all girly and frilly when she's older? The boys will be all over her! What will I do? Or what if it's a he and he's a ladies' man?'

Luke groaned and began pacing trying to clear his head. There was no point in worrying about the future when the child wasn't hear yet. He went over to the door and put his ear next to it to see if he could figure out what was happening.

"You're doing great Akari! A little bit further!" There was a yell of pain in response to Irene's calm words. "Just a bit further you can do this! PUSH!"

Luke held his breath as he heard another loud yell from Akari and Irene began to shout, "Amazing! Well done! Well Done!" And then Luke heard it.

A simple and pure cry from the other room. A tiny set of lungs hollering from the tis of their toes to be heard. Luke felt his eyes watering. They did it. Akari had done it. He could hear his child in the other crying as loud as anything and he could hear Akari crying in joy. The aby cried alittle louder as if they wanted to be heard by the world, or maybe just by their dad.

"shh…" Luke whispered. "Daddy can hear you honey. Daddy is right here." He leaned his back against door and looked up at the light on the ceiling too overcome to say or do anything else. Finally he wiped his eyes.

Luke felt the door shift behind and the world falling past him as he landed on the floor. He looked up at Irene who was smiling happily at him. "More dad's do that then you'd think." She helped him up and beamed at him, "You may go in now."

Luke raced passed her down the hall to where Akari laid looking tired but pleased. In her arms was a small pink bundle with the tiniest face poking out of the sheets looking around frantically. On top of their head was a small tuff of dark blue hair.

"Luke," Akari said as she saw him. "Come over and say hi to your daughter."

Luke took her and cradled her gently in his arms. "My daughter…" The girl watched him intently and suddenly smiled up at him.

"She knows her daddy." Akari said smugly as she watched her family. Luke looked up at her and felt excited tears coming to his eyes.

"Akari, I'm ultra happy!" He exclaimed, trying not to yell in his excitement. His daughter smiled as he spoke. "You did great. Thank you." He stared at his daughter and something from the back of his mind pushed its way up to the front. "What should we name her?"

"Alison." Akari said putting a hand on top of her daughter's head. "We should name her Alison."

"Alison… I like it. Easy to remember and catchy. Luke stared down at Alison and smiled, "What do you think honey? Do you like being Alison?" The baby girl smiled at him. And Luke felt his heart melt. He knew from that moment he would always be wrapped around her tiny little fingers, just as he was her momma. "Alison, Akari and Luke…"

Akari smiled, "We sound like a family."

"We are a family." He looked down at his daughter falling asleep in his arms. "Alison I've been waiting a long time to meet you… welcome to our family."


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