Kids Grow Up Too Fast

"LUKE! LUKE LOOK!" Bo shouted pointing over at Alison, who was playing on the floor in Luke and Akari's house.

Luke looked up and saw Alison walking over to her grandpa happily, jabbering away as she did. "She's walking!" Alison fell a couple of steps before she reached her grandpa, who caught her easily. "I can't believe it! This is so EXTREME! Did you see it dad?"

"See what?" He said as he held Alison, who was going "daMa DADADADA!"

"…" Bo and Luke looked at each other. "Um… Alison," bo said nervously, "She just walked over to you."

"Her first steps…." Luke said with a raised eyebrow.

"Nope didn't see it."

"You caught her though!"

Dale looked at the boys exasperated. "I didn't see nything. Akari's not here." Luke looked at his dad confused before nodding. Bo raised an eyebrow. "Until Akari sees her walk we don't." Dale explained simply.


"Just how it works Bo my boy."

"BO! DALE!" Akari shouted from their kitchen in an excited squeal. "COME HERE QUICK!" Both raced into the kitchen and saw Alison walking towards Akari jabbering happily. "Look Alison is walking!" She picked up her baby girl happily. "She is so smart!"

"Cool!" Bo said with a smile. "She took her first steps."

Akari stopped for a second and looked at Bo. "What are you talking about? Alison hasn't taken her first steps."

Bo sputtered. "But she just-"

"Luke isn't here." Akari said simply. "Luke needs to be here to see her walk before she has taken her first steps."

"But he-"

Dale cut in quickly. "You're right Akari. Luke should see his daughter first. After all, first steps are a big thing! Both parents should see them." Bo gaped openly at his Boss.

"Yup!" Akari said happily snuggling her baby. "Maybe she'll walk tonight for Luke to see!" Akari said as Alison tugged happily on her mom's hair.

Akari handed her daughter over to Bo and looked at her father-in-law. "I need to go get some stuff in town, can you watch Ally for awhile?"

"Can do."

"Thanks! I left the diaper bag on the table, and it's two scoops formula to every 3 ounces of water. Also she has some peaches in her bag as well."

"Okay any cereal?"

"She has some puff things on the counter." Akari went over and kissed her baby's head before looking at the two again. "Thanks for watching her! And don't tell Luke!" Akari waved and raced out the door happily. Bo looked at his dad.

"Why can't we tell her?"

"Both parents want the other to be there at the first steps."


"You'll understand someday Bo."

"Alison is walking!" Luke said the next morning as Akari and Alison were playing on the floor. Akari nodded happily and picked up their daughter happily. "With no help either!" He smiled happily. "Kids grow up so fast!"

"They sure do!" Akari agreed smiling mischievously. "But however much they grow they should always be carefree!"

"Too true!" Luke said as he grabbed his daughter and tossed her in the air. "I hope she is always a happy baby!" Alison laughed and yanked her dad's bandana off his head. "Soon Alison will be running!"

"And climbing!"

"And jumping!"

"And then she'll start school!" Akari said with a tint of sadness.

"And she'll have a bunch of friends… and meet boys…" Luke looked at his wife worried. "Some day… She'll marry…"

"… have her own kids…." Akari said sadly. "…Kids grow up too fast."

"Way to fast…"

"Let's just concentrate on the fact she is walking." Akari said looking at her husband and daughter. "And enjoy every second we have!"

"Agreed!" Luke said hugging Alison tightly. He looked at Akari and she looked at him.

"This isn't Ally's first time crawling is it?" they both asked simultaneously.


We actually did this to my brother and his wife. Only i don't think they know that their son crawled for them separately like Akari and Luke do. They both wanted the other person to be there! ...I still don't get why though. =/

I mean, why must both be there? I am as confused as Bo. Isn't great that they were crawling whether or not both parents were there?… hopefully when I am married and have kids I'll understand better.

Anyways! Review please! =D