Fan Fiction – "A Clockwork Orange"


Based on both the novel by Anthony Burgess and (mostly) the film adaptation by Stanley Kubrick. I do not own the rights to both works, nor the characters or the actors, except for "Peggy".

Hello, readers, and "A Clockwork Orange" / ACO fans (and nuts – like yours truly):

I hope you all had a chance to read "A Dark Secret", and enjoy it – and, probably, shed a few tears at some scenes, which I couldn't help but do. (While sniffling and wiping my tears, I had to tell my sister my allergies were acting up). I know it's quite a read. But it clears up many things that's been mentioned in my earlier stories – Alex and his Droogs having made up (seen in "The Purse Snatching"), and how Alex and Peggy came together, and how they work together as (a teen) husband and wife, and parents ("Alex's Complement" and the sequel "Recovery")

This one-shot was originally part of "A Dark Secret". However, I later forced myself to remove it, having read through the story several times, this portion doesn't fit in. Yes, it shows Alex and Peggy as newlyweds in a situation – but it really wasn't integral to the story. I wanted to leave it. But having read it several times over, I discerned it didn't belong in the story. Hence, I took it out.

It was only this morning while I was getting dressed to go to work, the idea hit me to use this excluded chapter as a "one-shot". This is only a bonus short story with my favorite (and, hopefully, yours) teenaged odd couple in a domestic situation. It is mostly based on an earlier scene from the movie – which I'm sure you'll recognize.

It seems like we can't get enough of "A Clockwork Orange"! The fan fictions seem to steadily increase!

God Bless, and please enjoy!