WARNING: SPOILERIFIC! Read on, schmucks!


Okay, this is just something that was bugging me since episode 25 of Death Note...whether or not it really happens is up to you. I refuse to believe L could be taken down so easily, so out of stubbornness, I wrote up a "fix fic" of sorts. Did I mention it contains spoilers?

L pondered over the back of the black notebook he held in his hands, considering the possibilities of these "extra rules".

"13 days" he said to himself. "Whoever uses this notebook to kill must write the name of a person within 13 days, or else they die," What were the odds of this being true? How could it be possible for Light Yagami to be Kira if he was confined for well over the 13-day limit?

But, L thought, it would mean that, were this rule to be true, one could potentially go on killing, and as long as they remained within the limit, the user could live on indefinitely...but then, that's not completely out of the question. Theoretically, a person's lifespan could be lengthened by this means...

"Rem," L turned his dark eyes toward the tall, ominous figure in the room, and then paused to take another sip of coffee.


"Could a person use the Death Note to extend their lifespan indefinitely?"

The shinigami was suspicious, not sure what the detective had in mind. Was it a trick question? Didn't he already know the answer?

"No, that is impossible," Rem answered. "However, a shinigami who uses the Death Note could add years to their own life, by casting from the lifespan of a human,"

"Interesting," L said, carefully scraping off the chocolate frosting from a doughnut with his tongue. "But then, would that mean the 13-day rule still applies?"

The shinigami flinched - so he was asking trick questions here - but quickly regained composure. "One's lifespan can run its course as usual if one uses the Death Note, but once their lifespan is up, they die. If they fail to fulfill the 13-day requirement, the person dies prematurely of a heart attack,"

"Really?" the detective was on his second frosted doughnut, meticulously peeling away the layer of chocolate from its surface. In reality, he was devising, contriving a backup plan - if he could get Rem to cooperate with him, he may have a chance at catching Kira. It was drastic, and it certainly wouldn't be easy for him, but if he could just gain her trust...

He was now on his third doughnut, this time coated over with a layer of white sprinkles. It was risky, for sure, and there was a chance that at any moment, this god of death could kill him, but he'd taken huge risks before, and it was far from the last time he would do so. 10.8% chance of this actually working...but it was still worth the effort.

"Rem, I need to ask you something," said L, licking up sprinkles. "What is the one thing you care about most of all?"

He waited for the answer, knowing this was dangerous. If she wanted to, she could kill me right now... he thought. Still, if it means solving this case...

Wow, that was fun! Dun-dun-dun, cliff hanger! Maybe. Eh, I dunno. I had a lot of fun describing the food though, could you tell? Well, this is L here, so I just found it appropriate. XD Anyway, I always believed he found the 13-day rule to be full of crap, but he never got the chance to test that theory out. As for the 10.8% thing, it was kind of symbolic more than accurate...you know, "108"? Well, in any case, I tried to make it sound like L and how he'd think, so I hope I got it.

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