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Sayu's friend ran up to meet her. "Hey Sayu, how've you been?"

"I've been great. How are things with you, Tsuki?"

The two of them stopped at the bus station and chatted about their day. Sayu kept in mind that she was to make no mention of Light's work with L, that he was working alongside the world's greatest detective...

It was funny, how he, after insisting that she stop asking, finally broke down and told her about what he was really doing all this time.

"Okay, fine," he sighed. "I'll tell you. But you can't tell anyone else, got it?"


"And you can't let mom and dad know that you know about it,"

"Okay, just tell me," Sayu said.

And he did. He admitted that all that time, he'd really been helping L with the Kira case. He left out the part about his being the prime suspect, about the two of them being chained together (of course), or that the real L had died and Light was now acting in his place, but other than that, he'd told her everything.

"Wow. So you've been helping L this whole time?"

"Yeah," Light shrugged. "I mean, granted, we have yet to actually find Kira, and L's really the one doing most of the work, but I help out where I can,"

"Oh, that's so cool, Light!"

It was too bad she couldn't brag to her friends at school, which she so badly wanted to do. After all, who else could say they had a brother working with the world's best detective? She just told them that he was helping his father with investigational work, which was true, technically, but vague enough to not reveal much.

"So what did you say your brother Light was doing again?" asked Tsuki.

"Oh he's working with my dad; you know, helping out with some criminal work. He wants to be a detective, you know,"

"That's cool," she nodded. "So, you got any plans for the weekend?"

"Kind of,"

"Let me guess; you've got plans with Misa Amane. Lucky,"

"Heh, yeah,"

"I am so jealous! Your brother's so awesome, he's gonna be a detective and he's going out with a pop star! Why can't I be you?"

Sayu chuckled. The two of them walked home together, going on about nothing in particular. She let Tsuki do most of the talking - her friend could come up with some crazy topics, but always made it engaging - until they were at a crosswalk. Tsuki had just been discussing something pertaining to kiwis when they both noticed a boy, about in his late teens; he clearly wasn't a local here.

"Hey!" Tsuki waved at him. He looked up from his Gameboy and waved back shyly.

"What? You know this guy?" Sayu asked her.

"Nah, but he's kinda cute,"

She looked at him - brown hair, tinted goggles, striped shirt - and then back at Tsuki. Shrugging, she said, "Kinda dorky-looking if you ask me,"

Just then, the boy looked over and raised an eyebrow. He muttered something in English.

The two girls started cracking up.

"Such a great country this is, the people are so polite," he remarked, rolling his eyes.

"I take it you're new here?" asked Sayu.

"Yeah," he nodded. He sorted out the words he would say, translating in his head before going on. "I...recently moved out here from the United States,"

"From America? Really?" Tsuki piped up. "Oh, nice. What's it like there?"

"Well for one thing, many of us are dorky-looking," he glanced over at Sayu. "Apparently,"

The two started laughing again.

"Yeah, I'm originally from England though...where we are all fairly dorky-looking,"

The girls laughed again, this time harder.

"So what brings you here? I mean, yeah..." asked Tsuki.

"Well..." the boy trailed off. "...let's just say I'm here...on assignment. Is all I can say,"

"Ah I see," retorted Sayu's friend. "Are you some sort of spy? Does it have something to do with a certain K-I-R-"

"Tsuki, don't be ridiculous," Sayu nudged her lightly in the shoulder. She looked over at him with a shrug. "Yeah, my friend here is kind of different,"

"It's fine," he smiled. "I've got friends who make you look normal,"

Another round of laughter.

Finally, Sayu said, "Well, I hope you like it here. I've gotta go,"


"Bye," the two girls said.

After her friend walked over to her house - just three houses down from where Sayu lived - Sayu Yagami strolled up to the front door and came inside.

"Hey guys,"

"Sayu!" Misa jumped out of her seat and ran over to hug her. "Aw, I missed you sweetie! How was your day?"

"It was great," she smiled - ever since Light had introduced Sayu to his girlfriend Misa, she'd been utterly thrilled. The two of them became close friends, and in a way, Misa was like a sister to Sayu.

All this ran through Sayu's mind the night she was kidnapped. Weird, how yesterday things were going so well, now she was in the back of someone's van...

She wasn't even struggling. No, all she was doing right now was thinking about yesterday. Maybe this is what fear did...she was too scared to scream. No, she just thought of that day, it seemed so distant now...

"I've got friends who make you look normal,"

The words came back to her. Funny what kind of things go through your head when the worst possible things happened. Or maybe Sayu was kind of weird...maybe...

It was one final speed bump that jolted Sayu back to her senses. Now she knew where she was. She was in somoeone's trunk. She had been kidnapped. Her mouth was tied over with a gag, her hands bound behind her back. They had come up from behind, and she remembered; Tsuki tried to fight them, didn't she? What happened to her? There was screaming, something like a blunt impact, and then...silence. So did they kill her?

The girl squirmed around in pitch black, trying to make sense of everything. Okay, so after they hit Tsuki...she shuddered at the thought that her friend had probably died...they shoved a cloth in her face. Chloroform. How else did it knock her out so fast? After that, nothing. So that's when it came to her; she'd been knocked out, her friend either dead or seriously injured, and now they were taking her...somewhere. She heard of what kinds of things they did to girls like her. No, she thought, nobody dared do something like that with Kira to face. Kira would kill these people before they could do anything, right? So she didn't have to worry, right?

Wait...her cell phone! She had it with her, right? Her hands instinctively writhed in the clip-tie to reach into her back pocket. There was no breaking these things - except with a knife. Which she didn't have. Still, if she could get to her pocket...

Nope, not the left. She tried her right. The whole thing was insanely troublesome, just getting to her phone...which wasn't in the right pocket either. That's when she realized where it was - on the ground, still on, and somewhere miles away.

Now she knew she was lost. Done. There was no getting out of it. No cell phone, no defense, nothing. So that's when Sayu was hit with the reality of it, like a ton of bricks. She let out a whimper, then a moan. Then, she started kicking and screaming. She blurted out every obscenity she could think of - she hated the assholes who took her, hated Tsuki for making a fuss, her brother - Ugh! Light! - for letting out his work with L. That was probably why she was even here in the first place...she knew too much...

And most of all, she hated every bump in the road making her head bang against the floor - or ceiling, whatever - every time! And the gag, the stupid clip-tie binds...and why was it so goddamned hot?

About an hour and a half of this, she finally wore out. It wouldn't be too bad, maybe? Maybe if she told them her brother was working with the police, her father was Deputy Director of the N.P.A., maybe they'd let her go. They wouldn't hold her hostage if there was so much she could back against them, right? Or it could be a misunderstanding. Maybe she was taken by mistake.

What mistake?

She scoffed at her own thoughts - how insane was that? Her kidnapping was no accident, that was for sure.

At last, the trunk opened, and she squinted back in the blinding light. Wherever she was, it was likely some kind of desert climate. How else to explain all this heat in January?

Suddenly, a hand covered half her face, she passed out again.

Finally, Sayu came to. She was sweating, dizzy, and exhausted from the long struggle in the back of the van. Okay, she was indoors; in some kind of building, cooler than the van had been, luckily. She was still bound up, but she could faintly make out a conversation between two people...

"...and you killed a girl? You idiot! You were supposed to kidnap Sayu Yagami, that's it!"

Sayu's head shot up at the sound of her own name.

"...other girl was fighting back. She might've had the eyes, that's why I hit her,"

"If you had covered your face like I ordered you to, that wouldn't have run into that problem!"

Eyes? What about Tsuki's eyes?

Suddenly, there was a gunshot. Silence. Sayu's heart skipped a beat.

Whoever that man was, he was dead.

Would she be next?

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