When I met Casey, it wasn't exactly a good encounter. Marissa was giving me a ride on the handlebars of her bike, and she sent me sailing like a human torpedo into a friend of Casey's.

Casey was on the sidelines, laughing. So, my first impression of him was not great. But that was also the night I discovered who'd stolen my skateboard, and Casey actually tried to help me get it back.

So I didnt know what to think of him. And then I found out that he's Heather's brother!

I wanted to hate him, or at least stay away from him. As far away from him as I could. Look how that turned out. Heather thinks I like him to get back at her.

I wont admit it, to anyone, but I actually do like Casey. I dont know about love,

but thats gonna take a while longer. I know so much about him though... And he knows alot about me.

He knows about my mom, and my living situation. He's seen me kinda naked on a backpacking trip a few weeks ago. We slept in a tent together, not in that way... more like I tried to stay away from him in the tent and I ended up drooling on him. Long story...

I act like such an idiot around him. I can be held at gun point with Casey, and if we try running... I just know that im gonna be just standing there staring at him. He has those chocolatey brown eyes that I just wanna melt into sometimes.

Wait, what am I saying? I CAN'T Like Casey! He's Heather's Brother, I can't like Casey, I just can't.