Chapter 4

Caseys POV

What would you do if you saw your sister harassing a girl you like? (A/N: This Question Is For A Guy Whos Readin This Not If You Were A Lesbian So.. Dont Pay Mind To That) I was boarding through Santa Martina when I hear Heather of all people yelling "IM NOT A PYSCHO YOU HIGH-TOPS WEARING FREAK" and thats when I realized that she must be harassing Sammy again.

I boarded as fast as I could to where I heard Heather yelling at, and I found Heather on top of Sammy basically clawing at her with her nails. Sammy wasnt putting up much of a fight though. She was just laying there with Heather on top of her clawing her face and neck out. I ran down the street, and pried Heather off of Sammy before she was able to punch her and then told her to go hang out with her drug dealer friends.

She gave me a hurt look, but I turned away from her and walked over to Sammy, I wasn't sure how to ask what happened. So I tried to be nonchalant.

"Hey Sammy." I said

"Hey Casey." She said turning from Marissa to Me. "Whats up?"

"Nothing much, I was just coming over to see if you wanted to hang out today instead of this weekend. Looks like I came at the right time." I smiled. I always smile around her. I cant help it though, shes just so goddamn cute.

She laughed and said "Yeah, Thanks. But I would've handled it myself."

I tried to hide a hurt look. She wouldnt have handled it, Ive seen her fight and I know she couldve easily beaten Heather. Maybe I shouldnt have stopped it.

Instead I said "Ok than Sammy. But, what happened? You were just letting her claw at you. You werent doing anything to stop her. Ive seen you fight before, Sammy and you could've at least given her a bloody nose."

"I was um, thinking about something." She said quickly and then she sort of spaced out.

I wonder if she was thinking about me. Maybe she was, but she'll never actually admit it. I still dont get what the big deal is? Why cant she just come right out and say "I like you?"why does it have to be this hard? I looked at her trying to read her face. She was staring at me starstruck again. I looked into her greenish-blue eyes. I wonder what she was thinking about.

I think we were staring at each other for what seemed like 10 minutes, before Marissa started calling her. She seemed to be in a trance or something. Finally, Marissa screamed her name in her ear and she jumped. She looked confused then said "What?" Marissa pulled her away and they started talking. I wasnt sure if I should leave or not, so I just stayed. They talked for like 2 minutes and then Sammy kind of shouted "WHAT!"

Then they both looked back at me and Marissa grinned at Sammy and said something else. Then Sammy smiled and blushed, and said something back. Okay, I didnt know what that was about. But now i definitely know that they're talking about me.

I walked over to them and said that I had to be home in a few hours. Marissa suggested we go to the mall. Me and Sammy agreed at the same time making her blush. I just smiled at her and we were off to the mall.