Zoey Love


My mom always taught me how to live a proper life, how to be normal, how to fit in. I always felt protected around her. My dad was the total opposite of her. He wasn't the most, nicest guy out there. That's why I thought that my parents weren't compatible. But you know what they say, Opposites attract, like magnets or something? But not for me.

Everyday, every year, they're fighting more. So my mom eventually ordered divorce, but my dad was against the whole thing. After the divorce, everything went much better. Until August 23rd 2011, Things took a turn for the worst. That Night , At 12:43 in the morning, all was quite , as they say in the movies; A little too quite. I woke up to screaming, crying, banging, and just pure, screeching noise I opened the door to see if my mom was all right, but i saw my dad there, holding her arms tight while she struggled, holding a shot gun.

I noticed his head turn my way. So I slammed the door shut,grabbed my cell phone, propped open the window and jumped out. I quickly got on my feet and ran down the street to my best friend Michaela's house. She Opened the door for me and I told her the whole thing. she grabbed me her chord less phone so I could dial 911. When I was talking I heard several gun shots. I Hung Up and dropped to my feet, I know It was from my house. My Mom had just been killed. Lucky enough for me -I know what your thinking "how could anything possibly be lucky for her?" ..Just listen- Before My Dad could run, 7 police cars came streaming down the street. My dad was surrounded.

Michaela's family brought me to The kind police man. He told me that I needed to go to a special school were I could be safe from my dad just in case he escaped, but they said that the chances of him escaping were one in a million. My life just got a whole lot more worst.