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Rising to the Occasion



Chapter 1

The sun shone brightly over Corona as it so often did, waking Rapunzel from her peaceful slumber. She rolled over to find the other side of the bed empty and cold. Immediately concerned, she bolted upright to look around. Her father had been sick of late and if Eugene had left her sleep without telling her something had happened, she was going to be royally pissed. She was about to get out of bed when Pascal tackled her, or well at least his size of tackling.

"Pascal, what are you doing?" She asked as she laughed. He pointed to her with his tail and then to the bed, indicating she remain where she was.

"I have to check on my father," the brunette urged. Many a time she had wished she was allowed to use her powers to make him well but she knew she could not for fear of discovery. Doctor Caldwell had called in a friend of his he'd met at a conference in Germany before she had even known that he was sick. The note had been delivered by carrier pigeon, the fastest form of mail they had, and she and Eugene had been touring the countryside after their month long honeymoon as their way of saying hello to the entire kingdom as Princess and Prince Consort.

"Happy Anniversary Blondie," Eugene walked into the room carrying a tray of food.

"Oh Eugene," she smiled in relief that he'd not been called away because of her father. He'd in fact brought her to bed after she'd fallen asleep out in the hallway just outside her father's room. Neither Doctor Caldwell nor his friend, Doctor Lebowitz, knew if he was contagious and they were taking every precaution. The Queen was effectively running the country and she'd been ordered to stay down the hall in one of the guest rooms until the King could be healed.

"I thought we'd spend the day together and try to get your mind off things," he smiled, setting breakfast down. Rapunzel looked at the tray and marveled at the food.

"That sounds lovely," she leaned over and gave him a quick kiss.

"More of that later," he smirked as he handed her a plate with a couple of pancakes on it.

"You can count on that. We haven't spent much time together since we got back and it's hard to believe we've been married a year," she nodded as she began to tuck into her pancakes.

"Family is very important and we've needed to be elsewhere. You're mother has been kind enough to begin to show me the ropes should trouble arise. I know we're jumping ahead of my lessons but we need to be prepared," Eugene smiled. Silence fell amongst them until a drooling Pascal attempted to steal some food.

"Hey now lizard," the former thief gave a warning before pulling out a tiny serving size hidden behind the tea pot. Immediately Pascal looked suspicious.

"Dig in buddy," Eugene gave the chameleon a reassuring smile and Rapunzel nodded to show her approval. Sometimes she figured that he was still mad at her for leaving him behind on the honeymoon but to be fair she didn't think he would have liked what the two of them had been up to anyway. There was a knock on their door and immediately, Rapunzel got up and put in her robe to cover her nightgown.

"Come in," she called.

"Pardon the early morning interruption your Highnesses, but Doctor Caldwell needs to see you down in his office," the guard said.

"Oh no," Rapunzel immediately feared the worst.

"What about?" Eugene asked.

"To be honest, he didn't tell me. Said I needed to get you right away though," the guard explained. The former thief turned to Rapunzel and said,

"You get dressed and I'll head down there." She nodded and quickly ducked into the bathroom leaving Pascal to finish up his breakfast and tuck into the other food on the tray as fast as he could. A few minutes later, Rapunzel emerged from the bathroom, stuffed the rest of her last pancake into her mouth and grabbed up her friend before heading down to see Doctor Caldwell.

To Be Continued…