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Tamaki grinned. It was Kyouya's birthday in three days. He had the perfect present, which he had got with much help from Hikaru and Kaoru's mother. He had bought another present too, to give to him in front of other people, but once they were alone together, he could give him his real present. He giggled a little with excitement at the thought. They would have the usual evening party at the host club for all of the girls, and then they would come back to the second Suoh mansion, (which Tamaki's father had promised him full use of for the weekend), and would have their own party. He would let Haruhi slip off home reasonably early, Honey would be happy eating cake, and Mori would be happy watching him, so once the twins had got hopelessly drunk and passed out, he would be able to drag Kyouya off to his room. His mind filled with thoughts of what he would do.

22nd November:Kyouya's Birthday.
The absence of club due to the party that evening was like a godsend to Tamaki. After imagining what they would be doing tonight, in detail, for the last couple of days, it had been incredibly hard to keep his hands off Kyouya's beautiful body. He pulled his boyfriend into the third music room, barely closing the door before holding him close, and kissed him, slightly more forcefully than usual. As he moved his tongue inside his mouth He grabbed his hips and pushed him into the wall by the door, not willing to waste a second by moving to one of the couches. Partially stabling himself against the wall, he pressed into Kyouya, as he felt the younger boy snake his arms around his neck, rising up onto his toes a little.
"Someone's horny," remarked Kyouya, as Tamaki moved his lips away from Kyouya's, to kiss him on his neck.
"That's your fault for being so damn sexy, idiot." Tamaki began to undo Kyouya's shirt. He stopped Kyouya's chuckles suddenly as he slipped one hand up his chest to tug gently on his boyfriend's nipples, which joined the lump in his pants in hardening. Bringing back his head to look at Kyouya, he smirked. "Who wants it now, huh?" He watched as the usually calm boy blushed deep red as Tamaki's words and the feeling of his hands on his chest and newly placed on his erection ran through him. Tamaki couldn't stop himself from diving in to press his lips to the shorter boy's once more. That flush on Kyouya's cheeks got to him every time; the knowledge that he was the only person to ever see that look on his face making him fall even more in love.

Suddenly, the doors flew open as Haruhi walked into the room. Luckily the open door hid them for a few seconds so that they could pretend that they weren't about to fuck each other silly in the clubroom. Kyouya turned his head to the side, unwilling for anyone but Tamaki to see any weakness, as Tamaki went bright red with the embarrassment of being found, and the hurried to do up Kyouya's shirt and adjust any other askew particles of clothing. Unfortunately, Haruhi turned around as Tamaki fumbled with the buttons, and jumped backwards slightly. "Oh god..." seemed to leave her lips involuntarily as she turned the same shade as Tamaki.

"Haruhi! Uhh, Mummy and Daddy were just... um, um..."
"Doing what you do ok, it's fine. I'll just get my book I left here and leave." Haruhi felt kind of scarred. Not that walking in on them was that terrible, just the thought of them doing this stuff in the clubroom... maybe all that cake Kyouya had made her clean up last month, which he had said Tamaki had knocked off a table and fallen into was there from some other reason... and Kyouya had been the one looking freshly showered... Haruhi tried to shake the thoughts out of her mind.
"Haruhi, Daddy's for letting you see such things! I'll try harder to not be a failure as a parent!" he rushed towards her, his arms outstretched, but she evaded his embrace, her thoughts still plagued with suspicions of their 'activities' in the clubroom.
As Tamaki lay on the floor, Tamaki moved towards the door. "I'd better begin preparations for the party. I'll see you two later."
His injured pride forgotten, Tamaki jumped to his side. "But mon cher, we were going to-"
"We'll talk after the party."
Tamaki's attempted kiss was stopped by the door slamming in his face.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki leapt across the room again, only for his hug to be avoided once more by her moving slightly to the side. "You're so cruel to your father, Haru-chan!" Haruhi shuddered at the use of Tamaki's nickname for himself, some other meanings becoming all too clear to her. "Are you becoming like Mummy, and not loving me any longer?" Tamaki moaned from his corner of despair.

For once not ignoring Tamaki, and not registering the nickname, she asked, "What do you mean, Kyouya not loving you?" She blushed again. "From what you were just doing…"

Tamaki continued to grow mushrooms in his corner. "But he left me!"

She frowned. "As weird as this sounds, I think he might have been embarrassed… Or at least worried he might…Umm, lose control or something."

Tamaki looked like a child who'd just been given candy. "Really? Wait, what do you mean, lose control?"

Really, Haruhi thought. Tamaki-senpai is just so clueless sometimes. "He was probably worried he would continue what you were doing and break down the image he has worked so hard to achieve and ruin YOUR reputation!" Haruhi hadn't yelled seriously at Tamaki for a while, not since he'd started going out with Kyouya. "Baka…" she muttered under her breath.

Tamaki blushed again, it seeming to become a habit on this day. "Oh… I guess I should leave him alone this afternoon… Thank you Haruhi!" He dashed out of the club room and out of the school, taking a different route out so as to not run into Kyouya, bursting to get home to finish organising details for that night.

Back in the clubroom, Haruhi was thoughtful. She hadn't been aware of the king being able to realise that. She shrugged, beginning on her homework.

Kyouya sat in his car as he made his way home. Thank god Tamaki hadn't followed him out of there. If he had… Kyouya frowned at himself for losing any of his control in public like that. Who knows what he would have done if Tamaki had followed him, if Tamaki had touched him again anywhere with those beautiful hands of his… Kyouya controlled his thoughts, supressing his body's reaction. I probably would have asked him to fuck me right then and there. He winced at his internal crude language. And Tamaki might have even done it, with the idiotic obliviousness of rules that's so cute. Sometimes he couldn't believe that the blonde, violet eyed, smooth skinned, beautifully muscled, hot assed…- FOOL had the second highest marks in their year. He shook his head to try and rid his head of Tamaki.

This evening he would be in perfect host mode. He checked his watch. 4:00. Three hours until the host club celebration, and then another two hours until they could have their real party. Only five hours until he could act naturally once more. He looked at his watch again as the car pulled up to his front door. Only four hours and fifty eight minutes to go…

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