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Tamaki looked around the room, pleased that his plan was working perfectly. The host club party had gone smoothly, the ladies being sufficiently entertained, (as well as many of them fainting at the sight of Hikaru licking the cake that he had 'accidently' spilled off of Kaoru.)

Now the two devilish twins were waiting for the cards to be dealt for what would most likely be the deciding hand for their game of strip poker. It was lucky I let my cute daughter go straight home instead of coming to the host's private celebration of Kyouya's birthday. My evil sons could have corrupted her brain with their drunken antics, he thought, completely forgetting the scene earlier, where she had walked in on he and Kyouya part way to having sex in the clubroom.

Honey offered Mori a forkful of cake as Tamaki watched them, and smiled and got back to eating as soon as he had accepted it while a small smile. Tamaki grinned as well, but more at the fact that buying an enormous amount of cakes as well as lots of alcohol for the twins had been an excellent idea. Honey was sure to get sleepy soon.

He turned back to their game as Kyouya finished dealing the cards. The identical trouble makers were each only in their boxers, proof of how their drunkenness addled their usual skill with cards. Tamaki was still wearing his shirt and pants, his shoes, socks and tie having been lost, less than it would have been if the twins had been sober.

He looked at his hand. It was okay, he probably wouldn't lose.

"I'm making this hand a no folding hand!" Hikaru was grinning wildly.

Kaoru groaned. "Not fair! You can't do that!"

"Who says I can't?"

"You just made that up cause it's convenient!"

Tamaki waved at Hunny and Mori as they left quietly. Now only to get rid of the twins somehow... He sneaked a glance at Kyouya. He had a small smile on his face.

He glanced back at Tamaki and his smile widened as he spoke suddenly. "Let's do what Hikaru suggested."

Was Kyouya trying to finish the game as quickly as possible? Tamaki's mind strayed to his bedroom. Or more importantly, what he and Kyouya could do in there later.

"Tamaki. Tamaki!" Kyouya brought his attention back to the game.

"Oh, right, I'm fine for cards."

Hikaru grinned maliciously at Kaoru, who, being absolutely hammered, tried to look nervous, but failed completely. "I'm gonna have your ass," he sang.

Kaoru giggled. "I'm sssure you are..."

Kyouya coughed, and the all turned over their cards. Hikaru took one glance at Kaoru's cards before pushing his chair back and jumping on Kaoru.

Tamaki averted his eyes as they laid their cards down and looked at Kyouya, and was shocked as Kyouya stood up and loosened his tie. His eyes dropped to Kyouya's cards. "What?"

The twins glanced towards him, only just realising there were other people in the room as Kyouya's tie dropped to the ground and he sat down as if to play another hand.

"Ummm, Kyouya got a pair of twos, guys. He lost that hand..." Tamaki trailed off as Kaoru's eyes glazed over and he moaned while Hikaru moved his arm.

"Aren't we going to play another hand?" Kyouya pretended to be more innocent than was ever possible for him. Tamaki gazed at the ivory skin that was visible thanks to the buttons Kyouya had managed to undo while slipping off his tie. Kaoru moaning was kind of getting to him.

Hikaru had turned around and was giving Kyouya a death glare, while Kyouya had a small smile playing on his lips.

"Let's go, Kyouya." Tamaki pushed Kyouya in front of him and out of the door, calling goodnight to the twins before shutting the door on the sounds coming from inside.

"That was pretty funny." Kyouya started laughing, so Tamaki silenced him by pressing their lips together, and they stood for a couple of seconds, lips locked.

When they stood back again he saw Kyouya smiling as he began to pull him up the stairs.

Kyouya slid his arm around him as they walked towards his room. Tamaki swung around as he opened the door, catching the light blush on His cheeks, and deepening it to red as he wrapped his arms around his waist and lifted him up slightly, pulling him into the room.

"Hey! Why'd you-" Kyouya was still bright red and tried to push on Tamaki to escape from his arms. Tamaki merely pulled him closer and kissed him lightly, which nevertheless quieted him.

"Happy birthday."

Kyouya pulled him into a deeper kiss.

*Ten minutes later*

"Oh, your present! I totally forgot!"

Kyouya looked at him. "I don't care about a present. I want something else right now, if you hadn't noticed."

"But it's from me!"

"Ugh. Fine."

Tamaki clapped his hands. "Yay!" He pulled a blindfold from his bedside table.

"Now, put stay here and don't try and peek."

"You still have that? Wait, my present doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I will be blindfolded, does it?"

"No, no. Oh, never mind about the blindfold." Tamaki disappeared into his wardrobe for a second, before reappearing with a large box which he placed in front of Kyouya on the floor.

"What is i-" Hang on, this box looked suspiciously like…

"Ta-dah!" Tamaki proudly pulled the lid from the box.

It was. Kyouya could do nothing but sit there, shocked, while Tamaki looked at him excitedly. After a couple of seconds of silence he asked, "You like it, right? It's just too pretty not to like, anyway."

Tamaki picked up the contents of the box and placed it in Kyouya's hands, adjusting them slightly, before moving back and looking at him from a distance. He didn't notice the dark and ominous aura brewing around Kyouya as he stared at the silvery gown residing in his hands. He couldn't believe it. Tamaki had bought him a fucking dress for his FUCKING BIRTHDAY! Did he seriously think he would EVER wear it?

"Isn't it pretty?" Tamaki smiled before noticing the waves of evil pulsing from Kyouya. "Uhhh… you… do like it… don't you?"

Kyouya kept his anger quiet, but it was always scarier like that anyway. "Tamaki. You got me a dress for my birthday. Why did you do that? I know how aware you are that I am NOT a girl."

Tamaki realised his danger too late. How could he explain how he thought about Kyouya wearing a dress? It wasn't because he wanted him to look like a girl, because Kyouya would look more beautiful than any girl, "I know, I just thought the dress would look so beautiful on you, and I really want to take it off you!" He clapped his hands over his mouth.

Kyouya cocked his head. "You want to take it off of me?"

Tamaki took his hands from his mouth to speak. "You're not angry?"

"Oh, I am. I just want you to explain what you wanted to do."

Tamaki saw his chance, and stepped towards him. "It's just, the silver would look so pretty with your skin…" He suddenly pushed Kyouya back onto the bed and straddled him. "And I could hold you down, and kiss you until your lips are sore." He marked the skin of Kyouya's shoulders once he pulled his shirt down as he ground against him slowly, reviving the erections that had been lost during the unveiling of the dress. "And I can mark your skin like this." He moved down slightly. "I want have to get rid of this annoying shirt." With this he pulled it away and threw it across the room.

Kyouya shuddered as the tongue trailed lightly down his chest, stopping short of his pert nipples. "What about when you get to the top of the dress?"

The tongue lifted and he saw Tamaki grin. "It should slide down easily enough." He felt the edge of Tamaki's teeth drag down the centre of his chest and grabbed his shoulder. Tamaki's mouth set to work on one nipple, and Kyouya pressed his groin upwards, trying to create more friction. He felt, rather than heard Tamaki's chuckle before he felt the teasing lips leave him.

"Does this mean you like the dress then?" Tamaki was back to his bouncing happy self. Although right now literal bouncing would be better. Fucking mood-swinging boyfriend.

He grabbed Tamaki's shirt and pulled their faces together. "I love it, so fuck me already."

Tamaki attacked his mouth in return as they fumbled with their shirts. They were breathing heavily by the time the pulled apart, running their hands down their sweat-slicked chests. Tamaki's hands made quick work of the Kyouya's pants, and he yanked them and his underwear to his knees. As he pulled them the rest of the way off he applied his mouth to his partner's weeping erection.

He smiled at the familiar taste of Kyouya as he probed the head with his tongue before daintily leaving the lightest of touches along to the base on the underside of Kyouya's member. Kyouya shuddered at the sensation and entwined his fingers into the golden locks.

He couldn't keep back the small noises as Tamaki's tongue teased him mercifully, wanting stronger stimulation. And he was unable to help the gasp he let out as those sinful lips enveloped him, and a sly finger, somehow covered in lube he had not noticed, traced around the edge of his hole before slipping inside.

Tamaki was even more aroused as he heard the moans that Kyouya was still attempting to keep back, and brushed his teeth gently against the shaft. The sensation caused Kyouya to thrust upwards, burying himself completely in Tamaki's mouth.

Tamaki was ready for it, and continued to use his mouth on him, until Kyouya pulled his head away. "Shit…"

Tamaki smirked at him. "Close?" He slid two fingers inside of him again, curving and stretching them to bring Kyouya even more pleasure.

"Fuck it, Tamaki. I want you right now. Just take me or els-" He felt the fingers taken out and replaced immediately by Tamaki.

"Sorry." Tamaki placed a hand on Kyouya's cheek and kissed his forehead as he stayed still, waiting for the signal to begin moving.

Kyouya glared despite the pain from the sudden stretch. "Move, idiot." At the first thrust he felt Tamaki hit the sweet spot inside him and Kyouya lost himself, all of the pain disappearing. Each movement they made was filled with love and the intimate knowledge of each other's bodies let them give as much pleasure as possible.

Much later they lay together, not bothering to clean themselves up – that could wait till the morning.

"I'm sorry for buying you a dress. I was only thinking of how hot it would be on you, and everything…" Tamaki's fingers played with the dark hair in front of him.

"It's okay." Kyouya smiled shyly at him. "Maybe, when the others have gone tomorrow, I could try it on…?"

Tamaki pressed his lips lightly to the pink infusing Kyouya's cheeks. "That sounds like a nice idea."

The Next Week

This was his last chance to look at this picture before the end of club… He hesitated outside of the door, tempted to stay there until just a few minutes before the ladies arrived. "Tamaki!" He jumped as he heard Kyouya call out his name, and dropped his phone, which skittered backwards, still open, towards his dark haired lover.

Despite his running to grab the phone, Kyouya easily reached it in a few strides, raising his eyebrows at the desperation on Tamaki's face as the latter inched towards the clubroom door, hoping for sanctuary from the rage that was about to be unleashed upon him. Kyouya was still smiling as he glanced down at the wallpaper of the phone; at which point the smile vanished.

"How dare you use this picture of me in that… thing as your phone wallpaper! Anyone could see it at any time, you idiot!" He backed Tamaki into the door of the clubroom, his voice echoing around the corridor.

The door swung open inwards just as he stepped forwards to press Tamaki into the door. Tamaki's arms wrapped around him protectively as they fell to the floor in front of four pairs of staring eyes.

"What?" Tamaki grabbed and flipped the phone shut as the twins fixed their eyes on it, while Kyouya slowly brushed himself off and stood up.

"Tama-chan I want to see it!" The little blonde sitting on Mori's shoulders squealed as the silent man nodded his head.

"So, the King finally managed to get 'Mummy' in a dress, huh?"

"What?" Tamaki looked at the four of them, horrified that his super special secret present of love for Kyouya hadn't been so secret, before realising that he was in much more trouble with the receiver of the gift himself. The death glare of the shadow king was too much and he swept his panicked gaze over the others.

"How did you find out?"' The twins grinned identical, evil grins,

"We saw the dress, Mother showed it to us, baka."

"Tama-chan's thoughts were kind of obvious, ne, Takashi?" Honey smiled gently down as Mori nodded silently again. "Can we see?"

Tamaki gripped the phone in his hand, shaking his head frantically. "No one but me can see…" He muttered.

Honey shrugged and his attention found some cake on a nearby table, where he directed Mori. The remaining four stared curiously at him for a second before their attention returned to Tamaki.

"We still want to see." The redheads advanced on Tamaki for only a second before a notebook appeared out of nowhere to slam against the back of their heads, sending them sprawling.

Kyouya helped Tamaki up, and hit him lightly on the head, smiling slightly.

"I'm sorry about having the photo there… Does this mean I'm forgiven now?"

"Just… hide the photos, okay?"

They were suddenly wrapping their arms around each other and their tongues began a passionate wrestling match in their mouths, while the twins crawled away to somewhere they weren't intruding in them so much. They had a feeling that Kyouya would actually kill them if they did.

No one noticed the club room door open, letting Haruhi have a good view of the couple rather… intensely making out in front of her. She wasn't exactly sure if it were still only making out if they were quite eagerly feeling each other up… Don'tthinkaboutitdon'tthinkaboutit oh god. She left the room quietly. Not again…

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