Hello! I've gone all Doctor Who crazy so here is my story!

Please no flames, this is my first Doctor Who story, and well...Doctor Who is confusing.

A second really could change everything.

A single argument placed a moment too late changed it all.

And it was the reason why I died.

The moment that lever twitched, the moment the void was slowing, and the bridge was offline, I made my decision.

I reached out, praying that I could snag it still, even when I knew it was hopeless.

So I jumped, allowing my hands to close around the lever in a weak and already weakening hold, and yet, the bridge wasn't even online yet.

His frightened face, filled with shock and pain. Fear for my own being, fear for my life. That was what drove me on, what caused me to push and allow the metal to click back into place, it was that face that allowed me to hang on, even for a few more seconds as my fingers cried out for release.

I sent a smile, a sad little smile that showed my emotions, which bled my soul out and into my eyes as I looked into his panicked ones.

He was shouting, mouth curving into words I couldn't hear beyond the screams of Dalek's and Cybermen as they blasted past into the white abyss.

He saw my hand slipping, and his shouting seemed to increase in volume, I could ever so faintly hear it over the rush of air and wind past my ears.

"Hang on!" He screamed, and I listened, knowing that he would shout his throat raw just for me.

I smiled once more, and he saw it, he saw into my heart and he panicked, spotting the hidden emotion.

I had given up, I couldn't hang on, even as my feet left the ground, as my muscles screamed for release and his eyes looked on wide and horrified, I couldn't last.

I let go, and I watched him scream once more, reaching out and hanging on still, I gave a tiny smile, a sad smile, and let a single tear fall from my eye.

A tear fell from his eye also, causing me to watch in amazement, he reached and once more he reached, and I focused on his lips, reading what he was shouting.

"Don't leave me!"

Another tear from my eye, and it was all over, I felt nothing yet everything. I saw the white of the other side, and I tried for it, screaming in anger as it closed seconds before I made it.

"No…" Just a whisper, I set my hand on the wall, not even knowing if it was truly their, but I felt it. I felt the hum of the TARDIS, as if she was mourning me, but I was here, what was their to be mourning for?

Glass, it was almost like glass. I watched, gasping for air as a suddenly thick lump formed in my throat. It was him, it was the Doctor, walking towords me.

I reached out, a relieved smile, only to gasp as something blocked my hand, and the image rippled, like water. It distorted until calming and showing him, closer and still approaching, face still and hardened as he was in shock.

His had brushed the barrier, and I reached out, putting my hand just next to his, craving the feel of his cold skin, and crying out in anger at the icy touch of this barrier.

He leaned against it, resting his head against it and keeping his eyes open, tilting his neck so only the right side touched. I suddenly found the reason for the lump, I could see him, but he couldn't see me.

"Oh…" I whispered, voice catching and turning rigid as I copied his movements, pressing my head almost against him, only feeling the icy cold wall, but it didn't ripple, and he didn't pull away.

"Oh Doctor." Rose murmured, running her fingers carefully against the image of the docter's hand, before he pulled away that is. He turned, whispering only five words before walking away, letting a few tears drop.

"Oh, don't cry Doctor." I hushed, looking at the little bubble of salty water, smiling sadly as a golden light swirled slightly.

They said that a Time Lord's tears were rare, almost impossible. They were used as an expression, far away, creatures used it as an exaggeration of wealth. 'This is as rare as a Time Lord's tear!' And now, four lay on the ground just out of reach, or perhaps, a mile away for me.

His last words echoed throughout my mind, taunting me and toying with me as the wall rippled, pulling me away from my view.

"I'll find you Rose Tyler. I'll find you Rose Tyler. I'll find you Rose Tyler." It sang, over and over, a mantra just waiting to turn brutal. I inhaled with a ragged breath, reaching out, and this time, my hand slipped through, turning the mirror of sorts into dust, fine white dust that smelt of burnt rock and sulfur.

"Dalek dust." I whispered, letting it string through my fingers and fall into the ground- where was the ground?

I gasped, cleanly seeing it fall far below me, and I stomped, feeling the ground before the sand stopped.

"Impossible." I breathed, reaching around for a wall, anything.

When did my breath start to fog over? How could that be while I felt the warmth of heat, a blazing inferno across my skin, and yet, I had gooseflesh on my exposed skin.

Tugging my coat tighter, I shivered, getting a flash of heat that left me stunned, black spots on my vision.

No, the spots were growing, turning the bright light of nothing into isolate space all alone, like the TARDIS without a destination.

"Anyone!" I shouted, scared beyond wits when I couldn't even hear my own voice, couldn't hear my own heart or the stolen breath the black seemed to have.

"Oh, oh no, please no." I whimpered, spinning around blindly, and blinking as if that would help.

"Gah!" I shouted, jumping back as it was bright once more, but the sand. It was coming through the floor up, right above me and through my outstretched fingers upwards.

It wasn't going up, no, there was no up.

I gasped, looking up at a figure, no, at me. Talking to a wall, brushing my hand against it. But that couldn't be, I was just there!

"Oh god, I'm losing my mind." I panted, not even aware that my breath was coming way to fast, yet I didn't feel anything.

With a shaking hand, I pressed it to my chest, and felt for my heart.

I breathed, yet no movement of my lungs, I panted and choked, yet my chest didn't move. I screamed, and my throat didn't vibrate.

I was isolated, yet I was living, I was nothing, and I was all. I wasn't alive, oh god, I'm not alive.

"Doctor, please help me." I cried out, looking around at the sand, which still fell from the ground up, and it formed into a mirror, a mirror with my mum screaming, and Pete holding her back, just as sad. A terrified Mickey and a silent Jake.

"She's alright, probably with the Doctor." Mickey muttered, and I screamed, clawing at the mirror, trying to shout and say where I was, but my fingers fell off like it was a smooth tile, not a single purchase or crevice.

"Ooh! I'm going to kill that man!" Jackie shouted, struggling once more to attack the wall/ the wall I was looking through.

I gave a strangled type of laugh, one that died immediately in my throat. I wasn't even sure of what I was doing now, of what was going on, or how this place worked.

"Typical Mum, wanting to kill the Doctor because I traveled with him." I stated wistfully, clawing at the tile once more, and in the distance, I heard a metal shriek of anger, and insanity.

I gasped, looking away then craning my neck around, but the mirror had already vanished, leaning me with whatever was shouting.

Taking a deep breath, I walked forward, noticing that every step I took, seemed to make the world come to me, not me to them.

"What is this place?" I mused, looking around and up, the sand falling upwards in the distance, I blinked, a bright light causing me to stiffen then to turn.

I gasped, I'd like to see you not when you saw hundreds of Daleks, still and lifeless.

"Impossible." I breathed, warily approaching one and tracing a finger on its shell, squeaking in surprise as the bolts and seems vanished, causing the creature and metal to fall to the floor.

I took a step back, wincing slightly as the floor tilted, and the shells rolled, opening and squashing the cold dead lifeforms that jumped out, yet, a Dalek remained, upright and still.

I took a step forward, and it's eyestalk swiveled, causing me to scream and back away quickly, it spun and it's metal plating seemed to glow in the nonexistent light source.

"IDENTIFY!" It demanded, voice strangely high and almost in hysteria. I was breathing quickly now and it spun, looking away and at random things, in confusion it seemed.


"I'm Rose!" I shouted, shutting up the panicking robot. At once, it stilled and rotated towards me, eyestalk looking at me directly.

"YOU ARE REAL?" It seemed to ask, once more, panic in its voice, with a careful nod, it spun quickly, looking around and twitching slightly.

"Are you real? I'm not imagining this, am i?" I asked, approaching once more, its eyestalk swiveled to meet me half way.


"So we're alone." I clarified; the Dalek seemed to swivel once more, looking around in confusion and…something else.

"Do you know where we are?" I asked, slightly louder this time to gain attention.

"THE DALEKS WILL NOT ANSWER TO YOU!" It shouted, slowly making its way in another direction, I bit my lip, thinking of anything that would make it stop.

"And find another living being, will ya?" I shouted, causing the Dalek to halt in its tracks, and spin, slowly coming closer once more.


"Barren?" I asked, not having heard of that term before, it's body twitched, the middle spinning all the way around then halting.


My stomach stopped and I looked around, gulping loudly yet not truly hearing it, I bit my lip, not sure on what to do.

"So, we're in the void…"


"With nobody else."


"Here's a question Dalek, why don't you kill me?" I questioned, positively wondering the answer, not that I was looking for death in itself.

The Dalek spun, twitching slightly and its little suction cup extension whirred madly.

But I knew that sound, which was the sound the TARDIS made when something wasn't right, when there was a problem on board.

"The other ones, how did they die?" I asked thinking and nudging a little pile of sand the tilted floor did not get.

The Dalek said nothing, looking around once again, and slowly edging its way towards me, much to my surprise.

Then it clicked.

"Wait, the Doctor said that you were mindless drones. You were led by rules, and there aren't any rules here."

"AWAITING ORDERS." The Dalek input, looking around once more.

"But, everyone is gone. You're the last Dalek, the others went insane. That's why you're with me, you're awaiting orders."

The Dalek said nothing, eyes swiveling nothing once more, and this time, I understood what was wrong with it.

Just because it was a machine, it didn't mean that is couldn't feel fear.

I turned, my breath slightly gasping as I scrambled backward, hand scraping below where my feet rest, impossible to understand.

"YOU ARE THE DOCTORS COMPANION." It responded, apparently scanning me with the strange eyestalk that turned everything blue. Companion, was I still his companion, even after this? Would I be forgotten and never remembered? Just, swept aside like an old toy?

"YOU ARE HUMAN ROSE TYLER." It confirmed, seeming slightly smug with itself. I watched with careful eyes, and yet the Dalek made no movement that was hostile on its part.

"Well." I sighed, putting my hands on my hips and looking around for anything besides the blank white that was causing my eyes to burn.

"It won't do us any good to stay here." I stated, and we turned, walking who-knows-where in this strange world.